Pat Buchanan Is Still Scared That White People Will Not Lead Tomorrow

- By Bossip Staff

From his column:

“That speaks about who is going to be leading tomorrow.” So said Angel Gurria, secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Every three years, the Paris-based OECD holds its Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests of the reading, math and science skills of 15-year-olds in developing and developed countries. Gurria was talking of the results of the 2009 tests.

Sixty-five nations competed. The Chinese swept the board. The schools of Shanghai-China finished first in math, reading and science. Hong Kong-China was third in math and science. Singapore, a city-state dominated by overseas Chinese, was second in math, fourth in science.

Only Korea, Japan and Finland were in the hunt. And the U.S.A.? America ranked 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math, producing the familiar quack-quack.

“This is an absolute wake-up call for America,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan. “We have to face the brutal truth. We have to get much more serious about investment in education.”

But the “brutal truth” is that we invest more per pupil than any other country save Luxembourg, and we are broke. And a closer look at the PISA scores reveals some unacknowledged truths.

True, East Asians — Chinese, Koreans, Japanese — are turning in the top scores in all three categories, followed by the Europeans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders.

But, looking down the New York Times list of the top 30 nations, one finds not a single Latin American nation, not a single African nation, not a single Muslim nation, not a single South or Southeast Asian nation (save Singapore), not a single nation of the old Soviet Union except Latvia and Estonia.

And in Europe as in Asia, the northern countries (Finland, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Austria, Germany) outscore the southern (Greece, Italy, Portugal). Slovenia and Croatia, formerly of the Habsburg Empire, outperformed Albania and Serbia, which spent centuries under Turkish rule.

Among the OECD members, the most developed 34 nations on earth, Mexico, principal feeder nation for U.S. schools, came in dead last in reading. Steve Sailer of got the full list of 65 nations, broke down U.S. reading scores by race, then measured Americans with the countries and continents whence their families originated. What he found was surprising.

Asian-Americans outperform all Asian students except for Shanghai-Chinese. White Americans outperform students from all 37 predominantly white nations except Finns, and U.S. Hispanics outperformed the students of all eight Latin American countries that participated in the tests.

African-American kids would have outscored the students of any sub-Saharan African country that took the test (none did) and did outperform the only black country to participate, Trinidad and Tobago, by 25 points.

America’s public schools, then, are not abject failures.

They are educating immigrants and their descendants to outperform the kinfolk their parents or ancestors left behind when they came to America. America’s schools are improving the academic performance of all Americans above what it would have been had they not come to America.

What American schools are failing at, despite the trillions poured into schools since the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, is closing the racial divide.

We do not know how to close the gap in reading, science and math between Anglo and Asian students and black and Hispanic students.

And from the PISA tests, neither does any other country on earth. The gap between the test scores of East Asian and European nations and those of Latin America and African nations mirrors the gap between Asian and white students in the U.S. and black and Hispanic students in the U.S.

Which brings us to “Bad Students, Not Bad Schools,” a new book in which Dr. Robert Weissberg contends that U.S. educational experts deliberately “refuse to confront the obvious truth.”

“America’s educational woes reflect our demographic mix of students. Today’s schools are filled with millions of youngsters, many of whom are Hispanic immigrants struggling with English plus millions of others of mediocre intellectual ability disdaining academic achievement.”

In the public and parochial schools of the 1940s and 1950s, kids were pushed to the limits of their ability, then pushed harder. And when they stopped learning, they were pushed out the door.

Writes Weissberg: “To be grossly politically incorrect, most of America’s educational woes vanish if these indifferent, troublesome students left when they had absorbed as much as they were going to learn and were replaced by learning-hungry students from Korea, Japan, India, Russia, Africa and the Caribbean.”

Weissberg contends that 80 percent of a school’s success depends on two factors: the cognitive ability of the child and the disposition he brings to class — not on texts, teachers or classroom size.

If the brains and the will to learn are absent, no amount of spending on schools, teacher salaries, educational consultants or new texts will matter.

A nation weary of wasting billions on unctuous educators who never deliver what they promise may be ready to hear some hard truths.


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  • resurrected

    All most of us care about in this country is sex, money and fame and education is never on the map non is the togetherness of everyday families.

    • Black Media=GENOCIDE

      Albeit we have a lot of teachers that really care about the students and the type or curriculum being taught… compared to when I was a little, nowadays there are way more teachers who don’t care! On 2 too many occasions, I’ve had to contact the teacher, principal, or ISD about concerns….

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  • resurrected

    My people die of a lack of knowledge is what the bible state so what kind of education come from an over sexed nation, who lives for money and people praising them for superficial things like fame a very dumb nation that’s what.

    • Cool Breeze

      I agree fully. Love the verse too. It is strange how we (as a county) have let the family value of ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ slip away. Now all we care about is: 1)Can you play a sport 2)How many women you have 3)How much bling you have 4)How big your rims are
      I just cant stand it. The only thing we can do is start a new generation of our own and teach them the things.


    Hate to break it to you Pat but y’all don’t even lead today. Children are the future and little white children are very transfixed on emulating all aspects of OUR culture and community. I.E. Justin Beiber and the like. On the flip, our young ppl that are blessed and fortunate enough to make the big $$$ just can’t wait to give it right back to y’all. So the crown may be safe for another generation or so…

  • if anything be noble

    Never defended Pat Buchanan in my life but the headline is *not* what he said. The article raises some critical points. If we want to improve American public education, we first have to see where we are. We are at a point where America can fall for a very long time to Asian nations simply because our children cannot read, think or add, period. We have to address these issues as a national crisis. Inner city schools are ignored and underfunded. They worse than schools in the world’s poorest countries. We can blame the victim (the inner-city student) but what incentive is there to go to half these schools in their present condition? Would *you* want to get up and go there and excel? But on the other hand, when you look at the resources and facilities many suburban schools have, it is a pleasure to get up and spend the day there… A day at the country club…. but when things are dirty, dilapidated and dangerous, that doesn’t exactly serve as a motivation for anyone to learn (even Black people who are thought to be quite deserving of dirt, decay and dilapidation.) We have to do something quickly … within the next 10 years…I’m talking about a complete educational overhaul… or we can forget being a major player — much less leader — in today’s global economy. But first there has to be a shift in mindset that Black people are worthy of having billions of dollars spent on them in education but whitefolk can continue cutting off their nose to spite their national face but please know if we keep going status quo, this whole US ship is going down. And we will all drown together.

    • NoName

      Inner city schools are NOT underfunded. Do you know how much money is spent on American pupils? No, this is a cultural problem and money cant fix it.

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Noname, you are most certainly correct. Throwing money at the problem is the problem. it’s time to get serious and make the needed changes. Someone needs to have the ball$ to make the tough decisions and not care who it pi$$es off. If we as a nation don’t get serious about it, we’re going to be very sorry in the next 20 years or so. We’re raising a bunch of idiots.

      And might I add…the teachers unions are a disgrace. They are a MAJOR part of the problem!

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (ThE SuPrEmE BoSSiPpEr)


  • if anything be noble

    Word omitted: ….they *ARE* worse than schools in the world’s poorest countries.

  • no $hit $herlock !!!!!!

    MORE than half of the population of this country will NOT BE WHITE in just a few years — this dude is just voicing the concerns of a LOT of white people.

    Why do you think, there was all the hoopla when hispanics became the largest minority in this country a few years back?

    Because “HISPANIC” IS NOT a racial distinction — it includes everything from milk white upper crust cubans who fled Castro 50 years ago (i KNOW there are black cubans, so don’t post that $hit, OK), to jet black afro latinos.

    DIVIDE and conquer — PAT, AND a lot of other white people KNOW THEY WILL LOSE THE NUMBERS GAME — better try to co-opt some of these muh fugguhs before we become irrelevant, is what they are doing.

    I SUSPECT IT WILL WORK —because there ain’t NOTHING on earth more SELF HATING than the american born negro, the pathetic a$$holes.

  • Blaxitive ( I talk mad sh!t)

    Who cares what whites think? Every statistic is made by them for them to encourage a superiority complex. The hell with their logic. You want a stat? No matter how much trash they talk when they get hit on the jaw they always fall down and cry for the police 100 percent of the time unless they are sleep from the knuckle pill!

  • Kyla

    Recessive people never know when to sit their weak azz down. They won’t exist in a few years. They are the most infertile of all people.

  • Ms. T.

    @6am So glad to have you back. What you said is so on point. Unfortunately this s.hi.t is becoming so common that we are accepting this type of behavior like it’s normal. Seems that people are heavily influenced by these fame It’s funny how with budget cuts (especially in CA) the main departments they at first are the schools and government run entities (dmv etc etc). Yet we have the $ to overpay the people on these ignorant reality shows, athletes, the list goes on and on. How can we progress when the one thing that we need (education quality) keeps getting worse? Tell em 6am, Tell em!

  • Raynecloud

    I agree 100% with @its6am. I hope more people read your post. Knowledge is power and we need to educate our children. Stop letting BET and MTV babysit your children. Its a shame kids can ‘teach you how to dougie’, but cant solve a simple mathematical equation.

  • Caramel Cat™

    This is the realest ish said today…100% on point!

  • coldt7

    Thats BULL SH*T!!!

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    @ Higher than Jordan,

    Exactly what Ive been saying since 02/13/07. When i was growing up I remember my parents looking to buy a set of encyclopedias for my sister and I. The price was $1200 in 1994. We asked them why, when they could just buy us a computer and we could look everything in the world up, FASTER!

    We got that laptop, we used to fight over laptop time, we weren’t interested in AOL chat, or myspace. See where i’m going with this? Black people please put your children first, educate them, turn off the TV, praise them when they do something right! Give them the tools to advance themselves, because you’d be surprised how competitive it is out there.

    Love 6am

  • Caramel Cat™

    @Blaxitive ( I talk mad sh!t)

    I hear you, but I think what 6am is attempting to expose is the gritty fact that the media and the mainstream outlets do not push these types of images for us. Given this fact, we need to be more vigilant to this and do better and more than our counterparts. Remember growing up when your parents told you that you had to work twice as hard just because of the fact that you were black? Well that mentality should carry over well into adulthood…it’s sad but it’s true…

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    @ Coldt,

    WTF do you mean asians dont calculate those equations in their heads? they do, they’re taught that sh*t from an early age. Like i said, where they’re weak youre strong. Now me being a realist, i’m gonna give you more facts, you arent gonna like it but here it is anyway;

    How do you think asians are able to take a closed storefront in a black neighborhood and open up a thriving business (liquor, market, nails, whatever) the next day? They form financial clicks, 12 asian businessmen will get together and loan another asian businessman the money at exorbant rates to start that business. He in turn charges poor blacks high prices to pay off that loan, and they take the bait.

    Try and get a loan from R. Kelly or Emmitt Perry to open a business…..

    • Rah


      YOU ARE KILLING THEM!!! speak!

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    @ caramel cat,

    thats pretty much what im trying to say. We as blacks have to adopt the ways of other races to stay competitive. three years ago ya’ll never heard of Barack Obama, but guess what, here in Hawaii my parents had. He was able to get accepted to the top private secondary school (Punahou) here in Honolulu that was supposed to be for native hawaiians only. And thats just because his mother pushed him.

    Lets get real, I want one person to name two educational BET shows that air 5 days a week, look at yesterdays thread, you have Public Enemy’s Chuck D spittin’ knowledge on how his group not only makes more money over the net than they ever made while on Def Jam, but also how they can still tour and sell out around the world at age 50. Look at the number of posts, you’ll be disappointed and he’s married to a college professor. You think Gucci and Waka can sell out in japan? They cant even sell out outside the south.

    What i’m saying is poor blacks don’t figure into future plans, you know it and I know it. You have to take the reigns people and demand that your children get a quality education or “they’ll” regret it and you for the rest of they’re lives

    • Caramel Cat™

      Yeah, I completely understood your point. Sure, we have a right to partake in comedic and silly things, but knowing that we are already viewed as ‘less than’ in American society, this should prompt us to do away with falling for the okey doke every time. All most folks need is some jewelry, a car, and a few thousands dollars in their account and they are ready to sell their soul…smh…

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    I’m gonna give ya’ll an example, right now my wife and I are sitting in the lounge at Honolulu airport waiting to catch a flight to Vegas for New Years, (we’re gonna try and bribe someone to get into that Jay Z/Coldplay) show at the Cosmopolitan opening. Sitting right nest to us is an asian couple with two kids that look 5 and 7, both have IPADS, not playstation III’s or portable WII’s, IPADS! And they aint playing games on them, they’re reading.

    Now I’m saying this because the money innercity blacks spend on rims, nails, fake designer sh*t and fastfood far outweighs the cost of two IPADS over the term of 6 months, see what I’m saying? Hell I forgot i said “rims” make that 2 months!

  • Eddie

    Black parents need to be more involved in their children’s scholastic activities. They need to push their children and come to PTA meetings. Unfortunately, they don’t, and that’s why they are last in everything that they do. They are a lost cause!

  • Caramel Cat™


    I do disagree with you about one thing though…it isn’t just the asians who are smart as h3ll…I think ALL foreigners on American college campuses seem smarter…at least that was my experience when I was in college…the foreign Asians, Indians, and Africans seemed to have the math and science game on lock! lol…

  • ReALiSt aka ReALiSt (MiKe ViCk iS LiKe GOD tO PeYtOn ** & ToM ** - WhO BeTTeR ThAn MV7??)

    Stop blaming BET, MTV and other media outlets for your BS – everyone is a product of what they group around and what they are taught… Our woes should be blamed on the destruction of the black families, and the low level educational structures in the inner cities…

    Black people are not dumb, and we can be as smart as any race of people – if not smarter – if given the same opportunities…

    Most of the smartest geniuses that ever lived were not even book smart – but they made up for that doing incredible things….

    F*ck overrated racist Asians, I hate those punk with a pazzion… They’re as racist as white people – if not worse..

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    Asians shouldn’t feel to upity that they are good at such an INFERIOR EDUKATION SYSTEM, KREATED BY PSYCHOPATHS 🙂

  • NoName

    Actually white kids in the Mid West do quite well on these exams.

  • Gr8r

    Pat clearly believes in superior and inferior races. Many Whites do believe that they are inherently intellectual superior to other races. Smh… it really doesn’t matter that psychologist have proven these fools wrong.
    Google: the NYT article “All Brains Are the Same Color.”

    Google:Burukumin IQ and go to the 3rd link along with the 5th “Race & Intelligence:Separating Science From Myth”

    • Gr8r

      To Pat Buchanan:
      Using an individually inherited trait and applying it to an entire group of people is nonsense. The 15pt racial IQ gap between blks and whites is no different than the same IQ gap between 1930 white Americans and today’s white Americans. It’s the environment dummy! Your height is an inherited trait, but the average height of today is significantly taller than the near past! Nature and nurture clearly worked together as today’s enriched environment has provided taller humans. If you want to talk about intelligence pick up a psych book instead of visiting those racist propaganda sites to make yourself feel superior.

  • The one and only "Its6amHoGetOut"

    Sorry Realist, but like I said, “You’re Jr. Varsity”, just talking to lowers my property value. And judging by your refusal to answer a simple question like what university you graduated from proves it. You seem to have that “n*gga gene” on lock.

    • no $hit $herlock !!!!!!

      If AMERICAN blacks don’t start using the TRILLION DOLLARS in disposable income that they control per year, to develop INCOME GENERATING A$$ETS then our kids are going to be the AFTERTHOUGHT in the society.

      The $HIT

    • no $hit $herlock !!!!!!

      If blacks in this country don’t put aside the CHILDISH BULL$HIT that pa$$es for ADULT BEHAVIOR among us, then we had better just do this.

      Sit our kids down and tell them

      “be prepared to be considered the boil on the butt of humanity, because we, your parents, were too g~damn CHILDISH to step up and prepare you to compete”.

      That is EXACTLY what bad parenting is DOING — MAY AS WELL STEP UP AND ADMIT IT TO OUR KIDS.

      I’M TIRED of hearing bull$hit excuses for bad parenting, which produces (surprise, surprise) UNPREPARED KIDS —unprepared to function in school, unprepared to be DECENT CITIZENS, and most of all UNPREPARED TO REAISE ANOTHER GENERATION.

      We need to CUT THIS ‘we came from kings’ bull$hit, and face the DAMN TRUTH.

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