Some Of Ya’ll Dumb A**es Need To Learn That One Shouldn’t Send Threats On FACEBOOK!!

- By Bossip Staff

Alright, we’ve all had moments of anger where we may feel the need to write a nasty letter, email, text message, or any number of communication mediums, but PLEASE do not use Facebook and other PUBLIC forums to tell your baby mama how bad you wanna kill her.

Raheem Harris, 20, of the Bronx, is accused of sending the threatening message and of sneaking up behind her at about 5 p.m. Wednesday as she walked along Morris Avenue at East 171 Street.

Sources said Harris punched her in the back of the head and grabbed the child.

Morris then ran with child in his arms into Claremont Park, where he abandoned the baby in a remote area of the park in the freezing cold, sources said.

A passerby heard the child crying, followed the sound, and discovered the little girl in the woods, sources said.

Meanwhile, the baby’s mother called police and identified her ex-boyfriend — who is not the father of the child — as the kidnapper.

Wait, now what happened? You threaten her, hit her upside the head, take the baby, then LEAVE the baby outside!?!? WTF is your problem sir? SMH


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  • Hannibal



      He’s bacccccccck…and dumb as ever.

    • daisy jay

      Hannibal, come on. I really want to believe you just say these things for attention. I want to believe that you don’t really think these things in your mind and genuinely mean them. You might not answer this question, but I just wanna know. Are you serious about everything you say? Or is it just for your entertainment? You stand by every word?

    • AvA

      Now he going to prison what a dumb azz. They should leave his azz lost in Iraq.

    • Kyra

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      Merry Christmas! 😀 😀
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    • Sofia


  • ni

    Hannibal stfu. Ya daddy should have left your dumb @** in the cold like that. Done us all a favor.

  • the mrs

    Lol @ everyone!
    This is pitiful… people (men & women) be careful who you lay with… this dude right here! Wow!

  • daisy jay

    Abandoning your child in the freezing cold alone? What kind of discipline is that!? It’s abuse!

    You need to be sterilized immediately. If you have kids, somebody needs to call CPS on you. You’re sick.

  • Taylor

    @ daisy jay I got rid of my Facebook account for the same reason. There are a lot of crazy mfs out there.

    • daisy jay

      The mentally deranged bow down to the creators of these social networking sites. It’s so easy to lie and pretend to be another person. Countless people that are very vulnerable. They take these sites to their advantage. What comes out of all this? Scared and paranoid families, loss of lives, loss of peace of mind and security.

      Anybody who makes threats over the internet has to have the IQ of a shoe string or something. That’s just locking yourself up and throwing the key. Then again I’m…in a strange way, glad he was a dumb@ss about it because he made it easy for him to be caught. The thing that NEEDED to happen to him all along.

  • Tinkabell

    @daisy jay, the 70s werent any better. And plz leave that man/boy han-watever alone. Wat your gonna counsle him ova the net on a gossip thread? Leave the weirdo alone and plz just comment on the story.

    • daisy jay

      The 70s weren’t any better? Every decade has their problems, but you can sit there and tell me that the way things are today isn’t worse than they were before. It’s a simple FACT whether you want to be in denial about it or not.

      I rarely ever talk to Hannibal. I’m not a d@mn therapist and I’m not gonna play one. I just wanted to ask a simple question. Oh and the FIRST thing I did was comment on the story, so there. smh

    • daisy jay


  • Ck1

    Well next year, 2011 if willing NO social networks for me. AND no gossip sites for me for the rest of my life. It was fun while it lasted. Going to get back my life. Thankyou!

  • daisy jay

    Thorough background checks are always the way to go. Any site you can use to find out about them. Facebook is the BEST place since people randomly volunteer every ounce of info about them on there.

    Putting pictures of your children…well…I mean maybe one or two I guess. If I were a parent, I’d feel very uncomfortable doing that. Unfortunately, the only way your cousin will wake up is when something unfortunate happens to her. I hope she realizes what she’s doing is wrong before things get to that point.

    He STALKS her? Sounds like she should get her account deleted IMMEDIATELY. He will definitely be on there 24/7 just waiting for her to say something to make him angry. It’s a shame that FACEBOOK is the root of so much drama these days.

  • awesome-0

    some of y’all dumb a**es need to learn how to spell y’all

  • Xclusive

    IgNore HaNNiBal He was DroPPed on His HeaD as a BaBy….

  • Rob Wilson

    @Daisy Jay what do you know about kids. If I want to leave my kids in the woods in the cold to teach them a lesson, then imma do it…GTFOH

    • daisy jay

      I know a lot about kids. Even if I didn’t, it’s common sense to know that leaving your child “in the woods in the cold” is abuse. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that. Go ahead and do what you want. I’ll make sure to send you a letter while you’re in prison.

  • juliemango

    Hannibal the woman may deserve what she got but what do u say about the ill-treatment toward her child?

  • broken_halo

    I hope this cow doesn’t go back to that fool. No telling what he might have been doing to that little girl behind her mother’s back, especially since he’s not the biological father.

  • MissPerfect.a.k.a allergic to coonery

    when keeping it real goes wrong ..

  • daisy jay

    Hahahaha I know the feeling. When something’s on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t remember. I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYBODY SAYS, GOOD TIMES IS THE BEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION! I have that show on season record! Thank the Lord for Comcast DVR and TvONE lol.

    Most of the time I let the losers be, but sometimes I just have to say something. I know I usually say it’s dumb to stoop to their level, but I slip up sometimes and have to tell them off. What you witnessed on this thread is an example. I’m still working on it though. People have the hugest balls on the internet, I swear

  • Charlie Brizown all chica como loco esa

    Rob Wilson, your children would do as taught. Putting them in the cold or woods is just going to make them grow up to be even worse and rebellious. What goes around comes back around. Kids can be like Elephants and never forget. Put them in the woods and 10 years later they will throw it back in your face and it will create a disturbance in the future. Just remember that.

  • neverwho

    he aint goin 2 jail 4 that long hell be home next week

  • Just!ne

    @All the ppl against social networking:

    I think u ppl forget (or may have never known) that there are security measures to go about if u don’t want anyone to find specific info about u. I use FB, have for a couple of years now. I don’t add any and everyone, and I have set my privacy settings to where a stranger can’t see personal info about me. I also have my name a certain way so that anybody who might be trying to look for me or my info won’t find it. There’s nothing wrong with social networking as long as u know how to setup your privacy settings and are careful of who u add and what info u choose to share with others. Everyone is not a psycho, so why limit yourself out of fear. Crazy ppl are EVERYWHERE, just the internet.

  • Just!ne

    *I meant NOT just the internet.

  • Unico

    Thank freakin’ god that the baby is alright!!

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