Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: Rihanna And Matt Kemp Break Up…Again

- By Bossip Staff

Although we reported this earlier in the month…sources are still talking about this Matt Kemp and Rihanna break-up:

Time for Rihanna to pen a new break-up ballad: After almost a year together, she and Matt Kemp have called it quits, an insider close to the singer tells “It happened over the last few weeks,” explains the source. “She basically was just over it.”

A rep for Rihanna (she’s currently vacationing with family in her native Barbados) could not be reached for comment. Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Kemp, 26, helped Rihanna, 22, move on from Chris Brown, who infamously assaulted her in February 2009. The duo were first spotted frolicking together in Cabo San Lucas last January, and slowly opened up about their romance in the spring. But the “Only Girl” singer has been “so busy,” the insider says. “He just can’t keep up with her crazy travel schedule.”

“Matt’s sick of always following after her like a puppy dog all over the world. He wants something more normal,” the source adds. Plus, the insider says, “It was never as serious as it looked. It was always just [about] having fun.”

Stilll, back in May, Kemp gushed about his love: “She’s just a fun person. I love to be around her.” In June, Rihanna similarly said of Kemp: “I’m so happy. I feel really comfortable and it’s so easy. [The relationship] is just my peace. It keeps me sane.”

Uhhh…word on the street was that lil Matty-poo was getting it in with some broads


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    What needs to be addressed is Rih’s hairline starting to get a bad case of the Naomi Campbell from all those lacefronts and weaves

  • lameo


  • Kera

    Ughh Matt Kemp is so corny! Im happy they finally broke up. Now we can forget his name.

  • BritishGirl

    He was just a re-bound anyways all for publicity.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Whether it was for publicity or otherwise, I thought they looked good together.

    **scrolling back up to look at picture**

    Then again, that’s a sneaky grin he’s giving her and his body language screams “I’m with you to boost MY ego!”

    On another note, I think (musically) Rihanna’s found her niche. She not R&B, not country, not the heavy metal type and “I love the way you lie” type of music fits her.

    Through it all, she’s holding her own.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Another thought–I’d take reading about Rihanna all day eerrrrday over thirsty attention seeking Kim K.


  • PLUNTa


  • childrenofthenow

    No one will ever match up to Chris. She’s working on it.

  • It's Me

    Matt ain’t wrong he consoled her and now he has moved on. Once the poonanny is given up the contract is completed.

  • nana

    Then again HOW would u lot KNOW whether this is TRUE or NOT??

  • G.M.

    the “Only Girl” singer has been “so busy,” the insider says. “He just can’t keep up with her crazy travel schedule.”…this is the reason a lot of men dont fucc with career women, us men have had careers longer and are well aware of the demanding hrs that come with them, so if there isn’t time to be 2gether/fucc, then there is no reason to be in a relationship at all

  • thinking

    There was never any true sparks or chemistry between those two anyways. Rih knows deep down inside where and who her heart truly belongs to even if the general public and fans don’t agree, and that’s hard when u always have to be pretending to be happy in the entertainment biz.

  • Terri

    He was handsome and seemed to be a lot of fun. Please, she is not thinking about Chris after being with Matt. Move on.

  • VirgoJewel

    It never looked serious. Rihanna looked bored out of her mind, the majority of the time when she was with Matt.

    Matt was just her rebound.

  • Lovely1

    Who ever said she ain’t thinking about CB u on drugs, they both still love each other, Stevie Wonder can see that, I wish RiRi the best…. Nothing is wrong with just focusing on career and being by yourself for a while, she’s young have fun!!!!! Will her and CB ever make it into each others arms again? WHO KNOWS…. Sips tea and wait……lol

  • eman

    hulk vs thor who u guys think will win

  • Slims

    Peoples who is better for her Chris or Drake

    • zania

      I don’t want her and Chris back together but come on Drake is not in Rihanna league. She will run all over Drake. Rihanna likes a challenge she doesn’t like he men to beg (Drake). If she was turned on by Drake she would’ve never got with Matt. Plus I think she doesn’t find Drake attractive. She would use him for pr only.

  • jb

    You know she don’t want with a cb it Matt but could’nt worked at time she will be ok you see care for him if she did’nt she would’nt been with Matt….

  • honey

    I say like this let that bytch be with Drake and I’m willing to bet that she will find out what a true player is. Rihanna is to damn immature and the way she talks to her fans on twitter it shows that her brains works right on the same level as her fans. 13-14 years old kids. Matt probably saw that Rihanna is very immature.

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