When The Checks Stop Coming In: Octomom Is About To Get Evicted

- By Bossip Staff

EFF a holiday, they about to kick Octomom and her tribe of children to the curb asap:

Via Radaronline:

The man who lent Nadya Suleman the money to buy her La Habre, CA house is finally going to begin eviction proceedings against the mom of 14, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Amer Haddadin tells RadarOnline.com that Suleman has owed him a $450,000 balloon payment on the loan since October 9. As RadarOnline.com has reported, he’s threatened to evict her more than once since then.

She has a new deadline of December 31 to pay up and because Haddadin has no indication from Suleman that she’ll have the money in time, he has his lawyer ready to pounce with both a lawsuit and eviction proceedings on January 3.

In a complicated series of financial transactions, Haddadin revealed to us that he actually holds a mortgage from an unnamed bank for the property.

He transferred title to Suleman in exchange for more than a million dollars, but she hasn’t paid him according to their contract. In August, Nadya transferred title on the property to her attorney Jeff Czech.

“She’s current on the monthly payments of $4,060,” Haddadin says. “The balloon payment is the problem.” Haddadin refused to reveal his own plans for paying the mortgage he owes on the property. “It’s my business if I let it go to the ground or if I pay back the bank.

“But Nadya needs to get out if she’s not able to pay. If she can’t pay, she has no business being in my house.”

SMH. This heffa needs to just needs to stop trying to be so damn Hollyweird, get a damn HUD home and call it a day..

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  • Sha

    She need mental help….and some sun. 😛



    • Kyra

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      Merry Christmas! 😀 😀
      How can I take a Dude who wears Gloves summer time serious???

  • nana

    We can’t keep punishing this woman! I don’t wish eviction on ma worst enemy, and this woman has 38 kids??? Damn

    • Terry

      Punish her?
      By asking her to pay her bills?

      Wait… what do people tell “absent” black men who have kids? Take of your kids, right? If this was a black man no one would feel bad. So why should we feel bad for this woman? No one forced her to spread her legs.

      If you can’t feed it, don’t breed it. Period.

      Sh*t, with those surgically enhanced lips and those 38DDs on her chest I’m sure she can come to an “arrangement” that would allow her to work off her rent. Just sayin’.

  • prissa

    Even though I do believe she did this (had those octuplets) on purpose seeking fame, I do kinda feel a little sorry for her. Where is she gonna go with 14 kids? Dumb broad. I feel 4 the kids tho. They ddnt ask 2 b here.

  • msbliss

    Ppl talk about dads so bad but women R jus as tacky & irresponsible! I kno I can’t tell some1 how many kids to produce but damn WHY was she trying 2 get pregnant in the first place when she already had a lot of kids & barely took care of them. Where R those older kids fathers? That’s if she even knows who they R. Dumb broad.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Again??? wow…Feel sorry for all those kids…I mean,hasn’t this woman generated some significant income from all the media attention she’s received or does she invest it on plastic surgery? SMDH

  • A damn shame

    I feel bad for kids but she brought this on herself. She already had 6 kids before she had the 8. Did she really think she would be able to take care all of them? SMH

  • Kyla

    When she got those big checks she should have paid for her home not make payments. Some of her children are special needs kids as well that require additional attention. She needs to give some up for adoption cause she can’t provide for them.

  • rene

    I wish that Land Lord would stop drooling over a balloon payment.That balloon payment should be outlawed.!

    • Black Media=GENOCIDE

      @renee.. I completely agree!! Regardless of her mental stay.. she still have 14 kids to take care of and that need to housed and feed.. It’s sad that some people have more than enough BUT yet want give a cent to help this family!! Rappers and actors spend money like water.. but won’t even help out real people in need!

  • A+ MOMS

    Was she living in that type of home before this happen. Talking about living within your means. She knew goodin well she could not afford this. They should take all of her kids from her ever last one of them. If I can recall she was living with her mom. Their were no plan before she gave birth. Or living arrangement. She made her bed and she should lye in it.

  • Machelle

    What in the world is this woman doing with all these children in the first place?

  • Ebonypoopoo

    Old Mother Hubbard lived in a shoe, she had so many children didn’t know what to do… Bet that shoe sounding like a good piece of realestate now. The 14 kids are innocent.

  • Jackie

    Having 14 kids does not give her a free ticket to get a free ride! If you can not support kids…don’t have them. Why should she get a free ride when everyone else have to work to get by! I can not stand lazy freeloaders!!!!!!!

  • DOLL11-ONE

    As long as the hoe doesnt have any more kids…ughhh

  • super steph!

    lol…she needs to sue the dr. that allowed her fertility treatments for malpractice…then shell be good.

  • daisy jay


    THANK YOU! I can see if somebody was unwillfully put in a certain position or something and they’re having a hard time supporting themselves. THEY deserve help. But when you purposely do stuff when you know it will screw you up? No mercy whatsoever. Nobody forced her to have those kids. She deserves no special treatment.

  • I love love an Asian Man

    If I were her, I would have taking the offer form Vidi Entertainment [in the beginning]. I would have contracted up a sweet deal as a business woman [and explained to my children and they grow older]!!!

    • I love love an Asian Man

      Hey … its beat being broke, staving, and homeless!!!

  • cotton124

    I have two myself. And one of us worked am. and one of us worked pm. This just sad altogether. One us held two jobs 5 to 6 months and one us held one job. Either way we made it.

  • aqueenwaits

    I don’t even know what to say about this except……..she needs a rich man with LOTS of patience.

  • get em paid!

    Gurl go apply for qualify for SSI and food stamps! Your children will qualify and you know the State mostly paid that crazy delivery bill!

  • Whaaaat??

    This happens to real people in America all day, every day, why do we care about her? Nobody bailing out Joe Smith when he and his family gets the notices. Everytime y’all post her evictions, someone comes to her rescue. EVERYTIME!!!!

  • Janae

    I call “publicity stunt/charity request” on this story. But, if it’s true, GOOD. I’m tired of hearing about “feeling sorry for her”. The money that she wants us to give to provide for her, could provide for 3, 4, or 5 families. I would MUCH RATHER do that. She did this on purpose. I don’t want to reward her. And, furthermore, if she were “black”/had darker skin, would she have gotten the reprieve she’s already had. (Not trying to be racist–but sympathy for people just because they are “fair” has gotten old in my book)

  • Dayummm

    Wow. Its hardenough to find a guy to step in if a woman has just 1 kid, but 14? Plus, who wants that stretched out uterus? You go balls deep in that piece, she might spit out another 8 on your a z z.

  • Dayummm

    Plus, what the heck is it with people having celebs as role models? Most of those folks lives are jacked up too, they just have a money cushion to fall back on. I can see aspiring to get where someone is ( i.e. ‘ Man,I want to get my stuff together so I can take trips whereever I want to go, like angelina jolie does.’ But to try to look like her? Shes not that hot. And she did’nt have 14 young’ns.

  • bobby

    LOL. That’s what she gets for treatin her punani like a damn clown car.

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