Renowned And Respected Doctor Is Seen Punching A 14-Year-Old At Ski Resort

- By Bossip Staff

It’s perfectly understandable that one would want to protect his or her children, but you can’t spazz out and beat up teenage girls when you’re a grown a$$ man

Three witnesses told deputies they observed a renowned malaria specialist punch a 14-year-old girl between two and four times last Friday while skiing at Colorado’s Beaver Creek resort.

Scott Filler, 41, was with his 4-year-old son when the teen girl, swerving to avoid another skier, accidentally bumped into the boy, causing a collision, a spokesman with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office said.

The ski instructor who pulled the Decatur man off the girl told deputies Filler punched her “at least four times, using a closed fist,” Lt. Mike McWilliam told the AJC. Two other witnesses said they observed Filler yell at the girl before landing two or three punches, the sheriff’s office spokesman said.

Filler, charged with misdemeanor child abuse, told deputies he thought the girl was skiing carelessly and had seriously injured his son. The boy was not hurt, however, and Filler apologized. The girl was treated for minor injuries at a local medical center.

Her father requested charges be filed against Filler, who was banned for life from Vail’s six ski resorts. District Attorney Mark Hurlbert told the Vail Daily a conviction could result in up to two years in county jail.

So the little boy was fine, and Dr. Filler still went to whooping this girl a$$? Whats wrong with you man!?!? Ok, so you’re upset about your son, but 4 times with a closed fist is way the fawk out of bounds. What an a$$hole…


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  • Hannibal


    • big c

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  • http://Bossip Caramel Peach

    Three words SUE SUE SUE! and SUE!

    • drenk

      you know that girl just earned her college tiution from those punches

  • phyre

    Some people just react when their kids r involved.

  • juliemango

    Malaria has the dr. acting crazy!!!

  • big c

    you are so right alot of doc’s have that I am god and ever one should kiss my as- this is a big problem in the healthcare industry that people don’t know about.

  • Leelee

    I would beat her a$$ too running into my kid…and say it was just reflex

    • Charlie Brizown all chica como loco esa

      Seriously? Accidents happen and she was just a child too. Smh people aren’t even understanding at all and don’t try to be. It could have been his fault too. You don’t know the full story. Talking about beating a child? Thats weak.

  • Timmy

    LMAO!!!! She got her a** BEAT!! That’s what you get for skiin’!! You ain’t gone never see my black a** out there!!

  • Chester

    That is what you call a PSYCHO.

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    He was dead wrong for punching her…..ppl do act different when it comes to your kids but you have to think rationally before you start acting out.

    And to anyone who brought race into this where do you see it anywhere implying this man was white….he could a man of any decent we don’t know it only says doctor. It’s ashamed some ppl will bring racial issue into any thread give it up its 2010 going into 2011 and yall are still stuck on the race bs. Smdh!!!

    • gianni

      Racism will always exist till the end of time, that’s just reality.

  • Chester

    @ Ms. Sweet Cherry, I know other races are crazy enough to do this exact thing, but I bet this was a white man.

  • theworldkeepsonturnin

    So this doctor doesnt check to see if his son is ok first? That should have been his first move, him being a doctor and all. He just hauls off and hits the girl. He had time to yell at her first. so he def had time to check on his sons well being. SMDH

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    @ Chester
    I know it probably was it just irritated me how race always has to play a role I’m everything I’m just tired of hearing oh it was a black man oh its a white man… just annoys me,like does it really matter what color he was what he did was wrong no matter what color his skin is.

  • Mabel

    Ppl on ski hills and golf greens are the absolute worst. I hope the men in her family beat his azz.

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    @ gianni
    I guess your right but its just so hard for me to accept it frustrates me so bad.

  • plunt2


  • Chester

    @ Ms. Sweet Cherry, well, I’m sorry to frustrate you. I just want to kick his azz. Is that better for you? I didn’t mention race that time. 😀

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    @ Chester
    Lmao yea that’s better thanks…….and happy holidays!!!

  • Chester

    @ Ms. Sweet Cherry, Happy Holidays to you, too! 😀

  • Tm30

    Wow, a grown @ss man fighting a little girl. The father was right to press charges plus he should sue. The least this coward could do is pay for her college education. This isn’t something she’s quickly to get over. The girl may need therapy. Then there should be some ramifications for fighting in front of his own son. He may need therapy as well. A 4 year old seeing daddy beat up a girl. SMH.

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