In White Folks News: Diddy’s Ex-Jumpoff Sienna Miller And Dirt Dog Jude Law Are Shacking Up Again

- By Bossip Staff

Sienna Miller is the only broad who’s ever been linked to Jude Law long term without dropping a seed. But she’s the only one with a $12 Million crib. The hoes are winning again.

If you don’t know the story behind these two, Sienna met Jude while they were shooting the movie “Alfie,” in which she played the psycho chick who wouldn’t let go of their super unhealthy relationship. A couple of months later, Jude left his wife, the mother of his three kids for Sienna.

A year later, they were engaged. They never made it to the alter, because Jude was chopping down his kids’ nanny. He knocked some next broad up, then went back to his favorite bottom b*tch. And now…

Ever since going public with their rekindled romance in May, British “It” couple Jude Law and Sienna Miller have been hounded by paparazzi. But now, it looks like they’ve paid a hefty sum to achieve more privacy whenever they want to see one another.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports this week that Law and Miller (who were once engaged, until Miller ended the relationship in 2005 after Law’s dalliance with his children’s nanny) have jointly purchased a luxurious $12 million property in north London, and have been quietly living together in the seven-bedroom home since November.

Many wonder if the two will soon announce their re-engagement. Meanwhile, Miller recently dismissed rumors that the couple had secretly tied the knot while on holiday in April.

SMH, no wonder Diddy was trying to chop Sienna‘s white chocolate cakes to smithereens: she’s the British version of Cassie.


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  • xxcxscx

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  • God aint sleep!

    @Bunny that oh why not comment is funny.
    However Diddy must have been horrible too cause she ran back to that eat em white dude lol

  • nana

    Pls she would be more than happy to have diddy! Diddy don’t want her pasty azz anyway! And Jude law is OVERrated!

  • yacky

    Love me some Sienna. I wonder if she and Jude are just killing time till the heat dies down off of them from their respective personal lives.

    If they are good again, I wish them the best.

  • kg

    Shes gorgeous
    Stop w the double standard misogyny
    Hes the ho
    She was never married she broke no vows

  • get em paid!

    Jude Law is another rich azz getting paid white boy lol

  • jasmin

    i never liked either of their work. i dont think they’ll marry. too many trust issues (they both cheated). sienna is not wife material anyway remember the other married man she was with? just my $00.02

  • #teambreezy

    They are never gonna get married they play too many games with each other.

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