For The Stans: The Knowles-Carters Head Back To The States For The Holidays

- By Bossip Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Illuminati Hov have ended their month-long Aussie vacation.

Bey and hubby hoped on a private plane from Perth to Sydney International Airport, where they swapped it for a commercial flight back to the States, almost like normal people.

We bet the paparazzi are lined up at LAX like boys in the hood line up for Jordans last night.


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  • PoshSK

    My fav 2 people Old Hov &Bey..MuaH MuaH


    They should have stayed there. Noone care about boo-boo breath and camel with the big jank.

  • RMEs

    commercial flight? no way! i dont believe that for one minute!

  • nana

    Stuntin on them hoes….

  • http://bossip randi

    Beyonce get on my nerves. She get on a plane fake skinny and get off of it fat. It has to be unhealthy the way her weight goes up and down daily got damn! She is looking all stank and chitty in the picture, hair nappy. I’m not use to Jigga and country as& women. He will cheat on her if she don’t get her look together! He has too much money to roll around with a fat as& making him look bad !


      @ randi I would pay a $10,000 to see what u look like, and not a picture you scanned off the net. Bey is beautiful, rich and tallented, what’chu got?!?!

    • MaryJane

      I’m not even a stan but damn this is just pure hatin on this woman. Yes I can say that I could give 2 pieces of dog sht if they’re here or not but, anything beyond that is just hate

  • get em paid!

    Rflol Bey n Jayz lol on the way to home to rest a bit more and prepare for their mult-million dollar they will earn for doing about 3 hours work. Sing to em Bey..” keep talking that mess thats right but can you walk and talk at the same time 2 the left 2 the left thats right”

  • luel14

    I see Bey getting off a plane got a few gorillas press.

  • Chester

    That’s GREAT for them and my beef is NOT with them. I came here to POST a comment to Ms. Killerlashes from the other post. You remember when you told me you have a master degree and three daycares, and you told me I should get some. Well, I rather stick to my degree and my wonderful job that I already have, because my friend work at a company where she finds other people jobs. She came down to my business to tell my boss and I what business are doing good and the ones not doing so good. She told us DAYCARES weren’t making any money like they use to. So, you need to open up another business or take your BROKE AZZ back to college and get a degree where you can make some money. I had posted this comment on the other post, but I knew the STANS were going to be here. 😀

  • cornball

    i swear to god she’s shaped funny.

  • VirgoJewel

    @daisy jay

    Its makes sense- since he refers to himself as Jayhova and god.

    And I agree he turned them all out. Someone pointed out to me how Beyonce no longer thanks God in her acceptance speeches. Crazy. How you let a man separate you from your Creator? I guess Jay believes he’s her creator now.

  • rene

    If Jay Z is atheist , Beyonce’ will lead a life of Hell. I know because my sister was raised in the church, she married a man who is rich and very nice ; He is an atheist. Yes she has all the material things she needs or wants,she is still not happy.

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