In White Folks News: Lilo Just Can’t Stay Off The Sauce, Plays The Victim Role After Betty Ford Brouhaha

- By Bossip Staff

SMH, Lindsay is still pouting and stomping her feet about her rehab situation.

According to TMZ reports:

Lindsay Lohan claims the Betty Ford staffer who now claims she’s the victim of battery was so abusive she made Lindsay cry.

Lindsay is squarely disputing the story chemical dependency technician Dawn Holland told TMZ … that Lindsay attacked her and caused her to sprain her arm so severely she’s on workers’ comp. Lindsay says, for starters, she wasn’t even with her two roommates hours before the incident. Lindsay says she was out getting her hair done.

Lindsay is telling her friends and family, when she returned to the house, Holland grabbed her abruptly and pushed her so hard, Lindsay began to cry.
Lindsay says that’s when she went inside the house and called 911.

As for refusing to take a breathalyzer, Lindsay says she actually asked Holland to give her a test but Holland refused.

Lindsay claims there were not only witnesses that saw everything … there are surveillance cameras to prove her story.

Aww da wiwwle bebe had got hurted by da mean rehab staff. Come here let mama pour some Patron where it hurts…*insert side-eye here*

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  • get em paid!

    Omg she looks 55! What’s going on!

  • Walk Like A Man

    If they can jail DMX jail her @ss RIGHT NOW!!!! Nuff said

  • I wasn't gone say nuttin, but

    They wanna give TI & Tiny a life sentence for x-pills but this used skank get’s away with highway robbery!!!

    • Superficial

      You aren’t serious r u?? TI got how much time for what?? EXACTLY!!!!! T.I. has a record, a long record and he’s still getting second chances if you ask me. AND please dont make this a black white thing…

  • Mrs. Rance

    I’m just going to keep praying for Lindsay. Mind altering drugs have a serious grip on her. That staffer is an idiot for speaking to TMZ. You really do get what you pay for. No person chaged with giving breathalizer tests people in Lindsay’s income bracket should be making $1700 a month.

  • Jamal

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  • DollBaby1o1

    She’s wearing makeup and still looks like that?

    lindsay stop it.

  • Allie

    She is looking so strung out in that picture.. man lets just pray for her and hope for the best

  • Chyna

    Very sad but true

  • Jimbo

    so sick of this ugly ssa hctib!!

  • tadpole

    to the worker who got fired; damn you just didn’t have a clue. TMZ and that camera light duped you into running your mouth now yo azz is on the unemployment line. its something about that camera light and its lure, that will hav people do and say the damnest things. and this goes double for black folk. i guess i’ll never understand. it must be genetics when all black folks knew was that cotton field all day sun up to sun down and back pick’n after 8hrs rest fried the brain. please somebody blackfolks help me understand why the majority of us are clueless.

  • Kyra

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    Merry Christmas! 😀 😀

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    I’m so over this hoe I tired of hearing about her. She’s a strung out drug addicted h0e.


    WOW…Seems to me like Hollywood is REALLY HOPING for a tragedy here?! We need to leave this young, confused, addicted very troubled young actress to get help and pull for her to recover like Robert Downey Jr.

    WHEN is enough gonna be enough…we as a people need to do better. There is so much negativity in this world today. It’s time for a positive change?!

  • African Princess

    Black definitely don’t crack…love dark skin, for obvious reasons.

    Hope the girl gets the help that she so clearly needs….

  • Rosario

    I highly doubt she did this. The media likes to make celebs look bad to discredit them in the future. So, when a celeb is killed, it looks like “It was gonna happen anyway.” Don’t believe everything you hear unless you are there.

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