Kush Chronicles: Dumb Dude Holding Over 500 Pounds Of Marijuana Gets Caught In A Dodge Caravan

- By Bossip Staff


A routine traffic stop in Queens early Sunday turned up an extraordinary amount of marijuana – 513 pounds of the stuff, police said. The case unfolded after Clement Hunter, 30, made the mistake of driving his rented Dodge Caravan through a red light at Farmers and Merrick Blvds. about 4 a.m., police said.

Officers tried to pull him over, but Hunter took off, eventually heading down a dead-end street at 178th St. and 132nd Ave. “He kind of traps himself. The officers basically block him off and he tries to flee on foot,” a police spokesman said. “We grab him, and inside the Caravan we find 513 pounds of marijuana.” Hunter, of Liverpool St., Jamaica, Queens, was charged with criminal possession of marijuana.



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  • Used to U Ninjas Now

    Ghat Dayum! Ninja’s should know better; the game ain’t new. You driving anything while black and dirty as hail, you should be driving Ms. Daisy down the street! Lol! Dumb!!

  • http://www.swirlsociety.com www.swirlsociety.com

    Dumb AZZ he must have been sampling some of it whilst driving around

  • kg

    He violated the basic rule
    Dont break two laws at once

  • Alwaystrue

    Rule #1. If you’re driving dirty you must obey all present and future traffic laws!! And he can’t claim the weed was for his personal use!!!

  • nana

    Lmaooo at all the Weed trafficking advisers! Smh

  • Thaddious

    It only makes sense to run if he didn’t have a license or insurance. If he’d just played cool, he might’ve gotten away with it.

    The cops might’ve still smelled it, though.

    Yeah, it made sense to run-

  • rosev

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  • dwes

    A dodge caravan………..REALLY……YOKED IN A A DODGE CARAVAN SMH

  • nessa

    Jack @zz I could have been puffing on some of that now, what a waste!

  • http://grind365.com Al

    Ouch, gone to waste!!!

  • WTFever

    @ Al.. don’t worry.. it’ll be back on the streets in no time..cdfu

  • get em paid

    The police report is WRONG! It was 1000 lbs and only 513 lbs made to the evidence room! That odd number gave it away Officer Smoky

  • Blakchic

    Who knew a dogdge caravan could hold 500 lbs of anything..

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