Hot 97 Wants No Part Of Cipha Sounds And These Angry NYC Haitians

- By Bossip Staff

DJ Cipha Sounds just found out that he’s not big enough to get away with offending a whole nationality of people with no penalty. And now his big mouth and wack azz joke have cost him his cushy gig at Hot 97 in New York… at least temporarily.

Hot 97 radio bosses indefinitely suspended DJ Cipha Sounds Tuesday as dozens of Haitian community leaders stepped up their calls for his resignation.

Activists and elected officials gathered outside the radio station on Hudson St. to voice their anger at the DJ’s on-air claim he is HIV-negative because he does not “mess with Haitian girls.”

Cipha Sounds later apologized to listeners, calling it a “tasteless joke,” and the station said he will begin sensitivity training focused on the Haitian community.

“Cipha made an immediate public apology and recognizes his insensitivity and the negative impact his comments have on all Haitians,” said Alex Cameron, SVP/Market Manager of Emmis-New York.

Haitian-Americans said an apology was not enough.

He “said it was a joke. That was not a joke, that was a serious insult,” said Haitian-born City Councilman Mathieu Eugene.

Don’t get gassed indeed, Cipha. Oh, and you might want to stay out of Brooklyn… and Queens. And Miami. And Boston.


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    WTF? Why don’t Haitians put all this energy into fixing Haiti and not worrying so much about what a DJ in NY said. GET A LIFE. This is pathetic.

    • Hispanoila Brotherhood

      I don’t mess with black American girls because they’re all ghetto and lazy and can’t speak proper English. Well, you can’t mad at me. Fix the problem. I’m just one guy too. (To other readers, I don’t actually think this way)

    • NEW YORK


    • ME

      @ Azteca Queen
      Mexico lost the war to the US, So they sadly also lost their land that’s just the way it is….this happened all throughout history nations were conquered their land taken…let’s move on!!

      And for the record everyone’s story deserves a verse we don’t need a prize for which ethnic group has suffered the most what we need to do is band together and help each other because one group is not just going to disappear while the other lives on we all have to live here together differences and all!

      Everyone needs to learn about each other’s culture that would make the world a better place we’ve all suffered at the hands of those in power!

    • Kyra

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      Merry Christmas! 😀 😀
      Then she will have to become Sellabit…… Give some away and sell a bit!


    ALSO ITS NOT ANGRY NYC HAITIANS. You got people out in florida who’ve never even been to NY and have no idea who Cipha sounds is that are leading this charge

  • alcie

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  • xedo

    Sensitivity training really how does that work? A few Hour of talking won’t change shit

  • nana

    People are toooo sensitive these days! I will choose cipha over charlamagne anyday! He says wayyyyy more offensive stuff sometimes! BRING BACK CIPHA hot97!

    • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

      F*ck you b!t.c.h!! How would you feel if someone says I don’t mess with primitive azz Kuntes from Ghana, that eat fufu and wears kente – and you know burnt azz starving Africans have the highest AIDS, CHOLERA, MALARIA etc. etc. in the world…

      At least Haitians never had cholera till the UN brought it to their Country – burnt azz Africans live and dine in POLIO, CHOLERA, AIDS and MALARIA..

      Take that b!t.c.h!!!

    • cece

      this is not to you nana
      I half ghanian and m offended.Ok so you must be a hatian.Now from experience hatans are the first to judge people especially black ppl without knowng them. They want sympthy because of a earthquake. No!! Theres earthquakes everyday get over it. Go do something and FYI ghanans are’nt the only ones in Africa.

  • Getem

    This only shows his ignorance. Any woman he messes with can have HIV dumb azz. I’m not even Haitian, but this pissed me off. He’s an idiot and I hope he never finds another job.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Yes,I agree & he’s not much to look @ his damn self..The nerve!

    • Charlie Brizown all chica como loco esa

      Thank you two for positive comments that make sense. When I read the rest they make me sad and SMH.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Well,@ least Cipha can now say that he finally got noticed after all these yrs in the game despite it being for something negative & of poor taste..SMDH!!

  • wow

    It’s sad to see how easy it seems to dismiss such a disrespectful comment just because it was made towards Haitians. I agree that my people has problems to fix and one of them is “keeping quiet” and accepting everything other people do or say to us as if we deserve it. We deserve as much respect as any other country and if it takes firing a shrek-looking idiot to get the message through, so be it!!! We’ve been through too much already.

  • drenk

    great more censorship on the way…smh nobody can take a joke

    • Getem

      I’m guessing it would have been a joke if he said that he doesn’t have HIV because he doesn’t mess with black men considering that they’re all on the down low. It’s not true, but what if that were said instead?

    • Nation

      @Getem then that would make him gay you stupid bitter fat chic.

    • Getem

      I guess weighing 146 pounds and being 5’4 is fat, but whatever, and you sound more like the bitter one. Just shows how stupid people are when they have to go in on physical attributes and call someone ugly, fat or bitter instead of speaking on the actual subject at hand.

    • Getem

      And I don’t see a ounce of fat in my gravatar.

    • Here's Johnny

      5’4” 146 lbs. is definitely fat. At that height the most you should way is 125, if all muscle 130. Just lose the 20lbs already.

    • sweetp1984

      There’s no need. I look good at the weight that I am, and I’m not fat like I said. Say what you want after this. You’re on mute. LOL You bitter, broke, black male. Don’t get mad at me because the cops are always on that azz.

  • if anybody be noble

    Lesson #1 in all this: People. The next time you’re on the radio, please remember— a whole bunch of people can hear you. — this man’s probably talking about “But my mom said… what’s said on the radio stays in the radio.” Smh

  • ocapkid aka zoe boi

    to all the black Americans who think its funny, just image if it was a white man who had made the same comment about your black daughter and I mean come on people it’s 2010… Its not the 70s 80s or early 90s anymore… .its sad to see a man so ignorant could be working for a major radio station… umma just leave it up to the streets!!!

    • Hispanoila Brotherhood

      I’m glad you’re calling out the hypocrisy. And that attitude is why Haitians and black Americans were fighting all these years in Miami and Brooklyn.

    • Nihala

      I have to agree with you both, and I’m not Haitian. It’s amazing how certain people can call people who are offended by things they should be offended by “sensitive” and yet they know they’d get offended by the simplest “yo momma joke.” His comment was just tacky.

  • ocapkid aka zoe boi

    @ I RUN NEW YORK the only think you’re runnin is keyboard playa… stop all this computer thuggin!!! start fixin your ishh

  • WTF


  • Haitian Princess

    I am happy with the outcome, his suspension was well deserved. No matter what the nationality mentioned, it was a horribly rude comment, and an apology simply was not enough, Joking or not.


    Why would he say such a horrible thing like that? That was so tasteless. That’s not a joke.

  • BiscuitMD

    I wonder if there would have been any uproar if he had said African girls… or even chicks from DC… DC has an HIV rate comparable to any of the HIV-laden Caribbean and African countries…

    • raw

      You are an ignorant fool! Africa is a continent honey!! Not all African countries have high HIV burdens, infacr it is mostly the southern African counties such as Botswana, SA, etc that have high rates of HIV Aids! North and West African countries have very low rates… so I suggest you look closer to home in your urban ghettos where black women such as yourself are getting infected faster than any other segmant of Americans! Africans my foot…

  • drenk


    WRONG! It would still be a joke NO MATTER who was the butt of it. jokes are supposed to be inappropriate thats what makes them jokes.

    getting people fired for one dumb joke is creating a slippery slope to absolute censorship that we won’t be able to go back on. First its what we say soon it’ll be what we think…

    • c'mon now

      thank you, well said.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Ya solo faltan hrs para La noche buena catracho 🙂

      Ya esta listo el pernil,pavo o pollo? jajaja..Cuidate

    • Charlie Brizown all chica como loco esa

      Okay now apply that to Don Imus and DR Laura. Sarah Palin would give this two thumbs up. If someone went on and made jokes about black hair or compared our skin to fecal matter you wouldn’t be saying the same thing because then it would hit home just like it hit them home with them. Aids is not a joke just like Cancer isn’t.

  • Educated Goon

    I love me a Puerto Rican chick…. That’s all I gotta say.

    • Boomboomroom

      We know we know your gorilla skillet colored azz loves any woman that isn’t dark. WE KNOW!! But then you turn around and condemn those same women for dating out!! Nucca kill yourself.


      i love you too papi!!!

  • A Mess

    I’m sorry but I have never heard that haitians were responsible for the Aids virus. Gay white men have been dying of Aids long before it hit the black community. Society seems to cover that fact up.

    • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • Glok...So fresh ta death, ..Like i jumped in my outfit and died !!!


  • wow

    It was ignorant rejects like Cypha who blamed hiv on Haitians. His comment proves ignorance is here to stay… So so sad.

  • SMH

    this dude is a total moron and idiot…same w/ rosenberg.

  • One Dumb Joke???

    Can you believe this uneducated spanish neggya goon? One dumb joke you say? Haitians almost brought the Brooklyn Bridge down & shut down the MTA system to have the US Govt to repeal their erroneous data about Haitians & AIDS. You can push the envelope, but when you cross the line, offended groups have every right to call a jerk on his foolishness. So what happens is, you let this fool get away with this mess, next every other DJ, is repeating that mess. So those who don’t read think it’s the truth & it becomes fact in their mind. What if some DJ had said the same or worse about Puerto Rican chicks??

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)

    ZAK PAZZE!!!

    F*ck homo azz Ciphasounds aka D8ck in the booty cracka azz Puerto Rican… Just stay out of Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens and Miami… Haitians are coming for your head, son… And I see you son, I’m taking your caucasoid head from your shoulder…

    No one wants problems with Haitians – even Jamaicans & Dominicans don’t want it them…

  • You Smell Me??

    AIDS was created as a form of population control for my beautiful brown skinned people. Why do you think AIDS resided mostly in Africa? It seemingly only became an issue when people in America started to come down with it…

    Think about it. Why dont most “cures” make MAJOR headlines?

    Why are most “cures” an exception to the rule?

    Governments can develop an ear in a petri-dish, yet can’t cure AIDS after billions and billions of dollars in research?

    WikiLeaks where are you?

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