Domestics Disputes: Talib Kweli’s Wife Beats Him Down At Party For Flirting With Jawns

- By Bossip Staff

This sounds familiar:

Rapper Talib Kweli was thrown out of an after-party for his own record-listening event after he got into a fight with his wife, DJ Eque. Spies tell us Eque “flew into a rage and launched herself at Kweli” after she spotted him flirting with other women at the bash at West 14th Street bar Snap.

Brooklyn-based Kweli has collaborated with stars including Kanye West and Mos Def. Our source said, “Kweli made a joke thanking the sponsor, Hennessey, for paying for his wedding in 2009, saying otherwise he wouldn’t have got married. The party later carried on in a private room. When his wife saw him chatting and being friendly with other women, she flew off the handle. She went at him and they were almost wrestling before they fell back on a table, smashing some glasses. Security then asked them to leave, and they carried on the argument outside as they got into their car.” Kweli and Eque couldn’t be reached.

Perhaps Talib should think about becoming a single man in 2011…his a$s STAY getting in trouble with his wife!!

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  • Huny


    • Kyra

      Someone recommended me a nice community~ Bl ackwhiteC upid / Co m ~where b lack & w hite sin gles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with…you may check it out or tell your friends.

      Merry Christmas! 😀 😀

  • Ariona Taylor

    First, his teeth. Okay and then he’s kicked out of his own party. Ashanti wouldn’t have done Nelly like that. She’s used to it. Just playin’ LOVE YA NELLY!!

    • Nella

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahahahahahahahahahahahah! You IZ crazy (his teeth)! Lolololololololololololol! I didn’t know he had high gums like that either!

    • GS

      bwah ha ha ha ha….His teeth aren’t the problem its those big chocolate gums and his ghetto acting wifey.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!


    • jayluv


  • i know the truth

    Lou Rawls lives!

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    I don’t know folks….Although I would’ve tried to keep my dignity and decorum intact, these thirsty hoez make it hard.

    Disprespectful azz women!

    And he’s to blame too! In fact, I blame him even more! His wife should’ve molly-whopped his azz!

    Keep ya hoez in check!

    • riiight

      @truee1divva disrespectful females? nah uh, this sounds like a disrespectful man. it’s HIS union, and his job to make sure his wife feels respected, not these others hoes. if they’re all in his face it’s HIS job to check them, not hers.

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      @ riiight–

      You’ve got a point…a GOOD one at that. However, I fault BOTH the person who’s married and these thirsty hoez. There are women that specifically go after married men. And he’s (somewhat) famous to boot?

      Some women will step on the wfie’s throat to get to HER man.

      Like I said, he’s no better. He’s should’ve checked those bytches but you know how it goes…I guess it would’ve been too much like right to do that.

      With his ugly azz! He looks like an insidious illegitimate product of a sexual encounter between Shaq and Wesley Snipes!

  • Shauna

    i had no idea he was married to her. i have seen her on a few things

  • I wasn't gonna say anything,but...

    Obviously these hoes don’t have table manners,they should know standard jump-off procedure.Did they not read the Hoe Handbook Code of Conduct? Rule #23-know to keep quiet when wifey is around.Talib you better put a muzzle on them broads..

  • yup!

    i thought that was newyork for a

  • G.M.

    Another example why men dont need marriage, women are too possessive, insecure, violent and irrational, what happened to the good old days where if u had a problem with ur spouse u address it behind closed doors

    • Its6amHoGetOut

      you must be trapped in the closet behind closed doors because everytime i read any of your comments you always have something negative to say about women either you aint gettin no puzzy or you’re a dyck beater

    • G.M.

      why u jackin other ppl SN lol that dont seem like a 6am comment to me…but anyway, if u want me to say something positive about women maybe i will when there is something positive to speak of…i mean the last post ive seen bout women on this blog is:how h0es can scam athletes-24yr marrying 84yr old hefner-this chick fighting her husband in public-octomom not payin her bills and another chick flaunting a fat a$$ callin herself a model, other post are about how not to be a bitter b1tch…what do u expect

    • its6amh0getout

      You still sound gay when you reffer to women in general you still sound gay

    • G.M.

      and @6am or whoever u are…why do u try to take the gay communities sexuality and lifestyle of who they are as ppl and try to use it as a weapon against me to make me feel insecure or inadequate in any way about my manhood just cuz u dont agree with nor like my views about some women/laws in America that can be proven…thats kinda fucced up…u make it seem and sound that its wrong for them to be who they are/choose to be

    • CAN AM

      “i love pu$$y but im aware of the dangers that come with it lol”
      That’s a good one. Nice shot. 🙂

    • MaterialGirl

      I agree that arguements and other marital issues should be dealt with behind closed door but if you know your husband or wife is insecure and has jealousy complex don’t bring them to places or situation that will cause them to flick off. Anyway I’m team marriage all day everyday

  • nana

    @Marquis hun wats a NYGAH Bish??? am confused since u use it a lot!!!

  • ReALiSt

    Is that how you yo beat up your bf with fat fufu azz?

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    @ Realist–

    I’m kinda with you on the “don’t get married” part. But hell, why not NOT cheat? Whether you’re married or not?

    Happy Holidays, by the way….

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Did you ignant sum-mum-ma bytches know that geese mate….for life?

    That’s right! So when you’re just about to run one over…SWERVE to the left so his azz can live.

  • uhh yeah ok

    Talib is not that cute, yuck, and too old. These industry cats have delusions of grandeur lemme tell ya. What happened to keeping it behind closed doors? How about you don’t disrespect your spouse in public view like that or just keep it moving?

    • ReALiSt

      You say the corniest sh*t ever – what has looks got to do with being disrespected?? I bet you look like a mix between whoopi goldberg and chris rock, with those big azz east african looking anaconda teeth in your mouth… Take that to the bank, clown..

    • Its6amHoGetOut

      @realist dog u say the corniest jokes ever

  • ReALiSt

    Happy holidays, sister..

  • A Mess wants to know, where is her comment?

    Why doesn’t my comments ever post?

  • anonymous

    He should know the hoes today are hungry. Be respectful to your wife. Now for the wife not everyone needs to see inside your window. Meaning any arguments need to be done in private not for everyone else to see.

  • ReALiSt

    Count his blessings for being with a pig, huh?? F*ck what he looks like – he is a celebrity and a hiphop legend – he deserves a better woman than that pig… If flava flav can beat those bishes, Kweli can beat queens and sh*t…

    Just hide your anaconda teeth, clown..

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    If she’s a doormat,why would he leave? & who knows if he hasn’t stepped out on her already?

  • Uhh Yeah Ok

    Btw Youtube women in my country and you’ll see what I look like. Something you could never attract.

  • ayo

    Talib, i know you are a soul brother and an African like your fore fathers but there comes a point when enough is enough. Listen, no woman dear raise her hand on an her African king back in your fore fathers days in Africa like this. And even if she does, (1) she wouldn’t do it like this, this many times(2) it does not happen in the public like this. TALIB, you are beginning to look less of a man and i don’t care how many soul u got in you or how much of your fore fathers you try to emulate. Your fore fathers wouldn’t tolerate this nonsense. How many African kings have you seen or read about, that get attacked by their queens ? none. What type of woman like to make her man look less of a man in the public ? no good woman. Bro, wear your damn pants man, the last time this happened, you were crying. there is nothing soulful about your wife attacking you in public

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      There’s nothing soulful about him NOT putting those women in check, either.

      Did his forefathers teach him it’s OK to have women foaming at the mouth over him in the presence of his wife and he does nothing to check ’em?

    • its6amh0getout


    • Fashion Yaa

      You broke it down so clearly. This will truly reach is heart, I hope he at least reads your comment.

    • ayo

      @ fashion yaa
      I really hope so too. thx

      u welcome bro. i needed to.

      @ 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals
      damn sis, foaming out the mouth ? lol, where did you get that from, the article didn’t say that lol . He was only having a chat as you would expect him to do in his album realise party

  • Getagrip

    He really needs to get rid of this chick. So across the room she notices he’s having a friendly convo with some fans at a listening party and her insecure azz jumps in and starts swinging at him. What happened to just giving him a dirty look? Any fight should have waited till they got in the car or at home. She clearly is an embarrazzment and doesn’t know how to act in public. And this is the 2nd time this has happened? Come on son!

  • DoubleStandardsAreABit**

    So let me get this right, when it’s a woman being abusive in the relationship it’s okay because the man deserved it. But when a man is being abusive jail him, fine him, and publicly humiliate him on a daily. Got it. Btw i’m a woman.

    • Uhh Yeah Ok

      IMHO, neither should happen ever. At that stage in both their lives they should know better. It’s an image thing so why mess with it in public like that? He should know better. Don’t the men in here always ask the women to take responsibility for their choice in partners? You mean to tell me you wouldn’t know that making comments like that in a room full of industry people wouldn’t hurt your significant others feelings? Simple thing people forget it’s still a MANS WORLD, and man is a leader. So tell your wife to stay home, don’t make the comments and publicly humiliate her, or don’t even marry her in the first place (like his joke).
      People act as if life has to really be that hard. Some common sense could have been used by both. That is all.

    • JustSayin

      Cosign. And I don’t know what story everyone mad at him was reading… according to the story, all he was doing was TALKING! That’s a crime? And dammit, another woman finding your husband attractive does NOT give you the right to start playing Rocky in the middle of HIS RECORD RELEASE PARTY nor does that make it his fault in any way shape form or fashion. Insecure is not gender specific, but it seems like reasons for not taking responsibility are. Only a woman could find a way to make this situation his fault…

  • bouyant

    my guess is marqusi de, is about 5’2 or 5’2 1/2 angry naggah Btch!!!lol

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Being a “Legend” is subjective…Legends act accordingly…Cool but act accordingly..

    From experience, I can tell ya some Chicks are some Barracudas with no Boundaries or moral fiber…Out for the Claim to Fame and right to say they slept with somebody…There’s a way to let some Bounbdary Bustin Bee know…whose Queen Bee…Men like the whole tease factor…They generally think..or not think..with their OTHER HEADS…not the ones on their necks…the other one..and they sometimes don’t see a pack of Desperate Banshee’s seducing him into some bullcrap…and if drinks involved..It can be a WRAP….

    He should know this…and yeah His wife was out of order…If she wanted to address this now..she could have just discreetly gone over there quietly and sat next to him…”mark her territory”…”OWNED” and coy and whatnot-like…NOT like a mental case fighting in the club…and yeah.,..especially over …HIM…looks wise…

    His teeth are ugly as hayle…look like lil yellow tic tac mints….JMO

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