Scott “Douchebag” Disick Trying To Capitalize On Poor Lil Baby Mason

- By Bossip Staff

Poor lil Mason:

Scott Disick was trying to cash in on his 1-year-old son, Mason, according to a report. Kourtney Kardashian’s charming baby daddy tried to haggle $5,000 an episode for little Mason to appear on “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.” Us Weekly says, “E! offered $1,000, but he played hardball. E! was like, ‘Are you out of your mind?’ ”

Another insider told the magazine, “He bungled negotiations, so you won’t see Mason at all.” A Disick rep had no comment. Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian and her LA Lakers husband Lamar Odom are getting their own “Newlyweds”-style show on the network. Filming begins in the spring.

Man, looks like they’re gonna be shoving these Kardashian people down our throats for years and years to come.


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  • Ice Harvest

    Mason is such a cute baby, he looks like his uncle and grandfather 😉

    • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

      Agree! Beautiful baby with chocolate eyes. His father is a loser though.


    Can you say OVER EXPOSED!

  • Syreeta

    I love the Kardashians!

    Not Scott though


    Mason is the cutest lil thing looking just like Kourtney and Rob. I’m so tired of this Scott character I know its easier said than done, but I really wish Kourtney would leave this douche. It doesn’t seem like he genuinely cares about anyone other than himself.

    • Fan of the BE-BE Store

      I agree, Scott does not care about Kourtney nor that baby. He can only see dollar signs. This will be the only white boy Kourtney will ever be able to catch. I am not trying to dis her. But, it’s sad and it’s reality. If Scott had real doe and talent, he wouldn’t even look Kourtney’s way. He would go and find him a true pure white woman. He is the true devil. And as for Lamar and Khole that aint love. That is two people that love the publicity. That is what their in-love with. Khole no longer is Kim’s shadow, and as for Lamar people that don’t follow basketball know who he is now. I wonder what will happen when the Kardashian’s are has beens like the Hilton’s, what will come of all of them ? HUM..

  • childrenofthenow

    He should have taken the grand and sat down.

  • BritishGirl

    Um the baby looks like an old man to me.

  • Hannibal

    Kossip STOP with the lame white Kartrashian post! Please, no more trashy Kartrashians in 2011!

  • Who Cares

    Why is this news on a black site?

  • Daniela

    Scott fits right into their family…they are all money hungry, fake & talentless!

  • jdmann

    Khloe and Lamar Kardashian are getting a show while the Lakers are losing 3 straight..coincidence?..think not. lol

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Who cares that much about Khloe and Lamar?! Kardashians are so 2010…remember when we were begging to not hear anything from Paris Hilton? We will all soon be free!

  • Taraneh M.

    uhmmm i still believe hes NOT the father. that baby looks nothing like him and looks exactly like the dude kourtney was rumored to be pregnant by.

    and ryan seacrest is kiling the industry…giving these no talented hoes jobs. wtf do they do? what do they contribute to our society? NOTHING but jerk off material for prevs (kim).

    their pimp i mean mom kris i heard is also lamar’s manager smh…when will these negroes learn?

    why do yall think she hates scott? cus hes not a rich successful black athlete/celeb..cus she knows these negroes will let these white women walk all over them and take their money…smh kris got the game figured out!


    The Kardashians are rich and beautiful, thats why they keep them on T.V. – thats a formula that never gets old in America.

  • Bambi

    OH MY GODDDDD! enough with theses chicks already!!!!!

  • Honut Sinti

    That baby has the look like “Yeah, keep snapping them pictures. When I grow a bit more I’m coming back to get ‘ya!” 😉

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