Lil Nahla Ariela Aubry Is Too Friggin Cute

- By Bossip Staff

You can’t tell us this little girl isn’t adorable. Look at her little boots!!!

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  • Sepia830

    Okay now she looks kinda cute there.

    • Yeah . . . I Said It!

      Nahla is cute, but her hair needs to be tended to. A Goody or a Denman, perhaps? That is all.

    • rosev

      What is the best christmas gift in your mind ? Nothing can be better than meeting the special one at this spcial time

      😛 ______B lack w hite F lirts. C” 0- M_____ 😛

      is the most successful interracial da ting c lub ! Come to get rid of your lonely single life.You need her/his warm in this coldest winter !!

  • StarLite

    She looks the same. The little girl was cute from the door. People just wanted to rag on Halle’s kid. SMH

    • realdwn2erth

      Okay! I Tell ya! Haters, just don’t have any scrupples.. LoL! 🙂

  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Channtell

    She getting big!
    I haven’t seen any recent pics of her. Everytime they show her on TV, she’s always being held.

    Look at her walking! Lol.
    She’s really cute.

  • Used to U Ninjas Now

    She is adorable and I love her little boots! Halle has great style and Nahla will too.

    • ImaPC

      actually, I think Halle’s day-to-day style borders on the horrible. like this weird necktie situation she has going on.

      As for Nahla–I bet she wishes her Mommy & Daddy were still together, instead of having to share them with these weird people like Kim Kardashian and french dude. Give your kid some stability halle.

  • Getem

    Funny how black people say she’s cute with her hair all over her head and out of place like that, but let a black girl like Shiloh walk around with her hair out of place like that and people, especially black people will talk about how she needs to do something with her hair. SMH

    • Sepia830

      Very well said and so true.

    • gabrielle

      soooo true. we are THE most low self esteem having backwards people on earth

    • aplusL

      You mean Zahara mama


    cute kid but look at the parents did you really think she would be anything but cute?

  • Getem

    Zahara I meant^^

  • Cheeky

    I know I sound like such a mega b*tch for saying this, but she just looks average too me, I think the media hypes her up because she’s Halle’s kid. She’s by no means ugly, but I don’t look at her and think Oh my God that’s such a beautiful kid.

    • Getem

      I agree

    • Tired of Bossip

      you’re right. it’s like saying every baby is cute when they’re not. she looks nice but not cute like the media describes her.


    She is about the least cute of all the celebrity kids I’ve seen. She as cute as Garcielle beauvais twins and I’ll leave it at that.hahahahaha

    anywho…. “sleep with a white man and phase the black right out”

    • my two cents

      @ prpple-

      sleep with the ww and phase the black right out. hb is a case in point. bm wrote the book on it.

      so i guess you meant to say sleep with white people? and a little newsflash for you…black gets phased out by sleeping with non white folks too. just saying…

  • Neyret

    Personally, I think grown adults on this site, or any other site for that matter should stop trying to make biracial children feel bad they cannot help who their parents are nor did they ask to be put on his earth. We are suppose to be lifting the children up not slamming them for who their parents are or what their dna comprises of. Absolutely ridiculous. She is beautiful just because she is. She is an innocent little girl you people need to cut the shyt. Whatever issues of race and color are still plaguing you grown a$$ adults is sad..either get over it or get yourself some therapy.

    • confidently_ugly

      the intent is to not to make biracial kids feel bad but the problem is constantly upholding these “types” make non biracial kids feel bad.


    Getem you aint neva lied I was gonna talk about her raggedy azz head but i aint feel like rousing up the haters this afternoon

  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • JustAshley

    Ummmm From what I’ve seen mulatto kids are typically NOT CUTE and I don’t think that in complimenting a biracial or a nonblack child has any effect on black children. How many pics have they had on here of Keyshia Coles son or Monicas kids and so on??? Ya’ll so dayum stuck on color. Like GLOK said it all came from us anyway so why can’t people just give a compliment and leave it at that?

    • confidently_ugly

      “I don’t think that in complimenting a biracial or a nonblack child has any effect on black children.”


  • Getem

    I’m not just talking about Zahara and Nahla. I’m talking about black people and white people period. White people can walk around with their hair messy and it’s called bed hair or noone says anything to them, but let a sister walk out with her hair just a little aloof.

  • JustAshley


    Seriously! What type of kids are we raising if they feel “less than” or “slighted” because another little kid who doesn’t look like them is paid a compliment? It doesn’t mean that my all black kid is any less beautiful or any less special. My kid is taught to respect others. And that’s all their is to it.

    • Neyret

      thank you!!

    • confidently_ugly

      your totally right black kids shouldnt feel “slighted” because in america they have always been favored or known for their desirable features and “unique” beauty. We obviously have different views…the funny thing is if this countries past was different you wouldnt see posts like this …you can teach your kids to respect others all day but the fact is kids have perceptions of their own based on their experience AND what they see ..

  • WTF

    She is sooo pretty like her mom and lil mama is rocking that outfit!

  • daisy jay

    She looks just like her father.

  • rac

    She looks funny to me.

  • if anything be noble

    Nahla’s “cute” as all kids are “cute” but I just wish she would look “fresh and clean cute.” That girl looks like she done already lived 17 lives in 2 and a half years. … *Halle: Nahla, where you been, girl?* *Nahla: Just got back from climbing the Himalayas, Mom.* smh

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    I wish halle would comb that girls hair.

  • danielle

    Nahlia Areola ain’t that cute & she needs 2 comb her damn hair!

  • Entoon

    i can’t hate on a baby! lil mam is so cute! pretty girl!

  • Is It Me.....

    She’s nowhere as near cute as Taylor Dior

  • Ash

    She’s cute. End of story. And zahara is cute. Leave children alone. Find something else to complain about.

    • Getem

      Just calling it like I see it and, her being cute is your opinion. End of story.

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