Are You Team Twitter Or Team Facebook

- By Bossip Staff

Has it ever dawned on you how much Facebook and Twitter dominate your every move? This could explain why you’ve never gone a day (okay, hour) or two without resisting the madness that comes with being a social media junkie.

Are you an “RT” person or a “like” person? Do you prefer hashtags or inbox games? Time to make a choice!

Head over to for a few pros and cons to being Team Twitter or Team Facebook!

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  • nana

    Twitter all day everyday! Am over facebook….

  • AnaLisa

    I hate Twitter!

  • jasmin

    im over the social-network thing, but i’d say facebook. it keeps me in touch with old friends, distant fam, etc. twitter is for narcissists who believe they’re more interesting than they are. just my $00.02

    • pineapple

      Actually no, your obsessive Facebook photos are way more narcissistic than back-and-forth convos between friends via twitter when RHOA is on. Your Facebook proselytizing is less interactive. Psychological studies have shown that Facebook users are more narcissistic than Twitter users.

      Your lack of research shows. Fall back.

    • jasmin

      i have ONE pic so ppl will recognize me, not 1,000. there are privacy options if u dnt want to share info. and do u think igaf about what you ate, who you f*ck, or where ur at? oh and fyi, EXPERIENCE is the best research darling 🙂

  • Jade

    Facebook is boring and way too invasive. I don’t really like either

  • StarLite

    I have a Facebook account but I’m almost never on it. I tried playing several of the games but their wack and I don’t understand how people can be on Facebook for hours at a time.

    My profile is hidden and the only people on my page are family and a couple of grade school friends.

  • marquis2sade

    TWITTER is for LOSER(did y’all notice how it rhimes? lol)

  • pineapple

    I prefer Twitter. It’s less invasive. I joined Facebook back when it was ivy league only (just Harvard, Princeton and Yale users at first and then eventually all the ivies), and then they added more schools, and it became more invasive…I quit Facebook. I’m a Facebook dinosaur and Im done. Twitter at least doesn’t ask you all your goddamn business.

    • Bri

      Exactly why I prefer Twitter.

  • Bri

    Team Twitter!

    Had a Facebook account years ago when it was only for college students but going through some relationship drama made me shut it down and I’ve never returned. I don’t care to reconnect with many ppl from the past or know what they’re up to now. I keep in contact with my real friends through other ways and if someone really wanted to get into contact with me I think they could without Facebook.

    • pineapple

      Hear hear!!!

    • pineapple

      Whatever happened to mystery in getting to know someone? Facebook destroys all the joy of the getting-to-know-you phase in relationships.

  • pineapple

    Facebook’s third-party applications need all your business and personal data…we have no idea where that personal data is going.

    Twitter’s third party applications are just shortening your URLs.

    FOH. Team Twitter.

    • Bri

      Do you mind giving out your Twitter username on here? I’ll follow lol.

  • Chocolat


  • wannafightaboutit

    Neither really. I have FB but i’m hardly ever on it.

  • korvette


  • Allie

    I only have a facebook account so i can’t say which one i like best, but for now i’m not getting a twitter

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Im over fb too,it jus was too much for me.Too many people be on there frontin like they saints knowin d*m well they aint.Lol

    • StarLite

      That’s better than what I saw recently. I have mainly family on my page and the other day I just was unfortunate enough to witness my cousins new a$$ tattoo. D*mn ghetto family members……LMAO

  • starlette

    Facebook!!!! I don’t get Twitter….

  • me

    Twitter is stupid and boring TEAM FACEBOOK

  • Whatup

    I have both but I mostly facebook!!!

  • Shand07

    Facebook is better because you can find your friends faster and interact more. Twitter seems to be perfect if you are into blogging about random thing

  • buttaz

    I keep a fb for keeping in touch with my international long distance fam in Trinidad and Japan. We share pics of the kids and beats calling rates and cards. That being said…. Follow me on twitter @A_Buttaz!! Haha

  • bigdog

    I say facebook because I don’t understand twitter either. But they are all getting old excite us whats new

  • dangermouse

    I love The FB. Keeps in touch w/family and friends. I don’t find it evasive it all, you out on there what you want to put on there! Please check us out at,, in Las Vegas, NV! You won’t be disappointed!

  • bbbbb

    I prefer fb, I’m able to find and keep in touch w/ family & friends I haven’t seen for years. It’s not really invasive if you just avoid all the dumb applications and you keep your profile private. Mine is set to where you can’t even find me by email addy or by name, I have to find you. Even if you do find me, I have to add you to see my info. Plus, I don’t put a whole lot about me on there. As far as fb goes, my motto is if you don’t know me irl, you don’t need to know.

  • Sukanya

    #Team Neither, hate them both, ex boyfriends stalking my page down, acting paranoid, or like i want anybody on facebook ewww! Plus some of the most ugliest men try to talk to me, I’m over that s h i t for real too childish, if you want to reach out to me get my got damn number

  • Lonestar214

    Myspace!! Lol.

    • GA by way of CA

      lmao, good one…

  • Entoon

    Both! FB for my friends, happenings and what not! Twitter to go reckless on ppl like diddy, amberrose and soulja boy! It’s all in fun either way!!

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