Charles Grant Says He Has Nothing To Do With Whatever Is Going On With NeNe’s Ovaries

- By Bossip Staff

New Orleans Saints Miami Dolphins Omaha Nighthawks Chicago Bears player Charles Grant is denying the idea that he might be NeNe’s baby daddy… because he says he’s never even seen her nekkid.

Almost immediately after the rumors popped up yesterday, Grant called a local Atlanta radio station to shut down these NeNe rumors that just won’t go away.

It’s not true. I don’t know the young lady in that fashion. All I know is that she does a show that’s very popular. For the last year-and-a-half, two years, I’ve wondered why my name has been coming up with this young lady every time something happens, but if you really know me, you know it ain’t that type of party.

I don’t know nothing about the lady besides her name and seeing her out and about a couple of times. We don’t even know each other like that.

What we found really comical is the fact that Grant thinks he’s being used by NeNe and/or The Real Housewives of Atlanta for publicity.

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  • mzdiscreet32

    well personally i think she is pretty comfy with Peter.. hmmmm who took NeNe cookies from the cookie jar…who charles .. not him … than who??? lmbo

  • luVn_LiFe

    NeNe is Just messy like that.

  • Ebonypoopoo

    Maybe Maury can help her find her baby daddy.

    • IKnowRite

      Charles……..when it comes to 1 year old Buckwheat……..YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!!!!!!

    • ImaPC

      Im dieing @ 1 y/o buckwheat. But for real though, his repeated use of “The young lady” is equally comical.

      For real dude, the only thing young about Nene is that wig on top of her head.



  • CJ

    I agree w/ Grant,, it seems like his name IS being used for more publicity.

  • nana

    I really don’t think he slept wit Nene!

  • welllllllllllllllllll

    too bad she’s not pregnant. i hear the PRIMATE population is way down at a lot of zoos.

    • Sugar

      you should know!!!

    • welllllllllllllllllll

      don’t get uppity B!ITCH, just because BARNUM AND BAILEY took you a$$ on the road.

      you can be right back, hurling your $hit AT VISITORS to the zoo any damn day.

      and lose that screen name, because ain’t nothing sweet about your monkey a$$.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Damn shame!!! lol

  • bmore drama

    This is the ugliest guy Ive seen in a looooong time. Stop posting pics of him. DAM

  • That Bitch

    LOL! These posts are so MEAN!! I love it.

  • daisy jay

    Never heard of him, but I’m sure it’s not true.

    I mean….who….WOULD touch her…….besids Geritol Greg…whatever his name is…O.o

  • BigEGO

    @well go to stormfront


    This dude is soo fugly. I never knew I could find someone better looking than T-Pain.

  • juliemango

    This guy is not one of the best lookim football players ive seen reggie help him!!!

  • la vie n'est pas compliquee, nous sommes.

    Lmao!!! I actually believe the poor guy!! Look @ how Natalie Nunn started rumors that her & Chris were dating & ish never even happened….smh @ all these reality stars…

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