Parents Sue Rutgers University Over Son’s Sex Scandal Suicide

- By Bossip Staff

People will try to sue over any type of bullsh*t nowadays…

The parents of a Rutgers University student who killed himself after authorities said his roommate used a webcam to spy on his tryst with a man intend to sue the university.

The attorney for Tyler Clementi’s parents filed notice on Friday.

Attorney Stephen DeFeo says it appears Rutgers failed to implement or enforce policies that would have prevented or deterred such acts.

Rutgers spokesman E.J. Miranda told The Home News Tribune of East Brunswick the university sympathizes with the family. But Miranda says Rutgers is not responsible for the freshman’s death.

Clementi’s roommate, Dharun Ravi, and fellow freshman Molly Wei are charged with invasion of privacy and have withdrawn from Rutgers.

Clementi jumped to his death off the George Washington Bridge in September.

Is it sad that their son is dead? Yes. Is it totally out of pocket that these kids secretly taped him? HELL yeah! But is it the University’s fault? Are they to be held liable for the nosy-a** students that want to film gay sex? We think not…

What say you Bossip nation? Is Rutgers partly responsible for Clementi’s death?


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  • Lexy



    HOPE THEY WIN. Shame on Rutgers. They didn’t even expel the students responsible for this sick ish, they left on their own. SHAME ON RUTGERS

  • nymphis

    if anything the mother should sue the father for raising a weak a$$ kid.on all levels.

    • Andrea


  • Whoa

    its sad but he shouldnt have jumped he should of started his own gay website cuz he already had free pubicity.

    if i was his parent id sue whoever i could!

  • NoirNoir

    The reason they’re suing is because their son went to the school several times and nothing was done.In reality Rutgers has some blame in this since they did nothing to protect their student.I’m not one for sue crazy people but I think this is justifiable.

    • Jay

      I totally agree!!!!

  • oklahoma girl

    I don’t think anybody should be sued. The young man took his life on his own free will. The nosey kids didn’t force him to commit suicide. We all deal with stressful situations but he chose to take his life so that shouldn’t be any ones fault but his.

  • Lacville-79

    I agree with Oklahoma girl 1000% it is always sad when someone “takes their OWN life” accountability is missing in the lives of his generation. It is nor the school’s anybody else’s fault for suicide. Unless sombody puts a gun to your head to do something accountability is within the subject, victim or victor. We all go through things light and/or heavy but man what if we all took our own life for the tremendous pressures that we have to endure as human beings. No scapegoat necessary for suicide. Man or Woman up, it’s part of life not death.

  • Mr K

    I don’t think the University is responsible at all. But at the same time, these people are grieving and you don’t know what to do in that situation. Yes he was 18 (legally an adult) but he was still their child and when you send your child off to college, you expect the school to protect them.

  • get em paid!


    • Andrea

      WOW! Will you turn the caps off? But you had a point, if it’s frowned upon to have relations in a dorm, this boy obviously broke that rule. How can the parents try to hold someone else accountable for doing another student doing something unethical. I sympathize, but suing won’t work unless it’s true that the student complained about his roommates before.

  • Jay

    That student repeatedly went to school officials for help with his roommate. This is NOT the first time that his roommate acted in this manner. School officials dismissed his complaints. His parents should definitely sue the school. Please read the entire sorry before handing down a judgment

  • Niasia

    I think this suit is valid. They tried to tell the school before that he was having issues with thte roomie and they ignored it. I know they will not ignore this. May this young man’s life and struggle not be in vain. Parents please teach your children to be tolerant of people and things that may not be like them. Different does not equal bad and deserving of ridicule. They should be suing the parent of the A holes.

  • Lil'Bitt

    I agree with Oklahoma girl . Sucha sad story but suicide is not the way out but I still feel sorry for him. May he rest in peace

  • what_am_iDoing

    Like a few previous posters said, they really shouldn’t be suing the school, especially 4 y they’re trying 2 sue. 1.) This student probably would have taken his life sooner or later (not justifying it). But one incident will most likely won’t make some 1 kill themselves. Their mustve been a bunch of problems with him boiled up that the parents should had sought help prior to sending him anywhere. 2) if their suing any1 it should be the students who filmed him. They just see the bigger jackpot being the school..

  • what_am_iDoing

    *theyre suing**

  • 100% up front

    Finish all gays shyts getting out of hand yuck

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