The Obamas Spend Christmas In Hawaii (Photos)

- By Bossip Staff

On Christmas afternoon, President Obama and Michelle Obama headed to Ander Hall at the Marine Corps Base to greet service men and women on the base. The Obamas have made the same visit the past two Christmases, so it was hardly a shock to see the first couple there.

According to pool reports, the first family’s vacation neighbors stood along the curb and waved as the motorcade drove by. The first couple wished diners a Merry Christmas; Michelle hugged nearly everyone she greeted; and talked to kids and adults alike.

According to pool reports, one little boy said to Obama, “Merry Christmas, Mr. President!” to which Obama replied, “No, she’s Mrs. President.” Obama asked a table of young kids if they got everything they wanted, to which a young girl replied that she got a new bracelet. President Obama then pointed to Michelle’s wrist to indicate she, too, got a new bracelet; the two girls then compared their gifts.

The Obamas later had their own Christmas dinner at their home, with a meal that included steak, roasted potatoes, green beans and pie, according to Politics Daily.


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  • Ariona Taylor

    That was sweet of them!

    • Kyra

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      Merry Christmas! 😀 😀
      dealt wit it so I guess u should…….well u knw the rest!

  • That B*tch

    Tired of seeing them…

    • http://bossip Pimp4ADay

      Get used to it ’cause they are going to be here till 2016.

    • That B*tch


  • nana

    Sh!t I got TIRED of seeing BUSH in Iraq and he never left but I dealt wit it so I guess u should…….well u knw the rest!


    Am I the only one who wonders what Michelle coochie smell like? She always got it all cooped up in them big poofy skirts. Hidin them big brown hips from us…smh stop hidin it Michelle! We wanna see them brown rounds in some daisy donks!

    • That B*tch


  • real


  • densure

    this is what i call a real president. God bless him and his family.

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