In Case You Missed It: Eminem And Lil Wayne Perform Live On SNL

- By Bossip Staff

Eminem and Lil Wayne made perfect use of their opportunity to perform live on SNL. With Lil Wayne just releasing his new jawn “6 Foot 7”, it made its way to the TV screen quick. The energy on stage was on high so, in case you fell asleep or decided to hit up the club to pop a couple of bottles…

Check Out the Eminem and Lil Wayne Performances:

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Lil Wayne didn’t yell out any “Su-Woo” but peep his back pocket with the red bandana… SMH!!! You just got out of jail, calm that gang stuff down.

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  • shalala

    i still like eminem over lil wayne 🙂

    • Justme

      Performances were boring but lil wayne looked good.

    • rosev

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  • d

    Eminem…is the man…Not mad at Lil Wayne, but I have to & must support home town!…..
    Good Look Eminem:)

  • Greeneyedbandit

    I love Wayne&Em!

  • mocaleenie

    I like Eminem’s performance more so than Lil W’s.

  • Purple love

    What Is it about the snl stage that everybody sound like sh!t?

  • nana

    Proud of both of them!

  • blurr

    eminem is wack

  • kami

    I like them both. Eminem is 37 and Lil Wayne is 28.

    Eminem raps fast and has something to say.

    Lil Wayne has a lot of metaphors and imagery.

    Hmm- whatever. it’s not like either one of them is going anywhere anytime soon.

    Talley me banana music is annoying as hell.

  • jabre

    Awesome. I love them both. Love rappers who enjoy what they do, are great at it, and do so so effortlessly.

  • NML

    If you couldn’t understand what Wayne was sayin,g then something is wrong with your hearing. It was pretty clear. And both of them gave a great performance.

  • vanessa


    • wannafightaboutit

      lol. I agree.

  • LadyB

    Nice performance.

  • !!!!!


  • allthatglitters

    Eminem was awesome as always. The other one, not too bad. It must be hard to perform after Eminem.

  • JES$

    Eminem is what that is. Lil Wayne did his thing too, but do you notice how alike his and Drake’s stage persona is. They do the same run, kick, and step. They even starting to sound alike to me…oh well…maybe it’s just me

  • msg

    Excellent – Bar after Bar after Bar…i like them both. Em came back so strong this year and he deserved the recognition

  • misnes

    killin’ em

  • TT BOY

    Sorry guys but…RAP IS FUNKY

    Em was great,but Lil Wayne’s music was ONNNN! The wrap worked with the music! Wayne’s music had THE BEAT WORKIN!

    Great show 4 both!

  • Ayo

    Black and White Diamonds; No segregation – Lil Wayne got rhymes like Clock got numbers.

  • Ayo

    They both layed it and made it rest in piece. Lil Wayne is becoming some phenom man and his performances are beginning to seriously have no competion at all.

  • Ayo

    Em is a very smart performer expecially when he does his long rhymes that bounces and accelerates at different intervals – this method beauties verses

  • TT BOY

    Young posters are missing ONE thing! The reason why you guys love the performances,is because they had a BAND behind them.The music was ON!The rapping was ON…LIL WAYNE got into his music a little more because it was funky!Check it out again…We like to like EM because everyone else does..But play both again,and you will see the diff. SOUL WORKS!FUNK LASTS!

    • ayo

      true that

  • SO

    Check out the man on the keyboards. lmao

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