Yo’ Girl Has Gone Wild: Joe Francis Wife Splits His Azz Only 1 Month Into Marriage!

- By Bossip Staff

The Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has lost his wife already. Damn dog, guess that b*tch they call Karma done came fo’ yo’ a** huh? It’s all good, we’re sure there are plenty of fish in your sea.

Joe Francis and longtime girlfriend Christina McLarty were just married last month, but she has already had enough, according to Radaronline.com.

A source tells the website that Christina “moved out of their Bel Air home and into her mother’s house” and the couple may already be considering a divorce.

The ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder reportedly dished about his marital troubles during Bruce and Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas eve party.

“He was talking about the details of the separation openly while at the Kardashian holiday party,” the source told Radar. “Christina moved out a bit after Thanksgiving.” No word on whether there was a prenup or what will happen to Christina’s $500,000 ring.

He bought this broad a $500,000 ring!?!? Man we sure hope Joe got that prenup poppin, because in the illustrious words of the great Kanye West: “When she leave yo’ a**, she gon leave with HALF”.


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  • Bri

    Here comes G.M. in 5, 4, 3, 2… Lol


    Reason number one to throw a chick in the river: She’s married to you for a month and leaves with HALF. HECK NO!

  • Chaka1

    The Kartrahians leaked this story…

  • G.M.

    @bri: u already know lol but this one might not really count but still this goes to marriage isnt what its cracked up to be, nothin more than a female retirement plan lol

    @ihatebrokeppl: i dont think she’ll get half, even without a prenup, marriage didnt last long enough…also if he had to pay alimony it would only be 2 weeks worth…alimony paid out is for half the time ur married…so if ur married for 8yrs the woman gets 4yrs of alimony payments but if ur married for 10 its a lifetime

    • derek.d

      D*mn! Good to KNOW! Who are you and how can I subscribe to your newsletter? =)

      I may get married after all… and divorced after 9.5 years. (grin)

    • G.M.

      @derek d: lol…be careful about that, u shouldn’t wait until then, divorces can take up to 2yrs to be finalized and im sure lawyers know how to drag out proceedings so u get to that 10yr mark…i get all my knowledge about marriage from a radio show called the tom leykis show, u can listen to it for free on utube…tom leykis 10 year gut check is the one about how men need to decide if they want to stay married before the 10yr mark or they’ll owe their b1tch of a wife money forever…great show 4 men/women u should check it out rather than that dumb book 4rm the last post

    • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

      Your comments as well as your way to analyze everything is rather entertaining hehe 🙂

  • get em paid!

    @ GM
    When gay marriage is apppoved what kind of retirement will you call thoes divorces? Lol

    • G.M.

      dont think gay marriage will be legal nationwide becuz of women, money and the way the court system is set up lol…there’s a gay couple in texas that got married but cant get divorced becuz gay marriage isn’t recognized there or some stupid reason they gave em, so their stuck married and i dont think the gov’t wants to allow gays to marry/divorce cuz it will mess up there cash cow business of divorce

  • Ellimac25

    The marriage was fake so there will be no divorce. Smart dude. Except for that ring she’s fixin to sell

  • icdollaz

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