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Happy New Year, billie goats! This is your time of year and who could ask for a better year, numerically: 1.1.11? We swung into the Capricorn’s zodiacal cycle last week which was, likely, a picturesque, snow covered, good time. Just like the crisp chill in the air, the Capricorn is a part of life that is always on time, inevitable and necessary for life to move on produce new fruits. Even as children, Capricorns are refined, observant and possess a strong ambition and determination for success and stability which people mistake as being shrewd or oddly conventional. But, the misunderstanding comes with their need for structure, in which they function best! So, wishy-washy, indecisive, unreliable and irresponsible individuals are automatically scratched from their personal and social realm – regardless of the relationship – friend or family, any of the aforementioned is unacceptable. Despite their direct, forward and well-planned approach to life, they are some of the most humorous people! The capricorn will keep you in stitches with their candid and casually dry sense of humor, which can become mean-spiritied and hurtful if you become a target of this astral sign’s wrath.

Capricorn’s zodiac symbol is the goat and the similarities between this animal and those that fall under this sign are astounding. Like the goat, the Caps are normally introverted — or classified as the loner type — quirky and most comfortable by themselves. Reason being: they aren’t too quick to trust folks, so, instead of taking a chance, they keep to themselves. Another goat-like trait that tends to be recurring is their love of the outdoors — true lovers of nature. They will take a hike up a hillside, run for miles or take in the beauty of nature and it’s surroundings sitting by a lake or during a stroll through the park. This zodiac sign is a true adventurer and is not above being a nomad, wondering around the world to fulfill the depths of their cultural explorations. But if the goat is too extreme, they are prone to become comfortable with being lonely and, as a result, they come off as socially awkward or “out there.” But, again, they make you wonder what’s on their mind because, undoubtedly, it WILL be interesting!

If you are so lucky to have one the most complex zodiacs in your life, you can hang your hat on that person being a dependable, sturdy partner. Once they are committed to a relationship, they are constantly working to keep their union a smooth operational unit and making it better. They are extremely loyal to their partners and it took some time for the Capricorn to allow that person into their intimate space, so for them, it is to be considered a privilege not to be forsaken or betrayed. If you cross that line with them, the goat will instantly become closed off and unresponsive … and they can give a mean silent treatment like no other! And when they do finally open their mouthes to express the pain you’ve cause, you better be ready pick your face, ego and pride off the floor … and sometimes the damage is irreparable. Sex with the Capricorn is truly an adventure and experimental, their sexual prowess matches their attitude towards any other endeavor: success is the only option and their eyes stay on the prize. They take their time with their lover to learn what they like and how to best deliver it … regardless of location. Yes, location — there are no boundaries to when and where! The office, the car, in the park under the stars, the kitchen … if there’s space and opportunity, why not? The Capricorns are often very playful in the bedroom, indulging and fulfilling each others fantasies and exploring the pleasures that sex brings. Anyone who has had the experience of loving on a Cap enjoyed every moment of their blissful splendor! And with every one of those moments, his/her message was clear: my love is true.

My sister is a Capricorn and she is crazy! If you cross her, she will strike you with mighty force and turn green! And grow muscles! She is such a square and is extremely anal but she’s a really great person. If I had to place my sister in a category of some sort, I would say that she is a no nonsense kind of person and she could really loosen up sometimes but when she does, she’s a lot of fun! Another thing I wish I could do is take her shopping and edge up her style a little bit but if I did, I don’t believe she would be cool with the colors and pieces she should wear! Her body is gorgeous but she’s so “plain Jane.” I love her. She’s great but it’s a good thing we live states away, for sure. Otherwise, we would always fight like we did when we were little girls. – Melinda, 28

I’m a Capricorn and so is my wife so we butt heads all the time! I didn’t realize how much of control freak she is until we got married! She is incredible! As much as she drives me crazy, I love her just as much. My life wouldn’t function properly without her because she’s very organized and takes deadlines seriously and I do too. There are definitely times where, when I fall short in that arena, she can take the wheel and I don’t have to worry about it because we’re kind of type A. We’re always on the same page in that respect. Our sex life is very active and we always make time to do what we do. We might drive up to the mountains and ski for a weekend, go see a movie or lay around the house naked together. She still turns me all the way on after 8 ling years and I keep her content also. I’m confident of that. – Jabril, 35

The Capricorns that I know, I either hate them or love them! My son is a Capricorn and he used to get his a*s handed to him by his sisters all the time. He is very manipulative, bossy, stingy, cheap and my girls weren’t having it! They broke him down through the years and I think, because of them, he’s a little more tolerable of other people’s circumstance. He can be very judgmental and cruel but we had to really check it before it got out of control, you know. He’s 21 now and he’s a really good guy, in terms of how he treats women and friends but I often wonder if he didn’t have his sisters, how much of an a*shole he’d be. I love my son with all my heart and he knows that but he learned the hard way that he is not above or better than anyone. – Gail, 44

I am a Capricorn and I think I’m the freakiest of them all! Nobody can top some of the things that I’ve done and I know it. I like adventure play and toys — handcuffs, hot candle wax and light bondage — you know, that kind of thing! What I don’t think people realize about us it that we have a dark side and if anybody could pull off leading a double life, it would be us Capricorns! There’s not a whole lot that I wouldn’t try at least once and never see or speak to that person again in my life! Don’t be fooled by our schoolgirl exterior because we can hang with the best of the best. I’m just saying! – Nicole, 30

Shouts out to all the Capricorns this year! Happy birthday and make it a good one!

Happy New Year, Bossip Fam! Have a blast and please be safe!

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