Rih Rih’s Ratted Red Wig And Cheap Pink Cap Are In Barbados

- By Bossip Staff

Poor thang! Why didn’t anyone let poor Uncle Rupert know him nah fi look pon da photographers like so?

Rihanna‘s people picked her up from Grantley Addams International Airport in Barbados last night, looking as raggedy as raggedy can be with the ratted red wig and old lady pink hat.

We just have two questions: 1) where is Matty Poo? and 2) is it just us, or is Rih Rih looking thicker by the sighting?


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  • Walter

    That hat is not cheap. The hat and the green bag she is wearing is designed by Louis Stewart. I think he use to work for Louis Vuitton.

    If you google him you will see that he is some what of a big deal.

    • Walter

      To add insult to injury his clientele list includes: Rihanna, Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Lisa Ray, Soulja Boy, Drake, Carmelo Anthony, Justin Beiber, Justin Timberlake, T.I Ludacris and countless others.

      He basically has the HipHop community on lock.

  • nicki

    tht hat is from her louis stewart collection….and she looks dan good..

  • http://bossip robi

    I thought I was the only one who thought that shish was knock off and cheap looking. All the celebs walk around in that ghetto looking cheap bs. The only one I did like is the Pink one and she wear it every day so it’s been played out. She is the only celeb I know that wear shish to def !

    • Well Well

      She paid for it and she can wear her belongings as much as she so desires. I’m pretty sure you do. I’m just sayin!!!!

  • http://bossip sha

    That cap is not LV it’s Christian luition/stwert, or lewis stewert something like that ! I will give him props because I think he is black, but he does need to upgrade the look to better looking quality and I hate the colors too. They look like hotel carpet. Those dollar an hour hotels ! !

  • http://bossip sha

    oh mybadd someone pointed it out already. I was close Louis Stewart.

  • http://bossip sha

    and have the nerve to charge an arm & leg..please !

  • Kyra

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    She is a dime keep it in your private collection.

  • M3@9@N

    That was the worst piece of shyt accent I eva heard. That def wasn’t a Jamaican accent and she’s not even Jamaican so that was pretty much stupid.

  • http://mcclure.danielle@yahoo.com Chester

    She looks good to me. πŸ˜€

  • Mockielyn

    she looks good and simple..and yes a bit thicker but still gud..

  • mel

    Looking good Mz. Fenty!

  • And Where is The Batman?

    She’s really thick in one pix. Drake’s baby, anyone?

  • PLUNTa

    i’m not a rihanna fan but why yall wanna make fun of the way we caribbean people speak…yall know yall be dieing 4 this accent an dont say we dont speak english we speak alot of slang…i’m from st.lucia by the way

  • bdimps

    louis stewart is not cheap his collections are custom made leather and suede baggages with hats to match. she is not the only celeb that has his collections. plus he is an african american designer. at least she is showing support.

  • Mabel

    Have fun in Barbados girl, soak up that island sun, eat some fresh food, get some purification from the ocean. Nothing like the islands.

  • Peaches n' Creme

    PLease do us all Americans a favor for the holiday, and stay da fuk in your country… for good. We will not miss you

  • SugaBaje

    OMG!!!! Thank you. I have no idea why all these folks equate all Caribbean people with the Jamaican accent. No shade to my Jamaican brethren, but theirs is not the only accent of the Caribbean. I suppose the Jamaican accent is the most popular though, hence why it is attributed to all Caribbean folk.

  • noflyzone

    Please tell me how a $400 hat is cheap,you bytches must bathe in hate #STAYMADHOES!!

  • Terri

    She looks good. Been eating that good south Louisiana food and looking a little thicker in all the right places.

  • gt gal

    Who ever wrote this nonesense is not Caribbean. Cause west indian people love rihanna. It’s a racist white staff member. Atlest rihanna is embracing her Caribbean roots. I love her. You look beautiful girl. Continue success. Forget da broke hatas.

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