What Is Wrong With This Picture???

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s Coco snapping shots of her self-proclaimed 100% authentic donk in the mirror.

Merry AssMas!!!

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  • Keep it Real

    She got a Brazillian Butt lift. See photos of her azz on the beach a couple of years ago. They did a good job. Might want to loose a few pounds ma.

  • LaDiva

    While I do know many women from all races that have a natural big butt, I don’t believe Coco’s is natural, same as I don’t believe Lola Monroe’s butt is real either…

  • purple love

    I do not get what men find appealing about that *kanye shrug*

  • Jay

    Nothing looks wrong to me.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    It’s surgically enhanced since I’ve seen old pix of her pre-alteration but regardless,it looks nice to me & I’m sure many fellas will agree LOL.
    She just love taking pix of herself as well as wearing the tightest outfit she can find huh? I guess,I don’t blame her since she has the body/booty for it & her hubby Ice T loves it so..

  • Luscious

    She’s admitted as much – that the only thing truly real about her is her attitude and her desire to be some plastic surgeons’ masterpiece. At least you can appreciate her honesty.

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    coco is a guilty pleasure of mine – however i am opposed to the mirror self-shots….professionals should be photographed by professionals

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    and yes – “ho” is a profession…since the beginning of time

    • S.a.s.s.y24


  • 7lady

    Yes KEEP IT REAL I saw those pics at the beach. And that azz looked flat wide and pasty. But whatever enhancements she get they look nice. Very curvy.

  • bbbbb

    I really wish folks would stop with the cell-phone-in-the-bathroom-mirror-myspace type pics…shxt looks tacky lol…even for a woman as pretty as her

  • http://yahoo.com rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    I really dont think just because a woman comes on as says its fake that she is a jealous fat black ugly woman! She is just speaking the truth.. why does she have to be fat , black ugly and a hating azz black woman ! The womens azz is fake and im none of those things..jealousy of another woman is just not in me especially why would i be jealous of something a person had to enhance that i already have,, come on get real!! stop with the we black women are hating!

    • tommykimon

      @ Rose why we have to be jealous. My butt looks like that and it’s natural.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    You know they will be in here hating jealous of all that beautiful azz

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Aint SH!T wrong with the picture …NOTHING AT ALL

    • Antonio Bone

      nothing at ALL

  • NOLA

    Coco: “Does my butt look big?”
    Answer: “Yes.”
    Coco: “Yay!”
    Good for her.
    I’m not mad.

  • Don't b mad

    Co-sign, u spoke truth there!!!

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (MiKe ViCk iS LiKe GOD tO PeYtOn ** & ToM ** - WhO BeTTeR ThAn MV7??)

    That fat azz got me thinking and drooling – I wanna beat that!!

  • lil sexy

    she go wind up fat she better be careful with that brazillian butt lift or one of her butt cheeks will explode. if she keeps this up i predict ice -t will trade her in his phillipina girlfriend looked better than her to me she too all out there and dying for fame and attention.

    • 100milesperhour

      Yeah, Darlene was BAD!

  • BritishGirl

    There’s no hating. If we can see before and after pictues then why should we praise her when we can see its FAKE.

  • nana

    Wait @Realist… I thought u were gay??? Or bisexual??? Help me out here

    • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

      That’s probably how your pops gets down, punk.. You can bring your burnt fufu azz into it – I’ll beat that ish into piece with a gas mask on to protect me from your puzzy and body odour… I know you stank like doodooo and fufu…


    • JaZzIe91

      LMAO@ nana

  • Monique

    There is nothing real about that.

  • YogiSmart

    Fake or Real…this female is the absolute MOST!!!

  • Lord Have Mercy

    Only thing wrong with that pic is that it wasn’t taken at my house by me right before I hit it.

  • Forrealsssss

    thats an arse only a nygger could love and i guess thats why shes with a nygger. a white man would be too scared he’d get a std or shyt on lol. nyggers will screw anything.

    • Robert

      bytch shut up wonderbread

    • afrodite

      I’ve heard white men are scared of big butts cuz they think they’ll lose a few inches off the few they already have getting past all that butt…lol

  • James Thomas, Detroit

    Do not care if it’s fake.
    Do not care if it’s real.
    Do not care if she borrowed it from the neighbor’s shed.
    Do not care if she had it blown up with an air pump.
    STILL hit it!

    • Forrealsssss

      i bet youre a nygger aint you?

      thanks for making my point lol.

    • Ejay

      The point is that you’re dumb. Why are you suprised there’s black folks on the site fvck face?! And you’re suprised that black men like big azzes? You are a stupid white boy! Lmao.

    • http://yahoo.com rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      Hit if if you want..thats you, we just talking about how fake her azz is! i dont care who hits it.. i know i wouldnt if i was a man.. im very choosey and fake dont cut it with me.. not when i can get a real one.. be too scared that sh-t would pop and bust out all over my black azz!

  • Robert


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