Some Mid-Morning Swirl: George Lucas And His Girlfriend’s Holiday Vacay

- By Bossip Staff

Everybody and they damn mama is in St. Barth’s this hoilday, and George Lucas and his girlfriend Mellody Hobson, were spotted enjoying a nice boat ride.

Mellody doesn’t seem to happy about those shady paps though..see below:


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  • Keep it Real

    LMAO,she’s already rich so it must be love. I can’t belive she’s letting this fat old man bang her all of these years without a ring. Black women SMMFH

    • Black Media=GENOCIDE

      Oh SNAPS!! George got him a Celie from Color Purple looking bish!! Girl, be like Shug and get that ring!!!!

    • precious

      She must have Really Low Self Esteem, He looks like her Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Grand-Dad, No Way Hosea.

  • nana

    Oreo love…beautiful thing it is!

  • I'm so sick of ghetto trash trying to rep REAL black folk!

    @keep it real…..
    maybe she does not want to get married. And are you seriously saying because she’s black thats the reason why not… simply cuz blacks dont marry? So white/asian/latino’s ALL get married…. GTFOH!!!

    Ignorant fools who have obviously never left the hood… SMDH!

    • Keep it Real

      I left the hood a long time ago hun. What about you. Question, When did real black folk ie young intelligent black women start letting old fat white men bang their azz’s just for the fun? When did any group of young intelligent attractive young women of any race start letting old fat white men fyck them for years just for the hell of it?

  • sneeke1

    Why should they get married??Neither of them probably want any kids so why do they need to get married. If they are committed to each other and their relationship works…I say let it ride. Plus, she’s a very smart women…I’m sure she is setup nicely if anything was to go wrong.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Gf? I thought they were married? Oh well & #thatisall# lol

  • Rick

    Go George, I love it.

  • DQC_Sucks

    They are married.

    • Sandra

      They are not married, but they are in a long term relationship. The marriage rumor started on some BW/WM interracial relationship blogs.

  • Bobbie

    His girlfriend is an accomplished business woman and business owner in her own right

  • Ashlyn

    @”Keep it Real” Ohhhhh shut the fu©k up dude

  • MzFitt

    It’s always one person to create an identity and then talk a lot of $HIT!

  • southern twist

    @ south central

    please keep dumb comments to self white men look for different qualities in women unlike ignorant black men besides skin color in mates such as intelligence motatvation qualities ….. their place in society is already set unlike black males sweety whom they try to impress while looking like jokes

  • drenk

    i always thought GL was a-s3xual, didnt like either

  • Mela

    I didn’t know they were still together.

  • ThawtProvoKING

    LOL! This is one fucced up thread. I don’t know what’s funnier; the fact that some you black women look for validation through some white boys or the fact that some of these brothas actually are commenting like we all give a fucc about who you date. Read my lips black women, if you find love elsewhere, please go on. Just leave the bullshyt comments to yourself. All races of men have azzholes and rapists. I say go for it, then maybe when the white boys dogs you out, you can stop proclaiming them as the world’s best suitors for BW. Remember, regardless of whom you end up with, always love yourself first. Trust me, not all brothas give a shyt if you date white boys. I’m a black man married to a beautiful sista… I got mine, go get yours and STFU already….

  • Kamille Mosberg

    I love Black Women !!!!!!!!!!!


    I love to see any and all races mix. If it wasn’t intended to happen GOD would have made it so we could only reproduce with in the same race as he did with other species. So stop all the hate it only shows how insecure you are with your own nationality!

  • theblackCanadian

    lol i’m gonna play devil’s advocate here :): Why is it these same dudes worship white women but when they see a black woman with a white man they start acting like some wimpy negroes?


    Damnn he got him a natural black women, no make up no weave and no cuteness.

  • Michelle

    You could’nt pay Robert De Niro to date a white woman lol!

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