Are You Feeling Rih Rih’s Wild Safari Kingdom Beachwear???

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna took her much better burgundy wet-n-wavy wig and a merry band of misfits to Sandy Lane Beach in the Barbados yesterday and almost gave her crotch some teeth.

Are you feeling the cat face jumping out of her body?

And again we ask: where is Matty Camp-y Poo???

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  • Peppa

    I think she looks adorable as usual. Work it on out RhiRhi girl.

    • shalala

      lolz so u will rock that b-suit ? nah its quite funny to see that when the a “style Icon” gets props in magazine and by her fans, but seriously her personal style is jacked just like her hair that she have choosen on her self because its her “new”look, the suit would be nice with out the tiger w/e face on it just plain black but if u want to be relevant u got to wear unrelevant things i quess 😛


    My question is what is dude to my right wearing, he so, so, so wrong for that?!?!

    • and the world turns...

      co-sign..get him a towel to wrap round himself or sumthn!!

  • Fab.

    who is this man in this female blouse with no bottoms?? EWW

  • juliemango

    Ri looks good in her suit but the shor haired wwoman beside her is manish!!!

    • Mock

      Come on…that’s a dude on her right…LOL, he’s just dainty!!!

  • meka d

    Wish I was there

  • Kera

    Rihanna looks cute! No comment on Jamaal and his speedos. Or the white woman. :/

  • Peppa

    LMAO@Kera. You wrong for that girl. LOL LOL

  • eman

    o rihanna u chang soo much

  • sunshine

    I think it looks nice on her

  • TheMagicalNegro

    Hmmm. The panther’s mouth should be lower. “Fruit Boy” in the first pic need to stop trying to look like one of da girls…

  • http://bossip nia

    Why do his legs look better than Rihanna’s ( side-eye)

  • what the what

    I love you R, but you need to borrow that shirt from that dude lady to your right and cover that bathing suit up.

    4 in the 70’s velvet art was not meant to be worn

  • DubCgal

    @ nia: He does have some nice legs, LOL


    rihanna looks rested

  • MaterialGirl

    lol @ what you said

  • Allie

    I’m kinda diggin’ it, I know where she’s going with the whole look, the whole boho chic thing, so yea i like it, and i agree with the other posters in regards to that ratchedness in black my goodness, someone needs to take him aside and pronto

  • DOLL11-ONE

    Rhi is a sharp mama..
    Im going to get me a b/s with a roaring tiger on the front

  • Peaches n' Creme

    Everything about this talentless chick is wrong. Her hair; her forehead; her man hands; her relationship; her singing; her performances on stage, now it’s that d.a.m.n bathing suit!

    • #teambreezy


    • whadda

      Peaches n’ Creme, you reek of jealousy

  • Mock

    😆 @ Oklahoma girl

  • Mock

    Rihanna looks like my high school mascot right now…go Panthers!!! Her and her girlfriend look nice though, I mean I’m cuter than her girl she should’ve taken me to the beach, but uhm yea they look nice and cute and young and free and like a panther 😆

  • MsLabelsofLust

    Is it only me or is the guy who apparently is wearing speedos looking a lil fruity? lols where ur pants at dude lols

  • jdmann

    She looks great but the azz seems to be getting smaller it isn’t spreading like it should be. Evidently Matt isn’t the baller she thought he was.

  • Choc

    The man with the black blouse is disturbing. Rihanna’s girlfriend standing next to her must be extremely tall. She actually makes Rihanna look short.

  • jazzi-jo-the-ho-yo

  • Kyra

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    Merry Christmas! 😀 😀

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