Do You Celebrate Kwanzaa

- By Bossip Staff

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa. Did you know that? Do you care? Do you celebrate Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa is perhaps one of the most misunderstood/controversial celebrations of the holiday season. Some dismiss it as not being a “real religion” (ummm, it was never presented as a religion) and some think it is only for crazy militant types (no blood shed required in the seven principles).

So what is Kwanzaa? It must be something other than the basis for countless plays and presentations in inner-city schools, right?

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  • Ejay


    • Kyra

      Someone recommended me a nice community~ Bl ackwhiteC upid / Co m ~where b lack & w hite sin gles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with…you may check it out or tell your friends.

      Merry Christmas! 😀 😀

  • othello



    In short – no.

    Black people are so pathetic, celebratin makeshift holidays because y’all ain’t got no history or culture, smh.


    • Sha

      yay you….

    • Allie

      Yea we are just oh so pathetic aren’t we? well just like you’re glad to be nigerian i’m glad to be black, and i will continue to celebrate christmas till the day i die

    • carebear

      I am confused, i always thought nigerians were black. I guess i was mistaken!

    • PrettyGirl


      Another proud Nigerian!

    • whatever

      HA! If there is one thing we got plenty of, it’s culture… the most influential culture in the world, in fact.

    • PrettyGirl

      @Realer Talk:)

      me too. glad to be Nigerian. we are the best!

    • RXB

      I’m sure you can catch a flight back to Nigeria. British Airways, KLM, or Emirates.

      -Pathetic Black American

    • Kbeezy

      @ Realtalk Nigerians are black! SMH. Your not African-american but you are black. Please educate yourself before you try to talk down on others. And I am tired of this African-american vs Africans, instead of breaking each other down, we should build each other up, because We’re ALL black, case closed.

  • Ariona Taylor

    I like the material things in life. If Kwanzaa is giving natural gifts, I celebrated before I knew what it was.

  • nana

    Lmaoooo @Realer Talk! Naija stand up I guess! Ghana is close right?? Lol

  • Sweet Cherry!!!

    @ Kwanzaa
    Don’t let Real Talk fool you I work with a lot of me and woman from Africa and a lot of them don’t like black ppl unless they are from their country. Straight ignorance if you ask me but hey I don’t get the racial tension between everyone. Anyways happy kwanzaa everyone!!!



      …Well first I must add you must be real ugly with this attitude you have about two nationalities in the same race. Which really doesnt make sense or diference when in the world our skin makes us the same. But I wanted to respond to let you know that through all of the stuff “we” have going on over is happening in africa besides ppl creating genocide,beng robbed of all the natural resources, rapping there women, spreading diseases and through all of that they are concerned about a gay…yes you all have it together *applause*…….not!

  • mixed bad chick

    Nope. Kwannza sounds too dang complicated to me.

  • N'Dambi Sale

    Because Nigerian ain’t black @ Allie?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The level of ignorance in these comments sometimes overwhelm me

    • http://bossip nia

      Damn I just had to read up on Nigeria, and it stated over 80% of it’s population is black, so when you say Nigerians are not black do you mean they are African, or do you mean they are white skin. From what I read they are black. I had to see because Nigerian sounds more African than any thing I have ever heard. If anyone can elaborate please do so because from what I read they black or should I say African !

  • JD


  • 2Sweet

    @Yanaba cosign 100% same with all these other dirty immigrants who don’t respect blacks. If it weren’t for the struggles of OUR ancestors (and relatives) you stupid MFs would still be in you backwards azz countries. I can’t STAND Africans who have bad attitudes towards us black people…yet some of them just love em some white people and will lick their azz after a fresh shyt! SMH! I am NOT talking about all Africans just the ones w/the traits mentioned. I know plenty of cool Africans who know what time it is….but on topic I don’t celebrate kwanzaa, but I don’t celebrate christmas either.

  • Unico

    No, but I like the theme of it.

    I’m more of person who likes the shiny parts of others cultures without knowing the details.

  • Fashion Yaa

    In my own little way, I celebrate it. It started for me in college. In college it was cool to see the comraderie that it brought. But now that Im in the real world, I have no one or group to celebrate it with.

    I like how black Americans animate the good about the various harvest festivals in Africa. Cause I personally go back home(GH) to celebrate Fetu Afahye and when I can Hommowo mostly cause of the vibe but sadly Kwanza does not provide that kind of vibe.
    I can’t explain it.

  • carebear

    Because African-Americans dont act superior to africans. Because so many african-americans dont frown on african culture. Not all, but some. At the end of the day, blacks internationally just hate each other.

  • PrettyGirl


    yes, Nigerians are black , just not Black Americans. BIG difference. HUGE! We don’t celebrate rubbish , watered down psychobabblistic celebration like you black americans and your misguided translation of REAL AFRICAN TRADITIONS.

    You Black Americans should embrace the fact that you are not Africans. You are Americans and you do have European ancestors, unlike we, Nigerians. We are pURE Africans/ BLACKS

  • daresay

    AAs should stop listening to African Immigrants in the US, because most of them are actually the worst set of Blacks you will ever meet…and more importantly they are not the voice of their people.

    African Immigrants in US usually feel superior to everybody..when they are back in Africa, they feel superior to their fellow Africans because of their “western” exposure, and when they are in the US, they feel superior to AAs for their lack of “culture”…lol..they are the most self-righteous set of Blacks you will ever come across..I’m not saying all, but most are like that.

    AAs who are willing to learn (cos a lot don’t give a f-ck) about Africa should listen to Africans living in Africa, only then will you get a clearer perspective of Africa/Africans…and not the immigrants who migrated out of Africa for greener pastures. A lot of them are lost and not the true representative of their people.

    • Fashion Yaa

      real talk. wa ka ni pan (Aante-Twi 4 you said it so clearly)

    • Fashion Yaa

      real talk. wa ka ni pan (Twi 4, you said it so clearly)

  • PrettyGirl

    @Sweet, Your Ancestors worked hard , but really do you think we Nigerians care. We can always go to Europe. This America of yours is filled with inconceivable stuff. So , please……

  • PrettyGirl

    It will make really happy if you Black Americans CAN STOP saying you are African Americans. You are not african.

    • Fashion Yaa

      They will never call themselves American, so don’t hold your breathe.
      Kinda like how you will never call yourself American or even Nigerian-American after gaining your papers(US citizenship).
      Believe me, its a waste to expect that.

    • PrettyGirl

      @fashion Yaa. Black Americans may call themselves African Americans here, but come to Africa and try it, we will laugh you out the room. Akata is what we call you all.

      You all ain’t African. Do a DNA trace, you’d be surprised how whit you really are. hence, refrain from the African American stuff. It’s misleading!

    • Fashion Yaa

      You funny me paaa. But anyway I can’t blame your desires. Abeg comout of here with dis divide an conquer mentality. And so what. Foolishness.

    • PrettyGirl

      @Fashion Yaa,

      Stick with your ebonics. Something you know. It is not Commot out her. You sound retarded. Pidgin is specialty,a and you clearly don’t know what you are trying to spit.

      Commot 4 here! Jare. Banza. Ori Odo!Shege!

      Now decipher that Akata!

    • RXB

      You are 100% correct. I’m a black American born and raised.

  • fyea

    No, I didn’t know it was the first day of Kwanzaa. I do not care and I don’t celebrate it.

  • PrettyGirl

    Kwanzaa is a Black American celebration. it has nothing to do with africa and the African gods don’t know what the hell y’all are on . With your weird looking danshiki. Please, you blacks americans should move on. Please. it’s for the bes

  • MizzTeddy

    0kay…..what’s up with all the ignorance?!
    @all the “PR0UD” nigerians, you guys REALY need to stop embarrasing our homeland. You may not like it but the AA, arent called AFRICAN for n0thing. Instead of being so stuck up why dont you show them what real culture is about, sheesh being an african is all about treating eachother like brother and sister….just something to think about before calling yourself a true African.
    Signed: a true south AFRICAN

    • PrettyGirl

      @Mizz Teddy,

      A true South African? Are you sure you are not a white settler in Africa whose ancestors was responsible for Apartheid. Hmm. that will explain why you want to sympathize with Black Americans. LOL.

      Hey, take your behind back to Dutchland. South Africa does not belong to you.

  • PrettyGirl

    Enjoying some SADE right now. Living and Loving Life as a true African. God Bless my parents. So happy, I don’t need to do a DNA check.

    Did you know that SADE is Nigerian? We are not to be messed with 🙂

    • Charlie Brizown all chicka loco esa

      “Black Americans are the first one to make fun of African” Okay. So what there are Africans that are quick to jump on Black Americans. Who riles their life by ignorant people? You cant help them they will always exist. I don’t need to do any kid of research Ive been up and down Africa and back again! For Real Real!

    • daresay

      @ PrettyGirl

      But the Sade you just proudly called a Nigerian, is actually half-white. Her mom is British, and she left Nigeria when she was a little girl and was raised abroad in a “white community”. In fact, I can’t remember the last time Sade visited Nigeria.

      And a whole lot of Nigerians are people of mixed races, “half-caste” like they are called. So are you going to tell them they are not Africans? Even though some of them they are born, bred, and live in Nigeria? Like my half-Lebanese cousins for example? are a joke!

    • Charlie Brizown all chicka loco esa

      Daresay thank you this child is straight up IGNANT!

      Africa one love! If you black you an African done! Amerigo Vespucci a big he done! And that is were the name America come from.

    • PrettyGirl


      It does not matter if her (Sade)mother was white or asian, the simple fact her father is a 1st generational Nigerian makes her a legitimate Nigerian. Unlike Black Americans, if you were to check their dNA, you’d be lucky if you found a drop of African blood in them.

      Her name is Sade, a Yoruba name, not LaQuisha, LaChantrelle, TaShawna?


    • Sillez Ms Konjo

      Pretty girl those are stereotypical names that shows how much you know because no one names their child that.

      Thats like them saying African children are name boomshakala and booty scratcher Jr…what in the he*l is wrong with you?

    • PrettyGirl

      Africa one love! If you black you an African done! Amerigo Vespucci a big he done! And that is were the name America come from.–Charlie Brizown


    • daresay

      Listen, it doesn’t matter what your DNA is…it is what you identify yourself as because if we are to talk about tracing DNA, the human race as a whole trace their DNA and science proves that. So, technically we are all Africans!

      But the Caucasians would rather called themselves Europeans because they predominately make up the race in present day Europe, same goes for the Asians who make up present day Asia, while Blacks make up present day Africa – “Sub Saharan Africa” which is a larger part of Africa…and that is why Black in America or those who consider themselves “Black” indentify themselves African-Americans, and I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      If you are feeling misplaced within Black Community in a foreign land called the United States of America? It is only natural because as an Edo man, I feel misplaced in Kano that is predominately made of Hausa(s) even within my own country – Nigeria.

      So instead of fighting the Black American Culture in America, you have two options

      1) You pack your bags and leave
      2) You embrace their culture wholeheartedly until they accept you.

      And if you do decide to come back to Nigeria, please make sure you lose that pseudo-yankee accent you picked up in America…lol

    • daresay

      the human race as a whole trace their DNA back to Africa and science proves that.*

      and my comment was @PrettyGirl

  • MizzTeddy

    @ “prettay” girl.
    YES i am a true black south african,in fact im *Zulu* so,um YES south africa D0ES belong to me{dummy}. Cradle of humankind honey! THIS IS H0ME. And UNLIKE you guys, I actualy D0 beleive that AA’s 0riginated fr0m here, so i do the AFRICAN THING and teach them ab0ut their ancestors and where they c0me fr0m….you may n0t like it but they ARE our br0thers and sisters. {kanye shrug} 😀

  • PrettyGirl

    America is your newland. Your blood and sweat helped make it what it is today. be proud of that. In the case of Africa, erm…….you did not contribute one bit. do you see what I mean , now?

    We ended up asking the colonialist to leave . So, you are American, please embrace that.

  • PrettyGirl


    I will ask you to speak for yourself when recognizing or acknowledging who your brothers and sisters are. Okay ? Capiche? Comprende?

    They are not my brothers or sisters. Please. LOL,

  • PrettyGirl

    I don’t throw away something to go pick it back up. I speak for my ancestors. If it somehow makes its way back to my house,I will burn it this time.

    Proud Nigerian.

    I have had enough of Akata’s and their mental disorders.

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