When The Checks Stop Coming In: Nicole Murphy Blew Her 15 Million Dollar Divorce Settlement On Bullsh*t

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, Nicole!!!

Eddie Murphy’s ex wife Nicole has blown her massive $15 million divorce settlement in just four years – and now she’s millions of dollars in debt.

What’s more, the IRS has slapped her with five tax liens totally $846,630, and she has put her opulent mansion up for sale. When Nicole divorced Eddie in 2006 after 13 years of marriage, she chose to take a one-time payout from the comedian of $15 million, instead of monthly alimony. But in a shockingly short span of time, she’s managed to lose all of it.

“Nicole made some bad investments with the fortune she got from Eddie, and now she is in serious financial straits,” said a friend of the 42-year-old stunner. Court records show that the IRS slapped Nicole with two liens for back taxes in November totaling $214,688.

That huge bill was on top of outstanding judgments against her for nearly $600,000 by a legal firm and another $60,000 demand for payment by a landscaping company. She also owes $5 million on her Los Angeles-area home.

“Nicole is overwhelmed by the mountain of debt she has piled up,” added the source. Nicole, who has five children with Eddie, invested in an Internet jewelry business, but the venture quickly failed and Nicole lost most of her money.”

Too bad she ran through all that paper!!! tsk tsk…


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  • Pew boy PIMP


    • anra

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    • WTF!

      dumb chick, trying to keep up with the Joneses. She should of moved to the mid west or something-bought a nice size home paid in full(which would have been a way bigger home then anything she had in L.A for way less money) Invested in some rental properties, small businesses of necessity(things that ppl really need & use). She shows that she doesn’t need any large amounts of money. If her kids are under 18 she’ll use that child support to pay off what she can-dumb a$$.

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      I wish ya’ll would take this picture down

      She scares me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • nana

    She’s straight, Micheal would pay off the debt!

    • WTF!

      If that was the case then this would’t be a story. He would of stepped in b4 that tax lien & her business became public news.

  • nymphis

    that’s what happens when you don’t earn it
    You have no appreciation for it.
    Fake tetas cost money
    Hopefully she can’t get money from dude.
    He look like he got stock in the GAP

    • NappyRN

      Co-sign. Yo a** is funny LOL

    • ImaPC

      pretty much. Something I learned in life myself.

  • solo67

    Most people live beyond their means, she could have took her five children to the country and bought a nice farm ranch or something like that for about 3 million, she may have ran into a nice guy who would take care of five children from another man’s seed. When you run out of that kind of money, that soon, something is very wrong.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Anyways,with this being said,Nicole seriously should’ve learned to live withing her means since she wasn’t the famous one raking in the big bucks like her then husband Eddie so can’t really feel sorry for her.

  • plunta

    u see no matter how rich someone is they could fall just as easy….so i aint jealous of any celebritys money…just saying

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    wtf??? get a life or seek help like now!!! ugh!!

    Stick to the topic while you’re @ it too..smh!!

  • Greeneyedbandit

    She shoulda stayed wit Birdman.Lol

    • ThickLikeCornbread


      Did i miss smtg?

  • Jay

    The problem with not knowing how to handle your money, if you can’t handle 20K then you sure can’t handle 200K. The smarter woman would of realized I am not the bread winner, let me take me and the kids and move to a less expensive city and live off the money. Put some money away in CD’s and let them mature for the various kids college tuition.

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      i agree

    • pg-13



    It’s shameful for her to have lost all that money, but more shameful that some simp a$$ Nicca gonna come outta nowhere and save the day. I ain’t sayin’ its gonna be Strahan but some dummy will do it… Pretty pays and she knows it, that’s why it didn’t matter to her. SMH She prolly laying up with Strahan plotting on him as we speak.

  • Kyla

    A fool &nhis money soon parts ways….

  • sowhatyall

    I can hear Eddie laughing his butt of as I read this article

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      I highly DOUBT Eddie will b laughing at this sh.it. That was HIS hard earned money. Boomerang, Coming to America, Shrek 1-2-& 3, etc, etc

      I would be PI.SS.ED off & ready to drop kick a h03

    • ImaPC

      FOR REAL. Im a woman, but if I was a man I would be so wary of marriage, especially to the wrong woman. If a wealthy man doesn’t know God, I seriously wonder what appeal marriage would hold for him. You know that’s the reason people like Puffy have never been married.

      And to keep it real, if the divorce laws weren’t what they were, I think Nicole Brown Simpson would still be alive today. OJ let greed and pride mess him up.

  • Mrs. Rance

    That’s really unfortunate. Its sad how people with money don’t value their position enough to take care of their futures. They can’t seem to see beyond the bling in front of them.

    • NappyRN

      Nuff said and AMEN

  • Three more days of pure genius "Its6amHoGetOut"

    love, love, love

  • WithAllHonesty

    1. That’s all she received from the divorce?
    2. Financial advisors and accountants aren’t always helpful with managing money. Often times they’re steeling money from clients, advising them to invest in companies and corporations that are friends with the agency or the agency has stock in whether its going downhill or not.
    3. She lived outside means.

  • NappyRN

    Well damn, tell us how you really feel. LMBAO

  • Chaka1

    $15 mil is not that much in Hollywood.

    I didn’t realize they had 5 kids. I am sure Eddie will step in.

    I am almost her age and look WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than that! Those are cheap balloon implants.

    • E

      You Don’t look anywhere as good as she does. please quit lying to yourself

  • nymphis

    can’t move back in with eddie
    Johnny on your side of the bed now

  • HUh?

    I seriously doubt u look better than her. Just sayin…

    • Chitowninthehouse


  • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


  • bdimps

    the 15 mil was most likely alimony or spousal support. common sense should tell some of u that she is getting child support for her kids, so im pretty sure she is far from broke.

    • Ejay

      When you owe the IRS $800,000 you Broke!!

    • BarGolf

      No, your’re Fu(ked

  • Greeneyedbandit

    @6am,lmao,fat heffa’s! You b***hes betta pray u look that good at 42 after 5 kids.Lol

  • Cherokee Goddess


  • chrissy


  • i know the truth

    what do you expect, most drag queens have a hard time with money–what with all the cheese they need to shell out on make-up and cosmetic procedures. . . .

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