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- By Bossip Staff

Here is Teiarra Mari TwitPic’ing topless.

Caption This

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  • mizzzlady

    She look a hott mess…she need to take off that weave

    • tshutes

      She kinda looks like Tyra

  • nana

    Damn thos tittays are extra long mami!!

    • suprema

      wel some girls titais seem long u should know that if u ever seen or atleast when ur a girl unless u have no boobs at all and i quess thats ur case mr, and for the others realy allien only because shes normal like all of us she alien now lolz i quess jealousy happens to everyone, but really why dont u just walk outside take a fresh air and see how many dimes u see walking on the path u walk and then come back at meh okey

    • imchillin

      Haha! My friend calls breast like that a size 7 long.

  • nana

    Damn those tittays are extra long mami!!

    • Fee Nada Free

      long tities….2 funny lmao

  • 5150

    She looks non-human. Gay-z f’d her up 4 LIFE!


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  • Sha

    Sittin on the toilet..Sittin on the toilet..Sittin on the toilet..Sittin on the toilet..Sittin on the toilet……Now Flush! *Flush* 😛

  • rain

    She looks better than some of the hoes that were talking about her on twitter

  • Shinningstar

    She’s really not that cute and I think she has an alien shaped head. What is the point of this pic because she’s got no boobs and she looks a mess. Is this a cry for help?

    • CeeCee

      Yeah she does look like an alien in this pic.

  • CeeCee

    she needs to cover up!

  • the mrs

    @sha CTFU!!!! You saw that too?! That’s the song that popped in my head when I saw this pic! HILARIOUS! Now she needs to put her clothes on…

  • rentho

    i thought it was tyra banks but caption “will you buy my album now b/c i’m edgy”

    • kelleykel09


  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    When all else fails…lmaso!!!!

    She’s beautiful,no doubt but I think she seriously needs to look into other ventures because the music biz been a wrap for her however she refuses to let go..SMDH!

  • Que

    Girl sit down somewhere with those “Ittay-Bittays.” lmao!

  • what the hell?

    That’s why Jay-Z dropped her! fail.

  • titework

    Why? These young ladies need to learn that showing all your goodies is not the way to get ahead. You get what you advertise for.

  • phyre

    She the only person who buys her bras from levi’s. Them 32 long a$$ tiddys.

  • childrenofthenow

    She tryin to get a lil buzz going. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • juliemango

    …gimme a break guys it was a long day!!!

  • Toi

    She looks good to me!


    When in doubt.. flip the tits.

  • Tah

    what a real thristy move!

  • Dionna

    I SWEAR I thought that was Tyra Banks.

  • MissAj

    I thought this was a g@y boy smh! *Kevin Hart voice* yo ol long t!ttie havin @ss lol!

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  • Chester

    Jay-Z had her and Rihanna on his label. Now, look how both girls turned out, and Willow Smith is next. @ 5150, I were wondering why people and you call Jay-Z “Gay-Z” until I seen pictures of him going inside a GAY bar, and his best friend was gay. Sssooooo…. 😀

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    If you kan’t sale albums…….sale you SOUL….

    The diary of a hollywood black girl!

    • Fab.

      “sale” huh

    • BriBr

      lmao @ Fab…i was thinking the samething

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