SMH: G-Dep “Didn’t Know” His Victim Died Before Confessing To Crime, Faces Life In Prison

- By Bossip Staff

Damn this is such an unfortunate story:

The guilt-ridden rapper who confessed to a 17-year-old murder told The Post yesterday he didn’t know his victim had died when he decided to come clean on the cold case.
Trevell Coleman — whose rap name is G-Dep — said cops dropped the bombshell after he went into the 25th Precinct station house Wednesday to admit to the Oct. 19, 1993, shooting of John Henkel. “I was surprised — for some reason, I really didn’t think that he died,” the bald and bearded Coleman said in a jailhouse interview. “When they told me, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m not going home after this.’ ”

Manhattan DA spokeswoman Erin Duggan said Coleman, 36, has now been charged with murder in the case. He faces life in prison. The rapper — who signed with Sean Combs’ Bad Boy label in 1999, was dropped a few years later, and last August signed with Famous Records — said his dark secret “weighed on me.” It got so bad for him, he confessed despite the objections of loved ones. “I told my mom and my girlfriend that I wanted to confess, and they both told me to leave it in the past,” he said. “[My girlfriend] is pretty peeved.”

Lyvonnia Copeland, 40, the mother of his three kids, declined to comment yesterday. Coleman said he’s been dogged by drug addiction, and that at the time of the shooting, “I didn’t think about it.”
“That’s just the life I was living back then,” he said. “I started to wonder if all the bad things that happened to me in my life were karma for what I did . . . you start to think ‘My happiness is because of someone else’s sadness.’ “I thought that if I turned myself in, it might give me closure.”

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly called Coleman’s motivations “uncertain — maybe he had a pang of conscience,” but said: “We’ll take it any way we can get it.” Coleman’s criminal record includes nearly 30 arrests, a law-enforcement source said. “This guy had particularly bad luck with getting caught,” the source said, noting his most recent bust in November for trespassing with drugs on city-housing property.

“I haven’t been living right,” Coleman told The Post. “I always had people around me that were good people, but I was doing the wrong thing.” Though he said his confession confounds everyone — “People in [jail] don’t understand how you can confess,” he said — to Coleman, it makes perfect sense. “I’m just trying to get right with God,” he said. Coleman said his career was just “little shows here and there. The only thing I regret is that I have to leave my kids,” he said.

Family friend Thomas Frederick, 51, said the Harlem-born rapper’s descent had been distressing for a neighborhood that had idolized him. “He was like a celeb to the community,” he said. “But after his grandmother who raised him died about four years ago, he was heavily into PCP — like he wanted to leave this world.”

Damn, this is so sad…it’s fugged up what that sherm or any other drug for that matter will do to you…


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  • Dr. Moreau

    I think he’ll get a break. I doubt if he’ll do a full life sentence since he came forward and confessed of his own accord but he will do some time. At least he decided to do the right thing and give the victim’s family some peace and resolution.

    • xxcxscx

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      He might’ve gotten off if he were WHITE, but they’re going to fry him. I KNEW he didn’t just confess for the hell of it, and how hard would it have been for him to do some research on the guy? Once again, he gets the dumb a/s/s of the year award. Like this criminal was really going to confess to murder.

  • Kris


  • MzMeMe

    Okay call me slow but how did he confess to murder and then say “he didnt think he died” wtf…he darn right he wasnt going home after that bs…

    • Dr. Moreau

      He confessed to the “shooting”. He didn’t know the guy had died. Read with comprehension next time.

    • Kim

      Dr.Moreau I think u should read and learn to comprehend. It clearly states he confessed to a 17 yr old murder in this article.

    • PhillyMiss

      How retarded can you be?? He THOUGHT he was confessing to a shooting, but it turned out that he confessed to a murder. But originally it was just the shooting he confessed to…SMH Stay in school kids… It really does help…

  • Mock

    I guess some people enjoy prison…

  • Trina

    Trust me, he will do a life sentence! But wow, this story is somewhat inspiring for me. Only a true man would confess being aware of the consequences. It must of really been eating him up mentally.

    • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)


    • ignoranceisbliss

      No real man would just turn himself in for murder when there was no evidence just a black fool…Give him life and still god will send him to hell not for murder but for being stupid when you got away with murder.

    • jayluv

      was he just going down a list of things to make right before he kill himself from using PCP? It was a shooting only…poor thang. Why is woman didnt do a full check on this John Henkel? show him proof of the situation than just saying “its in the past?” if it was my man, we would be on some computer somewhere looking this up, maybe he wanted really to get the monkey off his back by going cold turkey.

    • daisy jay

      I kinda have to agree, Trina. We all know what he did was beyonc unacceptable, period. But let’s just think about the fact that he confessed for a moment. How many people do that? Some killers really don’t have a conscience, but I guess he does. I guess, in a strange way, I commend him for what he did.

      Karma. Even if you don’t get caught doing something bad, the thought will haunt you forever until you just break down and crumble.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Like I 6am genius said yesterday; if they charge him as a juvenile he’ll do 7-10 years, as an adult 15. I knew the reason he confessed is because it was grindin’ on him and he probably got a sign from god.

  • Trina

    Lol, Why you calling him an idiot? I mean I am pretty sure he was fully/somewhat aware of the consequences he would face but he sitll chose to confess. That doesn’t make him an idiot, just shows that he must honestly want to get right with God and free himself from this.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Ok after reading Trina’s post I’ve come to this conclusion.

    This n*gga was high on PCP before he walked in that station!

  • Name dezzzzzzzz nuts

    SPECIAL DELIVERY…right to D-block on Rikers. Sorry G, but I think I would have left the past in the past and raised my younging to do BETTER then I did…Oh well, He was “already off fish and spagetti”, whatever that ment….

  • yz

    So, this bastard only confesses to pay karma back. He wanted his life back. So to all those people who thought he was doing a noble thing guess again he was only thinking about himself his needs once again.

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    Keep ya head up G-Dep – Harlem still loves, and worship you, son… You’re THE KING OF HARLEM – and no one is taking that throne, brah…

    I repeat, it takes a REAL MAN with a BIG HEART to do what he did… His grandma was his life – she raised him – and I understand why he felt lonely, and deserted after she did… This is a cold, and lonely world – where every punk only cares about their selfish self… Where is the love people – and F*CK DUMB AZZ SYDNEY, MARQUIS GAY SADE, and OTHER PEOPLE talking crap about G-DEP… F*CK YA’ALL WITH A GARDEN FORK…

    I saw LOON selling BEAN-PIE on 125th, a couple of days ago; MASE turned pastor; BLACK ROB is a BUM in Harlem; and others don’t even know where their life is heading..


    Die slow PUFFY!!!

    • Marquis de Sade

      😆 Too bad BLIND MIS-GUIDED SYCHOPHANCY & BLATANT STUPIDITY isn’t a capital offense, punishable by castration and(or) death, then you too would be compelled to grow a conscious and turn yourself in, bubla. 😀

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      I agree with most of wht u said.

      Humans are EXTREMELY SELFISH these days

      The response of “only a black fool would turn himself in” is RIDICULOUS

      How can/could u rest at nite knowing u KILLED smbdy??!!! How can u leave tht in the past?

      G-Dep realized his life was CURSED & did the right thing to turn things around. Now, he may become an inspiration to others in jail or tht community. Now his kids may prosper & get out of the ‘hood

    • j. Ali

      God be with u G-Dep, you came clean. You took ownership of what you did, ready for the serious consequences and I believe with in my heart Allah will forgive you. I know you suffered and its time to heal. However, you took a man’s life and that man’s family’s peace of mind. It was a hellish experience for them because they never knew who did it, nor did they know how it really happened. I feel Allah is using you as an example for all those thinking about committing murder to refrain from the act and/or to confess. Please don’t think your life is in vain, you have touched more people than u know. God keep you safe and provide you and that man’s family closure.


    This is so, sad sometimes u have to be true to yourself.

    I can say Drugs induces (Psychosis)behaviors do play a part… but the dead guys ‘soul’ was around him(G-Dep)….

    Hope his family supports…

    True Man…


    • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

      What’s today’s mathematics, sun of God?? Dwayne Allah blessing your comment, sun.

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    Word?? He should’ve lynched diddy, and do life for that up-state.. I’m surprised you have not seen Loon around your way selling bean-pie on 125th, brah.. Do the maths, son..


    That’s the life of kicking it with Diddy. He F.u.c. k.s. and leaves them. Literally. So sad, this is what happened when you sell your soul. Hang in there G-Dep… there is redemption in all of this for you!!!

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    Blasting G-DEP’s Child of the Ghetto – from these speakers… I’m rolling up a joint for you, brah… You’re a REAL BRAVE HEART!!

    • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

      These nutz on your momma’s face, fa&&ot!!

  • AvA

    Now Diddy needs to confess all his evil deeds and the miserablness he caused people.

    • The Truth

      I totally agree with you, but sweetheart, it’s simply called “misery” not “miserablness”. Sorry, but just had to say it. 🙂

  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • ladysteele

    Um call me slow but no one has ever heard of google? How could he not know his victim died? If I were that guilt ridden I’m sure I would have come across the fact that he died, even pressing ur ear to the streets u should have that intel! I’m sorry, he got high and paranoid and then confessed!

  • A Mess

    @ real, I’m inclined to agree with you. It seems that those that were involved with diddy has had bad luck. I don’t know.

  • nana

    Lmaooooo @Marquis de sade I can’t not today! BwhahahaahahaaaÀ

    • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

      STFU f*cked faced kunte,,, Just stick to kente and kenke, b!t.c.h… You’re one burnt, ugly azz b!t.c.h..


    This was the best healing he could have done. He can now start his healing process.

  • antoniobone

    Bout the dumbest shyte that Ive ever heard…That fool needs to be in jail

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    Child of the Ghetto/
    Nobody explained it to me/
    Living the scripture/
    They painted for me/
    Ripping it, running & gunning/
    And aiming for me

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    I take you back 2d scene/
    Of the st-u-n-t/
    S-c-e-ne of that r-h-y-m-e and you/ can think what you want/
    And if you/
    And if u tell me/
    U can get it from here/
    Got boom got boom/
    Put sh*t in the air/
    (yeah yeah yeah)/
    Get us some gear/
    To get us in here/
    Waited years to get a p-r-e-m-ier/ And did it from here
    Harlem citizen where the kid/ Is in gear/
    Guard him Ni&&az in here/
    Who get it in here/
    We are them/
    Take you back to the 80’s/ Around Polo Grounds, Uptown/ Eight-eighty a pound/
    Ni&&az hit the rooftop/
    Y’all was roofin the r-o-c-ks/
    Other ni&&az shoe tops/
    Only youth on the bl-o-c-k/
    You dig me?/
    Movin in tops/
    And movin these r-o-c-ks/
    You get it/
    We movin them bl-o-c-ks/
    To move in them drops/
    I guess the ni&&az told me/ Right and ex-a-c-t/
    When dey said stop fig-h-tin/
    And st-a-c-k it/
    Get the money ni&&a

  • Marquis de Sade

    Ahhh, you and your maniacal-like affection for these inane non-sensical ghetto limericks…Oh well, simple pleasures for simple, incorrigible minds…Hopefully with maturity, you’ll outgrow this. 😀

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