Rihanna Takes Her Ratted Raggedy Red Wig Shopping

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Rihanna in Hollyweird being a regular girl and dropping some duckets on shoes and makeup at Barney’s New York.

We really were hoping Matty Poo had tossed that thing in the trash when she popped out the burgundy curls. No dice.

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  • momo

    Girl. NO TEA NO SHADE. But put the burgundy wig with the curls back on!!! Lol

  • Lexy

    I love Rihanna!! She is so awsome

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    that red wig/hat combo is a problem.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Ahhh,nice!!!! I love me some retail therapy too lol..Like most of us girly girls 🙂

  • #teambreezy

    She look like every other girl in the hood in these pix.surprised she aint dressed up.





  • kelly

    her coat is dope though. anyone know where i can find tht?

  • sheezdatruth

    I bet she’s bad in bed

  • Smiley

    Love rih style

  • get em paid!

    Gurl I am your BFF Come pick my broke azz up so we can shop on your dime!

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    She didn’t throw that thing away?! Oh well, I can now say my hair looks way better than Rihanna’s lol!

    • Bad Bytch

      U feel better now?.. Its good to see that a site thats designed to tear people down so that the insecure can feel better about themselves is actually working

    • Sukanya

      @bad bytch What? Can’t take a joke? Or the actual truth? Lmao gotta love the stans!

  • Entoon

    I guess she should start dressing and wearing HER HAIR the way others want it so they can feel better?

    how about she stop shopping and only wear what other ppl want her to wear – that are not even her stylist?

    tricks of haters!!! GTFOH for real!

  • Diva

    You have your facts wrong. She’s at Barney’s in L.A NOT NY. If you want to be a credible source – do some fact checking 🙂

  • Mia Patron

    LMAOOO right! leave rihanna and her red hair alone. I like it. she dont have to be glammed up all the time she is human

  • Kera

    #1 She is in LA
    #2 She is GORGEOUS
    #3 Do you have anything else to say about Rihanna that isn’t negative? Damn!!

  • LB

    Isn’t the name of the store Barneys of New York???

  • BishPlease

    Her wig aint no more ragedy then this website…and the ppl that run it. smdh. anywho she looks cute but those boots look madd uncomfortable.

  • Slims

    I wonder if going back home for christmas

  • daisy jay

    The hair is connected to the hat.

    Rita from Friday came out with her own hat/hair duo collection.

  • beystan

    she looks adorable

  • Charlene

    It looks better than the unrealistic Princess Jasmine wigs that Kim Kardashian wears a lot.

  • RiHRiHReDWiG

    Probably shopping for CocoNuts for her Masters Beyonce & jay Z…LoL

  • kay

    she looks great, luv her coat

  • shitgotdamn

    Why in the hell that Red F…n wig got to be with her azz all the time damn let me stop typin cuz my azz startin to feel sum dam Disturbia an shyt LMAFO!!!!!

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