Personal Photos Of “Grim Sleeper” Suspect Released By LAPD…Attorney Criticizes For Images Of Black Women Being Put On Blast

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The attorney for Grim Sleeper serial killer suspect Lonnie Franklin Jr. criticized Los Angeles police for releasing scores of photos of women found in Franklin’s possession. In a statement, Louisa Pensanti complained that the photos were not part of discovery in Frankin’s case and that some of the images were of Franklin’s family and friends. “The photographs include members and friends of the Franklin family, all now subject to the intense scrutiny of the public as well as the police,” she wrote.

An LAPD source told The Times that detectives had asked Franklin’s family to review the photos before they were publicly released so that ones of his family and friends could be removed. But the source said officials got not no reply to their requests. It’s unclear whether Pensanti has now asked that any photos specifically be removed. The LAPD was inundated with hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and other tips a day after detectives released photographs of the unidentified women found in a trailer belonging to Franklin, who has pleaded not guilty to 10 killings in South L.A.

More on the photos:

The Los Angeles Police Department has been deluged by phone calls since the release of 180 photos taken from the home of “Grim Sleeper” serial killer suspect Lonnie Franklin Jr. The LAPD released the photos of the unknown women Thursday. Detective Dennis Kilcoyne said Friday that they had already received hundreds of phone calls, and he expected the total number of calls to reach 1,000 by the day’s end.

Several of the callers have said that they are among the women pictured in the photographs. Investigators had attempted to identify the women in the 1000s of photographs and hundreds of hours of home video. When they couldn’t identify them, the detectives felt their best option was to go public with the images, in the hopes that someone will recognize them and contact the authorities

“Now that we know who he is and what type of activity he is involved in with women,” Kilcoyne said, “we are very concerned for everyone in these photographs.” Nearly all the women in the photos are black, except for two or three white women and one Latina. Some of the women appear to be sleeping. Clear Channel Outdoor has agreed to provide billboard space across Los Angeles to display the photos.

Franklin is accused of killing women from 1985 to 1988 and from 2002 to 2007. The 14-year pause led to the nickname “Grim Sleeper.” He has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault and murder in the deaths of 10 women in the Los Angeles area.

Anyone with information about the women in the photographs is asked to call 1-877-LAPD-24-7.

More on this Grim Sleeper character:

In August 2008, the LA Weekly had an extensive interview with the sole survivor of the Grim Sleeper’s attacks, providing several details. She described him as “a black man in his early 30s. He looked neat. Tidy. Kind of geeky. He wore a black polo shirt tucked into khaki trousers.”

She also described him as a “thin, neat, polite and well-groomed African-American guy.” He owned “an orange Ford Pinto with a white racing stripe on the hood.” “It looked like a Hot Wheels car,” the survivor recalled. He offered her a ride. After she refused, “He told me, ‘That is what is wrong with you black women. You think you are all that.”


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  • vanessa


  • MsCollierKeepsIt1Milli

    Serial killers are real and they could be your next door neighbor.

    • Angel

      That is so true.

  • Angel

    This is crazy. A lot of these photos look up close and personal as if he was right there taking the snap shots. I wonder if he some how knew, dated or had relations with all of these women.

  • keema terrifying.

  • nana

    Always the Nerdy ones u should b scared of! Smh

  • Educated Goon

    Wow, how surprising, 80% of the time a serial murderer is caucasian and the other 17% is Asian origin… A Black serial killer is almost unheard of… At least a psychopathic one…Most Black serial killers that have been convicted were not Psychopathic loonies… but only hitmen, hired to kill for large sums of cash. Check statistics 72% of Child Molestations in the US are committed by white males. 80.03% of Serial Murders are by White Males… But anyway…. He is still innocent until proven guilty.

    • Boomboomroom


    • ashley

      statistics don’t mean anything, as most crimes in black communities go unreported. damn near half the kids i know were molested, but none of them/their parents ever filed a police report.

    • Katie

      @Ashley… Ok and your point was? Most molestations in white communities go unreported…. You proved nothing. Hush.

    • Mock

      Hey Ashley…I would like to hear more of what U have to say…U sound like U know what U’re talking about

  • Carmenknows

    If dude is a serial killer than he should be put to death. But this story is not adding up. If he was in his early 30’s in 2008, then how was he committing murders in 1985-1988??? Was he throwing grown women on the back of his big wheel?? He would have been in elementary/ junior high.

  • sportstalk23

    Lol@nana you are so right its usually the quiet ones living right next door than outright maniacs scaring folks like the boogey man. The BTK killer was a dude who sang in the church choir,was boy scout leader who oh in his free time killed 11 or 12 of his neighbors,John Wayne Gasey used to play the neighborhood clown at parties until cops found the bodies of 30 some of men buried under his house. Ted Bundy was a member of the young republicans,gone to law school, and according to a judge who gave him a death sentence for 4 of the 20 something girls he killed,that he would have made a damn good lawyer but decided this path in life. Ever notice on the news somebody will be arrested for a crime and the neighbors will be like we never thought he/she was like that lol

  • realityWRECKER

    sick bastid…eye for an eye, get that muhfuquh!

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    Both of you need to shut your mouths

  • The Beautiful One

    You two are some sick individuals who should be investigated by the police.

  • The Beautiful One


    • KIM Cooper

      Its sad but true women need to protect themselves even againist men that come into your life with the nice demeanor.

  • G.M.

    WHAT!!! A YO MARQUIS GET THE CHLOROFORM lol…but seriously, where is ur sense of humor, cant u take a joke…what we said dont make us bitter, we obviously just like talkin sh1t, its funny…and as long as women keep goin into their 30’s being desperate for some young fucc all night d1ck shout out to vivica fox lol, as long as u women keep fuccin a$$holes/jerks/badboys/ballers, then MY PU$$Y SUPPLY WILL ALWAYS BE INFINITE (diabolical laugh):HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • The Beautiful One

    @ ok, you are most certainly correct.


    most of got tired of blackwomen chooseing bad boys

  • Lyoness

    It’s obvious that Marquis and GM can make jokes because they’re men. Killing women doesn’t affect them in any way and they don’t have to be worried about they’re safety. Maybe they don’t have female relatives. Who knows.

    This is pretty standard practice when they catch serial killers. Especially if there is a lull in the killing. I was in Seattle when the Green River Killer popped back up in ’01. That was scary as hell. That dude looked like a mild mannered guy too and he was married. Worked at a paint factory. He killed at least 40-42 but they gave him life in exchange for telling him how many more women he killed. He said he couldn’t remember because he killed so many. Probably at least 80 but they’ll never know. Be careful ladies.

  • south-central

    When he started killing ho’s from 85 to 88 , that was the time when the crips and bloods was killing
    everything moving , nobody even noticed.

  • yup!

    why are yall worried about blackwomen choosing “bad boys”!?!? go to white women. if they are as great as yall claim they are yall wouldnt be worrying about who or what we choose to date. Now HANG IT UP, FLAT SCREEN!!!!! (in my nicki voice) 😉

    • G.M.

      its not a blk/white thing…its the fact that y’all keep complaining about the choice of men u choose to date and make it seem like its all men rather than just the men u like to individually get into relationships with, u want bad boys, fine…but stop b1tchin about the consequences that come with em, know the risk and handle it accordingly, dont blame all of us for ur own bad choices

  • Boomboomroom

    This is the type of brotha that should have been with White women!!!

    • ImaPC

      thats not even funny. some of these commments…smh.

  • table - this

    the monster should go by the way of jeffery dommer. a guard gets called away or turns his head and a double-lifer finds him dead. who ever found him i would put some money on person[s] books.

  • mz A.

    @carmen knows…they didnt say he was 30 in 2008 they said that they interviewed the only survivor in 2008 and she told them that at the time of the encounter he looked 30.

  • Misunderstood

    My condolences really go out to these women, especially the ones that they didnt find. I myself am a survivor or derrick todd lee. The knife is in homicide dept. In baton rouge la. I am blessed, but me being an african american & from the hood, my story was left untold. I have one thing to say God is real & he doesnt sleep. His day of judgement will come.

  • AvA

    God always gives you warning before destruction if someone gives you an eery feeling in your gut leave them alone. So many people end up dead by ignoring the inner feeling that god gives them.

    • The Beautiful One

      Well said…

  • yup!

    G.M. 12/18/10, 05:06:PM

    its not a blk/white thing…its the fact that y’all keep complaining about the choice of men u choose to date and make it seem like its all men rather than just the men u like to individually get into relationships with, u want bad boys, fine…but stop b1tchin about the consequences that come with em, know the risk and handle it accordingly, dont blame all of us for ur own bad choices
    ……………..RIGHT! ,You say dont blame yall for our bad choices, the same can be said for alot of blackmen too. All yall do is come on here and generalize black women and say we ALL date thugs and bad boys or whatever, and thats why yall date outside ur race. dont blame ALL blackwomen for ur bad choice of women. and just b/c the blackwomen that you’ve dated or know was crazy and wasnt about nothing dont mean that we’re all the same way. if you dont want to be generalized, then dont generalize us #truth!

    • G.M.

      @yup:men dont blame women 4 our choices, men got beef with women who blame good men 4 crimes they didnt commit becuz the woman chose a deadbeat/thug/abuser and wants nice guys after the badboy has put a gang of miles on u, got u pregnant or when ur closin in on 30, ur of no value after that…we generalize that u choose badboys cuz thats what we see u with and who ur complaining about when u bash men so theres a lot of truth in it cuz if u got with a good man u wouldnt be complaining

  • Misunderstood

    U dont know what happened, secondly I am so blessed. Third within this time of my life God came to me also your opinion doesnt matter.

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