Shady Azz Kwame Kilpatrick Is Still Up To No Good…Indicted This Week On More Corruption Charges

- By Bossip Staff

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was indicted this week on even more corruption charges. These charges also implicated his father, Bernard Kilpatrick. Federal prosecutors argue that Kwame and his father engaged in a “pattern of extortion, bribery and fraud,” leading to the 38-count indictment.

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade is at the forefront of the investigation. “This indictment alleges an audacious and far-reaching abuse of the public trust by a group of high-level city officials and their close associates,” McQuade said during a press conference.

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  • nana

    Kwame is a Ghanaian name I wonder where his parents are from? Co_sign @boomboomroom

    • d.

      Tey both were born and raisxed in Detroit.

  • lov

    That hat in the pic makes him look like a large marshmallow…shady phat azz!

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    Jambo, Africans.
    He looks like a mushroom from mario bros. Lol. Corruption is the white mans tool. We have no need for it, cuz we are born into a world of corruption- The Western World- gag

  • Mrs. Rance

    Nah, knowing Kwame he probably hit that. But don’t worry evidence shows he mostly smashes black chicks and never leaves his black wife for any of his legions of jump offs.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Good. Keep piling up the charges on him and keeping him in jail until you can get him or his wife for murdering the stripper. If he stays in prison for the rest of his life it won’t be long enough for all the dirt he did. Lord help me forgive this man.

  • Sha

    If he did smash any in the D they’d probably deny it….even if they are “TPT”. That’s how a lot of them are here….with the exception of the ones who are “within the city limits” and “he too good” for them 😛 ..

  • AvA

    They need to bring back old school justice where they chopped your hand for stealing. They use to kill and hang criminals in a minute all of sudden they deserve to be treated humane gtfoh if you kill chop them hands if they murder immediate lethal injection or hanging maybe the firing squad. Im sick of criminals.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    O.K. Kwame, Im not trying to tell another brother what to do, but Africa looks real good this time of year, yeah AFRICA, and you know what? They got flights that leave every day to AFRICA, did the say he’s in jail now? Oh shit, they probably got those AFRICA brochures kwame ordered, they may not plan on ever letting him out.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    The bigger they are,the harder they fall!

  • Reesee

    Smh “He looks like the mushroom from Mario bros”
    That was the best comment of all. Hahahahaaaa

  • Ms. Chriz

    @ Mrs. Rance… I feel the same way!

  • Lauren

    What part of the B-O-U-L-E code did Kwame reject? LMAO!

  • peace and love

    If so many people are aware of the stripper party that was held at the mayor’s mansion in Detroit why haven’t the feds been able to press charges against Kwame Kilpatrick with that? They have spent a lot of money and time on this, because they are doing every thing they can to put this young man in jail for as long as possible. If so many know so much why are they telling the feds that so that they can get their 15 seconds of fame. Why because it probably did not happen. The white lawyer is just trying to make himself famous while riding on the media’s news attacks on Kwame. Also to inform everyone Kwame was not raised as a privileged child. His mother came from a moderate home, in a moderate neighborhood, worked hard,and became a state representative. She as well as her other relatives live in very modest homes, they do not live lavishly. Kwame worked hard in school, he was an honor student, and went to law school.

  • peace and love

    Mrs. Rance I do not mean any disrespect but why do you wish this man so much harm? If you are a mother I certainly hope that if one of your son’s ( I say son’s because our young black men are the ones filling up the jails and thus providing constant income for those in the criminal justice system)OH, oh, I got off track but as I said if one of your son’s gets in trouble I hope people will not believe hearsay, but will wait for the facts before condemning him. There are so many knowledgeable people on this and other sites. Reading them one will learn that (1) kwame is a drug dealer, (2) his family bought his law degree, (3) he was banging every girl in detroit, (4) his wife was doing the same (5) that he is very arrogant. ( 6) that his his family is living large here in the city when all of his family live in very modest homes in the city.) Now let me see none of you know him personally so where do all you people gain all this info? I do not know him personally but each time he spoke at an event or on tv he spoke very intelligently, and was always very knowledgeable about facts concerning the city of Detroit. He also has done many great things for the city. Did you get your info from the papers in Detroit( of course they never lie) or did you get your info from the man on the moon who knew the mail man who new the truth? As African American citizens we all know of a friend or loved one who has been a victim of crime, or who is now serving time for committing a crime, but all of our black men are not criminals. As I said before kwame has made mistakes but should we be saying we hope he goes to jail and they throw away the key. And yes we all know the papers are not always truthful. They have the power to say anything the want by using the word “allegedly” in front of their accusation Let us wait until all the facts are out because it could be your love one in trouble next.

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