When The Checks Stop Coming In: San Francisco 49ers Fire Head Coach Mike Singletary Right After The Game

- By Bossip Staff

“Hardcore” coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Singletary, no longer has a job:

Mike Singletary made a name for himself as a coach with that bold “I want winners!” declaration more than two years ago.

Ultimately, he didn’t produce enough victories to save his job. The Hall of Fame linebacker was fired by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night after two disappointing seasons, including a 5-10 showing this year for a franchise that expected to win the NFC West.

The team made the announcement upon returning to the Bay Area late Sunday, several hours after San Francisco was eliminated from playoff contention with a 25-17 loss at St. Louis. Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula was promoted to interim coach and will run the team in the season finale at home against Arizona. He was to be formally introduced in a news conference Monday.

After team president and CEO Jed York told reporters in St. Louis after the loss he would think about whether Singletary would coach the final game, Singletary then was told of his dismissal back at the team’s Santa Clara complex.

“I want to thank Mike Singletary for the passion and effort that he brought to this organization,” York said in a statement. “He is a tremendous person for whom I will always have great respect.”

York said money wasn’t an object in this decision considering Singletary had two years remaining on his contract.

“Obviously, we didn’t achieve the things we set out to achieve. We should be a playoff team,” York said in the locker room. “We aren’t a playoff team this year. Very disappointed about that. We need to figure out how we can get into the playoffs and how we can start competing for Super Bowls.”

San Francisco began the year with high hopes of winning the West and reaching the postseason for the first time since 2002. Singletary was 18-22 in two-plus seasons.


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    Really since they fired my boy MIKE SINGLETARY, it’s time for that trash overrated quarterback Alex Smith to move around as well he was a first round pick and he has had 6 seasons to show his worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will see you with the clip board soon Alex !!!!

  • Cool Breeze

    I guess nobody take too kindy to all that yelling. You got to be able to coach first. Just cause you was a great player in ya day don’t mean you are a coach.
    Happy trails!


    Great players rarely make good coaches.Go find a golf course Mike.

  • Str8 Truth

    So why is Alex Smith still there after six or seven seasons of doing jack? The boy is a bust! Troy Smith shows more potential than Alex Smith ever has!

    If you’re cleaning house, 49ers, you better begin deciding which QB you are going to draft or trade for!

  • shalonndramarie

    Man that is a shock, I seen where him and A player was getting into it right there in front of the camera. Oh well they still have to pay him so hey make the best out of the change they slide to you and go live in Peace.

    • artdude01

      Yeah I saw that clip too. I have to say it was very unprofessional for a coach to go SGT. Slaughter like that in the open. That kinda shyt is reserved for the locker room. I mean it is OK to coach, but these aren’t High Schoolers. A great player rarely makes a great coach.

    • Well Alright..

      BTW…That player that he was arguing with is his future son in law, who didn’t follow the play.



  • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

    I am a 49ers fan. I really liked Mike Singletary when he came in and I hoped he would be a great coach. He said all the right things at the start, but when it came down to it, he really didn’t know what he was doing. Alex Smith will be gone too. He is a free agent after this year. There will be a fan revolt if they resign him.

  • Pew boy PIMP

    CMON JERRY JONES! You missed out on him when you hired Wade now here’s your second chance!!!

  • Candid Canuck

    cosign! awwkward!

  • white male

    I think the quarterback Troy Smith is his son in law.

  • white male

    I knew the 49ers should of drafted Tebow.

  • eman

    i just dont think mike really had a qb if had a qb like dovan mcnabb i think they would have a better record

  • Whatup

    Thats the life of a coach, If you aint winning the door will soon be hitting you in the azz!!!!

  • FresHHeir

    Cosign what @sportstalk23 said except for the McNabb thing. We don’t really need a quarterback in decline who still feels he should be paid at an elite level but who’s play is the opposite. We need to grab Luck or Mallett and start fresh. Bye bye Alex, bye bye Troy. Bring Nate Davis back off the practice squad and get some damn speed on offense. Maybe detroit will give us Shaun Hill back too

  • Niner Coe

    We need teachers not motivators and hire a new G.M. also we need to cut Clement,Spikes,Rachal,Staley,Goodson,Spencer and Gore yeah Gore

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