Jesus Take The Wheel: DMX Moved To Mental Health Unit Due To “An Undiagnosed Mental Condition”

- By Bossip Staff

Man, at this time, you gotta just pray for Dark Man X:

Rapper Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, is housed in a mental-health unit at an Arizona State Prison Complex facility called Alhambra near 25th street and Van Buren.

DMX was sentenced to a year in jail (minus 113 days served) on December 16, after he pleaded guilty to violating the terms of his probation. At his sentencing, Judge Christine Mulleneaux told him she believes he has “an undiagnosed mental condition,” possibly bi-polar disorder.

DMX’s manager, Nakia Walker, wouldn’t comment specifically on whether DMX might have a mental disorder, but she says she wasn’t surprised when he was moved to a mental-health unit. The rapper himself always has refused to comment on speculation about his mental state. In 2001, he threatened to beat up writer William Shaw for asking about it in a Blender magazine interview. “Waaaay too personal,” DMX said.

The embattled hip-hop star is incarcerated for the 13th time. His record includes more than 25 arrests across the nation, 11 felony convictions, and 15 misdemeanor convictions.

Arizona Department of Corrections files confirm that DMX was admitted to the Flamenco Mental Health Unit at Alhambra on December 20. According to Walker, he will not be allowed to have visitors for 30 days.

We hope this brotha can get it together soon…


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  • nana

    He looks a little healthier in the pic above, wonder if its a recent pic!

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  • joy

    Many ppl with drug addiction have some sort of mental condition. the mind subconsciously tells the body its missing something. Usually the drugs give the addict boosts of dopamine and saratonin, which is what the brain is missing. Don’t sleep. Most mental conditions are found in highly intelligent people. X is no dummy. This may put him back on the right path. After his childhood, it a wonder he’s not hurting others instead of himself. Once he’s diagnosed and medicated, he’ll be a lot better off.

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      I agree!

    • Entoon

      most intelligent comment I’ve ever seen on this site! so true that ppl are known to take drugs to deal with their illness. it’s been a major problem in communities across america for years! i’m so glad that he is being forced to get the proper help that he needs! when he had his reality show you could tell that he was dealing with major inner struggles! get well X!

    • gapeach

      You are 100% correct. I had a friend who also smoked crack and got arrested. While he was there, he was diagnosed as being Bi-polar. He got treated,he is on meds right now.. He is the best husband in the world.. Which I had him…

  • nymphis


  • London Girl

    That’s waht taking drugs wil do to you. Putting unnatural chemicals in your body does not have positive consequences! 😦

    • London Girl

      “That’s what taking drugs will do to you” – you’d think I’d been smoking crack lol

  • http://bossip jazzy

    DMX isn’t anymore or less doped up than any of the rest of these celebrities. Hell the majority of them are on drugs, but when it comes to DMX he’s a criminal or he’s crazy, he’s on dope. This year along who didn’t have coke and crack falling out of their pockets. From Bruno, Paris, Cudi, Soulja Boy..please all of them on dope and been on dope !

    • realdwn2erth

      I agree.. I feel sorry, for this brother.. for he was once; a very, articulate, and bright; young man.. I’ll be praying for his recovery.

    • DollBaby1o1


      FU-CK THAT!!!

      You dont go around talking like you at a podium

      do you!!? haha!

      “for he was once a…”

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Hopefully while in there,he gets treated so that way,he’s able to better himself because it’s obvious that he has deep rooted issues that jail can’t solve.

    Wish him the best & it’s a shame how his talent/success was wasted.

  • Missmiami

    Finally!!. I am glad they stop putting him in jail and realized he needed mental help. My father in law said that about DMX years ago…prob like 4,5 years ago. But know one could suggested to X because he would take it as a personal diss when we actually just wanted to help him and saw that jail was not the answer for him and its not just because he did drugs. My father in law acutually works for a mental institution. I am glad for him. God bless him and hope his wife stands by him…as she always did.

    • DollBaby1o1

      Did he have a mental issue

      when he asked her to marry him??

      or when he piped that?

      I would have said case dismissed too!

  • Jessica

    Dmx is one of my favs. Praying for him, I have been for months smh I hope he gets the help he needs.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Thats so sad! You in my prayers DMX,mad love to the End!

  • Mrs. Rance

    God bless him and his family.


    Why should Jesus take the wheel? Jesus know that nicca’s crazy!!!

  • I Stay SMH

    I swear “some” black folks are the most unforgiving and judgmental creatures.

    He has been screaming for help forever. While some of his antics were laughworthy…at some point its not funny.

    I hope he gets the attention he needs.

  • God is the ultimate judge

    He is fighting the calling that God has placed on him…until he repents gets saved and acknowledges his calling from God he will continue to go through this

  • Matix B

    All the best, hopefully he’ll get the much needed help he deserves.

  • wtfever

    God Bless Him

  • http://Black Blackman

    STAY STRONG DMX! GOD IS WITH YOU BRO. I see “cops” and it makes me sick. Black people are NOT!!! free.

  • i know the truth

    What makes DMX mentally ill? Seems like he has a substance abuse problem, which causes him to make poor decisions, subsequently leading to more problems, and as a result more substance abuse to escape those problems–a viscous circle–but mental illness? Based on what I see, if X is mentally ill, so is Oprah, she can’t stop eating . . . .Western constructs of mental illness are culturally skewed against the economically powerless, and are often applied to racial minorities as a way to keep them in their place, so to speak. Anyway, I believe that given what most black people have to endure (both overt and subvert) in Western industrialized countries, will cause any “sane” person to be little “crazy.”

  • prissa

    Ya’ll gon make me lose my mind up in here, up in here…
    Naw but I hope he’ll b ok. If he’s got mental prblms it best 2 work it out. U can’t ignore it & it won’t go away on its own. Praying 4 u DMX!



  • james

    If a rapper had a brain!

    • DollBaby1o1

      whateva n1gga.

      He’s off to see the Wizard.

      Why, you say?

      Because because because becuase because!

  • Time to Re-Program Your Brain


    This is all Gay-Z aka Jay-Z doing. They are trying to tarnish the reputation because he is telling the truth about these evil societies. They tried this bullsh!t with Lauryn Hill and Dave Chapelle.


  • SMH

    This is all Gay-Z aka Jay-Z doing. They are trying to tarnish the reputation because he is telling the truth about these evil societies. They tried this bullsh!t with Lauryn Hill and Dave Chapelle.


    Dear Gawd!!!!

    The Ignorance on this site is just so disheartening

  • SMH

    Yup….so in an effort to silence DMX (the crack head who mind you NO ONE listens to).

    Jay Z…I mean Gay Z is sending him to get mental help!!!

    WOW, just wow! thank you for that enlightened comment…

    Now do us all a favor and get a vasectomy!

  • whadup

    you deserve it , cheater!
    He better stop smokin crack.

  • jp

    he does look better than usual

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