Who Looked More Bangin?

- By Bossip Staff

Amerie, her big azz rock and Rosa Acosta were spotted in Miami celebrating Amerie’s little sister’s birthday.

Yeah, we don’t care about the other unknowns that were there either, not even Amerie’s Fiance-ger Lenny. But Amerie and Rosa came out with their A-game. So, who looked more bangin’?

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  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Whos Amerie?

    • shiely

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    • shalala

      sorry i was only thinking before and after photoshop šŸ˜›

  • nymphis

    they look the same.like sisters

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    Amerie Rosa always looks cheap

    • ItsBarbieB*tch

      and she still badder than you


    • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

      SMH@barbie…badder than an avatar of flowers, really?? ANYWAY Rosa wins! because Amerie nose job is a failure : /

  • Rob

    Rosa wins this one hands down, with no comp. Rosa looks like a thorough B1tch who can handle every borough. Nice fat tits and a banging azz, shorty looks phenomenal. Amerie on the other hand looks like a black book shelf with too much bleaching. To be honest Amerie could boost her career with some breast implants and some butt implants, you brothas know what i mean. Churrrch

  • VirgoJewel

    Amerie has the prettier face and cute outfit but Rosa’s body is sic. I’ll say tie?

  • CooCooKitty

    Liked Amerie’s couple of hits a couple yrs. ago. Both are pretty girls as long as they keep that weave on their head and makeup on they face. You can tell that they both spend alot of time on their knees cause,they could’ve used some lotion on them.

  • heavenlyGOrg

    both are pretty ladies but rosa’s body gives her the edge, so i’ll say rosa. i love rosa’s hair


    They both look great….I would love to see some the people that are so critical of er’body on this site.

  • RLlover23

    That I love Amerie psycho will pop up soon

  • BishPlease

    Any so called “average woman” can look GOOD made up. But lets see how good one looks with out all that?? Most men are only attracted to what they d!(ks stand up for, and that can even be a plastic a** doll 4goodness sake, or hell a horse even with a huge a** and long hair….Most men just dont give a f**k bcuz thats all they wna do neways to such women…lmao smdh!!!!!!

    • 100milesperhour

      Thank You!

  • nana

    Co_sign @glok till he forgives me…. Lol

    • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • marna

    Amerie all day; she should’ve quit the singing game a while ago and moved to japan to become a model, she’d get work.

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  • L.A

    Amerie all the time all day long.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983...15 Weeks Pregnant with a Boy!!!!!

    I think they both look nice. I thought there were sisters too.

  • eman

    amerie all day every day

  • Lulu's


  • m1zo

    are u kidding me! Rosa #nohands

  • Jay

    Knees, hell I didn’t even notice they had knees.

  • nana

    @Glok forgives me, errthang Kris! Glok alllright wit me *in ma jamaican voice*

  • moe

    they both look good except for the pinky toe hanging over the shoe!!!! LOL

  • Xclusive

    I LooK More BanGiN…

  • Sydney


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