The Ghost Of Kardashian Kristmas Kards Past (Gallery)

- By Bossip Staff

Before the awesomeness that was the Addams Family by Kardashian Khristmas Card of 2010, there were plenty of other ill-conceived, cute and awkward moments in Kardashian Christmas history. Pop the hood to check out the Jenner-Kardashian Christmases of years past.

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  • xxcxscx

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  • jasmin

    kim was the cutest as a child, but kourtney has her beat now (maybe bc all kim’s surgery?) khloe is my fav, but i think kris is lying. her eyes, hair, complexion, features, just dnt match up?? rob is not the pappy lol just my $00.02

  • Hazelnut

    I love Khloe, but I have to agree with you..I do not think that the late Mr. Kardashian is her father. How could the strong Armenian genes go to every child except for her?

  • nana

    Not gon lie, beautiful family! Khloe is not that BAD tho!

  • Crazy lady

    Khloe looks just like Kris did before her plastic surgery yall need to look at her old pics when she married their dad

  • Justme

    Lamar looks like a giant in that one photo. LOL

  • Allegrah

    why is this ish up here ? Put some black family Christmas photos up. Jeez !

    • they killed mike

      CO SIGN!!!

  • Kai

    Aww Kim was a gawchezzz lil girl. Kourtney looks Native American, and Khloe looks like a white kid with curly hair. Im soooo confuse right now * scratching my head*

  • Shazaam

    khloe was such a cute kid

  • Mixi

    Yes, Kim was always by far the cutest. I love this family!

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Lamar and Khloe look like Shrek and Fiona.

    • wannafightaboutit

      Thank you. I thought I was the only one who thinks this.

  • Start it up!

    Khloe got a different pappy!

    • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Sha

    Oh look at the 1st pic Lamar been in the family for a minute! 😛

  • Ole Mista Cleofus down the street

    Who da h@ll dees kids is? They all look diffent!

  • Solomae

    Looks like big foot made his way into the picture by accident. Omg what the freak!!!!! lmfaoooooo

  • Broken_Halo

    WOOOWWWW…I can’t get over how much Khloe looks like her father…who obviously was someone OTHER than Robert Kardashian.

  • Nia

    You can definitely see Bruce in Khloe, she looks just like Bruce’s other kids, the big chin, and thin lips are a dead giveaway. It looks like Kris was cheating on her husband sometime back in the day.

  • Nia

    No your not, and I believe that father is Bruce.

  • jazzie91

    Kim is mad pretty..

    And as far as Khloe.. “Robert Kardashian, you are NOT the father..”

  • Outspoken

    Yall are killing me w/ the daddy comments lol!

    Khole was adorable as a child, and the prettiest now. Kim used to be pretty before she went artificial. I’m not sure where Kourtney falls. Who is the blond haired chick? I thought Bruce only had sons. She’s pretty too.

    • RHONYC

      that’s his daughter. she’s in the 1st xmas pic up top.
      he had 3 boys and 1 girl. kris had (at the time) 3 girls and 1 boy. total brady bunch clan ON CRACK. kris ain’t no dummy tho…those brats were her insurance policy so that she’d never have to work a real job in her life. straight pimpin’. lol 🙂

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    Lol @ some of these comments. But I like this family despite all the action they seek. I think they are funny and I enjoy the show.

  • chaka1


  • Jo-Jo

    Is anyone else a little jealous that they aren’t a member of a family that is this close and rich and fun? Lol. I’m sure the grass aint really greener, but it must be kinda fun to be America’s favorite real life Brady Bunch…

  • what the what

    Thank goodness I don’t have pictures like this to come back and haunt me.

    4 in the Awkward family photos dot c o m

  • Natalie

    To me it looks like Khloe is Bruce Jenner’s biological child. She looks just like his two oldest children which is strange…..Hmmm something is not right to me. Bruce does seem to have a complicated relationship with Khloe so maybe he knows the deal and it is his and Chris’s little secret…LOL

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