Ne-Yo Says He’s Not FAWKING With This New “Michael Jackson” Album, And We Ain’t Mad At Him!

- By Bossip Staff

We might have called Ne-Yo a lot of things in the past , but the one things we can’t call him is a liar. The R&B superstar says that he ain’t rockin’ with this new MJ album and after listening to it front to back we have to agree wholeheartedly.

Safe to say Ne-Yo will not be picking up the new Michael Jackson album as a stocking stuffer this year. Like, he says it shouldn’t even be out.

Asked about Michael on the street, the R&B singer says he doesn’t even want to listen to it because he doesn’t think MJ would’ve wanted it released.

“Hold My Hand” is a good song… but was it even done? MJ was such a perfectionist, Ne-Yo says, that “I don’t think the album would be out yet.”

He adds, “I’m gonna stick to my old Mike” …

Amen to that! It’s tough to even listen to the whole disc without feeling sadness, embarrasment, and downright anger with how the fact that CLEARLY this was released solely to monetize the memory of The King Of Pop. The label and everyone associated with it should feel the same way, but most of these fools probably just wanted a check. SMH

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  • nana

    Everytime the song *hold ma hands* comes on I change the channel! Smh

  • Prettyrenee

    I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

  • jazzie

    Its an act of greed on the part of the estate because they are gonna try to milk every ounce of his music they can get… smh head i mean he a artist perfectionist at that wouldn’t have wanted that album out its just sad….

  • Tom J

    tbf. Ne-Yo is speaking the truth. MJ’s stamp on the world isn’t about entertainment or the love of it – but money! Join the cause.

  • Handsome RR

    Hey, I liked the album, Elvis is still selling records, the Beatles are still selling records and etc., so why can’t MJ put some new music out. Stop hating PPL, appreciate the gift of MJ.

    • FaReelDoe

      Michael is different than those artist….. Michael was a PERFECTIONIST that oversaw and HIS OWN WORK and would NOT release music until HE felt it was perfect. This is unfinished music that Michael WOULD NOT HAVE WANTED RELEASED YET. The estate had other musicians second-guess what Michael would have wanted. The estate is not respecting his legacy or honoring his work ethic. THEY ARE NOT MICHAEL and CANNOT work the magic on the final product that HE would have. The estate threw his legacy aside and just cashed the hell in. THAT IS ALL. Ka-Ching is all they thought about… not his legacy for making GREAT music. Michael doesn’t do MEDIOCRE music.

  • Ummmm....

    If I’m not mistaken the family did NOT want Sony to release this album for the same reason…

  • Bey-nonsense

    well when his own kids say it isn’t “daddy” I listen to them!

  • Bohwe

    it’s kind of hard to actually say what mj wanted or not wanted to be release. mj was a businessman and at the end of the day, this is bringing controversy, which always made mj rich. i can’t say that mj would have wanted this out or not, but the reality of it is, that katherine is in control over the estate, you’re telling me that she doesn’t have any say in what is release, and what’s not?. If that’s the case, than she needs to go back to court. And does that mean that Teddy Riley and the family that mj stayed with actually sold out mj and his kids, because they were close to mj and they are saying that mj is on the record, and they are the ones that remastered the songs. So, if they did mjlegacy and children foul that that’s messed up. i think in the world of michael jackson, everything to the crossing of the t. was done so for self-promotion. because many experts have said it’s him. as far as i’m concerned, the kids are the financial benefactors to any sales, so what’s the problem? and if mj didn’t wnat music less than perfect to be released, he would have never released History Part 2.those songs were not mj best. only earth song, scream, yanl. mj was all about money. the greatest artist, but a shrewd businessman, people forget that.

  • juliemango

    Money before honor!!!

  • jazzi-jo-the-ho-yo

    sex, celebrities, sex, celebrities

  • jazzi-jo-the-ho-yo
    sex, celebrities, sex, celebrities

  • JaZzIe91


  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...13 Weeks Pregnant with a Boy!!!!!

    I wasn’t planning on buying his incompleted work. Sorry.

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  • Sisredbone

    Cosign with Ne-YO

  • deelucious

    I agree. It wouldn’t be right to have a MJ album with songs that MJ probably wouldn’t approve of. It’s not authentic. They’re just trying to cash in on his name. It’s not a real Michael album it’s just a money making tool.

    Someone like MJ should NEVER be on the same song with the likes of Will I Am or Akon. They are both ok musicians but MJ is in a different league.

  • CeeCee

    Ne-yo should always wear a hat. Any way! they shouldn’t have did MJ like that..

  • real Ness

    lmaoooo dapssssss!!!

  • real Ness

    only industry people I hear upset about it are ones who didn’t get to work with or won’t benefit from this. u can have your opinion but honestly there was nothing new from micheal for a minute. it wasn’t that he was a perfectionist he just wasn’t on making and pushing out new music at the moment. If not now, when exactly would you surmise a deceased man’s wishes as to when he would have released it?

    and besides that…..It’s not just going to Sony, I take it his mother and his kids shouldn’t eat anymore

  • simone

    somebody has some kinda sense!!

  • Whatev

    I won’t touch it either. This reminds me of how sometime in the 90’s the Marley family released unfinished work Bob left behind. They finished his work and released it. The album was straight garbage.

    • Whatev

      … just listened to “Hold my Hand”… To be honest, it’s okay by today’s standards. But not up to Michael’s par and he would not have released it like that. He would have worked on the vocals, the songwriting, and the production some more. It’s such a disrespect to release a deceased artist’s incomplete work. One exception may be if they were discovered posthumously.
      Michael’s work before he died is enough to speak for him for eternity.

  • BASE

    no respect for my hometown friend, they can try but it will never work ,going to go down in history as a industry flop



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