For The Fellas: Was This Really Necessary???

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Vanessa Veasley‘s recent Show Magazine cover shot, before and after Photoshopping. We don’t see anything wrong with the “before” picture, but fellas (and ladies), we’ve gotta ask…

Was making her lighter, taller and more toned even necessary? Which side looks better to you?

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  • Angee

    There was nothing wrong with the first pic!

    • kalifa

      the boobs were uneven
      skin was blotchy
      eyes weren’t “dreamy” enough

      magazines sell fantasy
      the un-photoshopped pic looked too realistic

    • HoNeStLy

      I like tha first pic betta, skin look better not all fake tanned, and she jus look real.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    The one on the right looks better of course! But this is what mags do all the time..they airbrush/photo-shop til no end even making the “models” or who ever is on the cover/spread look like cartoons.

  • O_o

    Ummmm…. Wow. That was totally NOT needed. Why did they make her lighter?

  • Darina

    SMH @ everyone thinking they can be a “model” these days.

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    It wasn’t needed, they probably do it to make her look lighter.

  • BlackerTheBerry

    The crazy thing is Vanessa Veasley is on the lighter side of brown. She obviously tanned for the shoot and they went in and made her lighter. Looks like they made her stomach flatter too and she didn’t need that either! She’s banggin without the photoCHOP.

    • Charlie Brizown all chica

      Shes medium brown and she wasn’t darker because she was tan she was darker because there wasn’t enough light reflection in the room…

  • Ree

    They made her not glisten as much, slightly contoured her stomach and cleaned up the fly aways in her hair. All in all the typical stuff they do for pics. They actually didn’t do alot compared to other pics. My opinion… she looks beautiful in both shots.

  • daresay

    i dont look-out for women who bleach their skin, be them Indian or African.

  • bouyant

    oh! they’re coming.especially the 6am one, that claims to be you can be whoever whatever.

    • POW!

      All 3 bloggers = the same angry black man, mad at the world for his own shortcomings, can’t stand up to anyone in real life but thinks he’s “goin hard” online, internally wishes he were white…poor baby, we still love you lololol

  • under_the_radar

    you are so fake …prolly old bald and definitely lonely.. see your using that prison dictionary again..try a new word this week

  • Oh na na...

    It’s like there wasn’t much to do to her so they made up things wrong with her… The photoshop guy gotta get paid too haters! ROTFLMAO! Merrrry Crimmus yall:)

  • GOLDiE

    guess the article on “black segregation drops to lowest in century” applies to jail houses cuz its still alive and well out in the free world!!!

  • Aztec Queen

    Both pictures look good to me. She’s beautiful.

  • Boomboomroom

    @Goldie yep that is true. However, stupid smegma eating homo-thugs like Marquis who use White women as a ‘beard’ for there homo-thug tendencies would probably disagree. Vanessa is a BANGER!! And Suelyn although cute is heavily botoxed and looks a mess. Like Kim K in ‘drag.’ So Vanessa can get it.

    • *fist pump*

      :slow clap:

  • under_the_radar

    your speech reminds me of “Winchester” on M*A*S*H …big words condescending manner …. he later admitted to being gay… youre a character too just sayin

  • guestspeaker

    err… nothing wrong with the original pic. she looks good in both. The Shopped pic is what they do for magazines.. come on now.. if you see a shiny chick in a glossy magazine you’d want to know what’s up with their marketing dept to releasing subpar material.

    on the roginal, the contrast between her skin tone and the highligts is too strong (look at the breasts), she has a bluish/purplish glow on her stomach.

    The “shopped”pics smoothes out those contrasts and removes artificial colors..

    unforutnately when you’re shopping to create the airbrushed look some of the color is lost…

    the same thing happens with white folks but less noticeable because the shift from white to lighter is more subtle..

    in short what educated goon said

  • Kem Wer

    I don’t know who this chick and don’t care about the lighting thing, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers!!!

  • PervsRow

    bahaha better words to describe him: sad, sorry, sick, demented. He should be on NightLine

  • RandomTandem

    Her “before” already looks like an “after”. They could have made it more of a selling point to put the original up there and stress that there was NO PHOTOSHOP

  • deelucious

    It doesn’t matter, she looks good in both of them.

  • Whatup

    Would love to see her under my Christmas tree!!!!

  • WOOHOOO...

    I don’t care what shade the make her. Her features & body are amazing. Strong. Thick. Soft. BLACK GIRLS FTW!!!

  • ThickANDJuicy76

    Ok, I agree, that pictures NEVER needed to be photo-shopped, but uh…I’m sorry that the industry does that to the darker females. Sorry lil mamacita…

  • sean-slade


    WTF were you doing prowling on this bullsh!t while Mike Vick was dismantling the Giants? In case you didnt know im referring to football you hag. Dammit girl do things that real men do already. Your father must be really proud of you.

  • bed

    thats fucced up

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