Is This Really What It’s Come To For Boyz II Men???

- By Bossip Staff

Why was Boyz II Men Minus One singing the National Anthem at the Las Vegas Bowl last night???

By no means are we knocking the hustle. But the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl? Really? How many of you even knew that was on or who played?

How many multi-platinum, Grammy Awards Winners are that strapped for cash? Aren’t they still collecting graduation and funeral ceremony royalties for “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”??

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  • Hannibal


    • Where are the believers?

      LOL. You a fool Hannibal. You crack me up! Shout out to Hi-Five though. Waco in the house!

  • kmr1

    I don’t know about them being “strapped for cash” per se, but that place did sale out. That’s a good thing!

    • DeQuan

      Check your spelling before you post. “Sale” out? Did you mean “Sell” out?

  • jazz

    People don’t want to hear good music no more…i miss back n the day R&b

  • Tony

    It’s nothing wrong with this. Big ups to these brothers.

  • ItIsWatItIS

    jaz hunny u r so rite ppl wanna hear that shoot em up bang bang shit

  • welllllllllllllllllll

    After age 24, or 25 the very damn thing the name implies, “boys to men” is obnoxious.

    They are a bunch of grown a$$ men in their 30s.

    Move the eff on. And they are not all that great anymore.

    They took a great song by Bonny Raitt and turned it into an overbaked doo wop, sidewalk singing at night under the streetlignt, mess.

    Going “oooooo, ohhhh, hmmmmmm” doesn’t make $hit “soulful” any more — that kind of effing singing has become the damn cliched version of “american pop” that allows a white boy from Birmingham Alabama to have a posse that calls itself a “soul patrol”.

    It is so damn PREDICTABLE, AND UNIMAGINATIVE that I am glad to listen to anybody who refuses to indulge in that crap anymore.

    • chaperel

      funk off

    • Cougar_Lover

      U MAD!!!

  • Just Sayin

    I totally agree with you!

    If they were doing something foul then yal would be givin them mad props!


  • IKnowRite


  • Mabel

    When you love what you do, you will do it anywhere. At least they are humble men, a quality that is so lacking in so many of the current crop of performers.


    has anyone seen the version now might sound kinda cool

  • Jahi

    They use to be kinda cute back in the day, but I don’t know about now. They can still sing, though, but they did fall just a little bit in their fame. They may have a chance to come back one day. Who knows?

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    In the modern era, Boys II men are 2nd only to Jodeci talent wise. They made alot of money in the 90’s and that Michael dude stopped performing due to back injuries.

    Leave the United States and they are still huge like Lionel Richie. Whenever I have to travel outside the country for work you always see Boys, Take 6, En Vogue and All4One touring.

    • shehiplocki23

      ..alright and you tell them! I get tired of people knocking some real positive behaviors because it too soft.


    “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”??

    They wouldn’t get royalty money for this song anyway because they didn’t write it. It was a remake from the Cooley High soundtrack.

    It is tragic to see them playing gigs like this now. Back in the 90’s they were selling out arenas. SMH.

  • angie

    Maybe they sang for sentimental reasons.It could be one of their Alma Maters. It really doesn’t matter. It seems as though they enjoyed themselves and I’m sure the audience enjoyed them as well.


    Whats’ wrong with them being in Las Vegas performing? I’m sure their trip was free as well as the hotel…damn get over it!

  • Chaka1

    America is the only place where black people hate their own music.

  • Chaka1

    And disrespect the music they created.

  • Whateva (the real, accept no substitutes)

    Yeah that is a big no no for Boyz II Men. They could be doing much more prestigious and lucrative things like running a website…whateva

  • Yeah it's me

    Actually Boyz II Men are playing a short term engagement on the Las Vegas Strip making very good money and selling out. They are doing so well that it may spin to a long term gig. Playing the Strip in this capacity is some Celine Dion and Elton John type ish. Y’all not on that level yet.

  • MEL

    It was actualy a smart move. They are playing Vegas now. many people probably went to see them after the game.

  • jim

    They are headlining all month at Flamingo till Jan, only makes sense to let the people of Vegas know your there. Actually these brothas are smart, they are always doing something//keep it movin//ya’ll are still doing it while others only complain they are not!

  • ew bossip

    The quarterback for Boise was a heisman trophy candidate this year! Get it together!


    Unlike most others, I honestly think Hannibal is Black; just stupid & out for a reaction @ any cost most of the time. That’s all. Nothing to take seriously.

  • gwendella

    Is there a such thing as research had it been done it would be known they are at the Flamingo. They also appreared on The Sing off which gave them promotion too. They are talented everybody has their time in the spotlight before something new comes along that’s all.

  • No time

    Wow funerals and graduations that’s funny and oh so true lol

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