Amber Rose Gets Dropped By Ford Models But Probably Could Care Less… She Has A New Reality Show On VH1 “Behind Her Shades”

- By Bossip Staff

Bossip just got wind that Amber Rose has lost her modeling contract with Ford but that’s not stopping her from making moves. After being seen court side at the Knicks game and out with new cutty buddy Amare Stoudemire, Amber is supposedly filming a new reality show on VH1 called “Behind Her Shades”.

ust when you thought reality shows couldn’t get any more intriguing (not) Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose announces that she too is getting a piece of the reality show pie.

According to the model, her VH1 reality show “Behind Her Shades” will be based around her upcoming eyewear store opening in Las Vegas and will sell her own line along with some vintage sunnies.

We wish we had more info about the show, but seriously that’s it. It’s all about …shades.

We probably won’t be seeing Amber in any Louis Vuitton ads or editorial spreads anytime soon but the girl has turn her 15 minutes into a job… we won’t say career because that’s really stretching it.

A Day In The Life Of Amber Rose… How Many of You Will Tune In For That???


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  • jumsmum


    And probably me ;o)

  • shell

    Interesting, she worked those connections.

  • daisy jay


    Anybody else gonna disconnect their cable?

  • Educated

    This woman is as pathetic as the rest of the celebutards in Hollywood! Kanye took her out of the hood and needs to put her right back where she came from. She needs to take some elocution lessons. Have you ever heard her speak before? She sounds so ghetto! I was shocked! She needs to invest in something more lasting than her vagina. I don’t knock prostitutes but I don’t support their behavior. Her actions are nothing to be applauded for. It makes all women look bad. And if she’s gonna go for celebrity and athletes pick some better looking ones. Amar’e is NOT attractive! YUCK!

    • Just saying...

      Jealous much?lol Miss “educated” put away your fancy degree because no one is checking for it or you…SORRY! LOL

    • i know the truth

      the under 40 crowd are destroying the world–ya’ll some of the most retarded asinine people ever to exist in all of creation–dumb, shortsighted, disrespectful, crazy–nothing good to say about ya’ll pathetic hoodlums

  • Educated

    daisy jay you just killed it!
    You’re hilarious. I’m totally with you on that one.

  • Rere

    Dayumn! Any and everything can get a reality show…maybe I think I should tell my nieces friends(who r strait hood doo-doo mamas and daddys) they should pitch something to VH1…

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Amber Rose = Kim Kardashian 2.0

  • YokoDMV

    @Educated – it would be nicer to see women come up without being judged for their sexual behavior, especially by other women. Just because she isn’t sitting at a desk and is doing something glamorous, doesn’t mean its not a job. Sexing, appearances, meetings, tv shows, publicity, styling …can you say WORK!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Well,she managed to land her a reality show so she’s doing her regardless & on top of that,she’ll supposedly be opening an eye-wear shop/boutique? Can’t hate..If she’s smart she’ll seek out other business ventures to compliment the shades.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    @Yoko: I like how you think missy hehe

  • mobemmano

    I will certainly rock with her show…I love her.

  • Tah

    i wonder will she talk?

  • jfizzle

    @shawty, I’m with you on that


    i think she’s adorable. so i will definitely check it out! 🙂

    • her?yeahher

      my bad …I still had the strippers on my mind, but still quit hating on amber…

      rhonyc – I think she’s cute too

  • Divine

    As a woman,who is educated, I don’t really appreciate or respect women who use what’s between their legs to progress.

    I think we are better than that. But maybe some of us aren’t.
    The ends DO NOT justify the means.

  • RMEs

    Divine–I agree with you and it’s a shame it is this way. It’s an age old institution because men rule the world. From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel–lots of women know the P rules the world and they exploit that fact. I guess what remains to be seen is how far will Amber’s P take her.

  • Machelle

    Well i’m not surprised…she doesn’t have a “model” body at all…she has a “king magazine” or playboy body…if you have curves and aren’t a size negative zero or manly looking in the face, or about 6″9 tall, they really can’t use you..

  • uhhh yeah ok

    hmm a contract with on of thee leading legitamate agencies in the world or continued booty tootin’ on vh1? hmmm Being an urban is being a glorified groupie its not a job and there’s rarely much money in it or is there (escorting) ?

  • CeeCee

    I like her better than Kim K. because at least she was real about what she did before she met Kanye… Kim K. try to act all innocent like she didn’t know what was going on when Ray J was taping her…

  • Kitty

    this sounds real stupid but ay if shes gettin paid do u i cant knock her hustle

  • londongirl

    @educated omgeee shut up your obviously like talking about yourself when guess what if you didnt notice the story isnt about you its about miss amber rose not about your degrees or that you use to model or that you speak three different languages we dont care obviously you dont have a man or a life because your to busy responding to everyones post seriously get a life….thats why we have so many black females in there 40’s single because they are always about themselves and hating on evry pretty girl who tried to get out the ghetto she used what she had so she must not be that stupid because she not working the pole no more

  • KaNyeEasT

    YeaH I MaDe This B*itch Hot…

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