Elton John And Husband Already Working On Baby #2

- By Bossip Staff

These fellas sure work fast…they just popped out lil Zachary last week:

Sir Elton John and David Furnish are considering plans to become parents to a second child. The couple’s son Zachary was born only a week ago, on Christmas Day, but friends say the pair have already discussed adding to their family. They say that film producer Mr Furnish – who has two brothers, Peter and John – is particularly keen for Zachary to have a brother or sister.
And 2013 has already been pencilled in as a possible date for the new arrival.

One friend said: ‘Elton and David are both revelling in parenthood. They feel that it has been a true blessing in their lives. ‘David, in particular, now wants more children. As one of three brothers himself, he believes it is important that Zachary is not an only child. ‘He and Elton have already been discussing it and David, especially, believes they should not wait too long.’

It is believed that Sir Elton, 63, and Mr Furnish, 48, have been pleased with the service provided by the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) in Encino, California, which arranged the birth. As a result, it is likely that the same firm would be used for a future child. Zachary was born with the donor egg of one woman before a different woman acted as surrogate. According to CSP, couples often use the same surrogate and donor combination again for a second child, so that the second one is still biologically related to the first, even if the other man’s sperm is used. Also, in high-profile cases, if the surrogate has maintained confidentiality then celebrities would regard her as even less of a risk the second time.

Well, good for them…SMH.


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  • big c

    wow just wow but hey the child will grow up rich with no worries but then turn to drugs and get in trouble with the law like a lot of celebrity kids do.


    UHHUH How about you make sure you can handle one child first, ya’ll too old to be having 5 kids running around.

  • Kissiie Kissiie

    hahahaha omg bug eye lolzss

  • TRUFF IS...

    Elton did marry….he is an abomination

  • juliemango

    These 2 may have gotten married in canada!!!

  • pat

    Can’t say I agree…howeverf straight people arfe so intimidated by gays. ..why do u care?

  • tani

    Stfu!!!! That baby is going to grow up with 2 loving parents! How many of you black pos’ can say the same??!! Half of y’all have probably had 2..3..4 abortions before the age of 18 and y’all are mad that someone actually wants to have and raise a family!!?? Morons!!

    • brianna bermudez

      And your comment is no better than the homophobes above. I hate a hypocrite.

  • vikkiejay

    His lover looks like Forrest Gump.

    • Sha

      lol he does!

  • purple love

    @tani y bother? Don’t get yourself all worked up homophobia is like racism it can’t be cured and should be ignored

  • WhatWhat?

    Homophobia is nothing like racism since homosexuality is an abomination while racism is mental conditioning.

  • tani

    Woww..this ignorance is saddening. You honestly think people choose to be gay?! You think someone would choose to be made fun of and chastised by society? Its almost as ignorant as saying someone chooses to be black. Half of y’all are probably down low brothers anyway!! I think its amazing that these MEN are bringing children into this world and are actually RAISING THEM!! HOW MANY OF YOU CAN SAY THE SAME?? YOUR MOTHERS PROBABLY DONT EVEN KNOW WHO YOUR FATHERS ARE!!

  • tani

    And smh @ smh’s comment. A child doesn’t need two loving parents?!?! Really u moronnnnnnnn!!?? I bet you don’t even know who ur father is.

  • if anything be noble

    *side eyes Octomom* … and Kate

  • tani

    And who the hell said the baby was black HUH?


  • get em paid!

    @de sade
    Ur speaking truth to power! A man knows another man most females will not listen when one tells her about another bs! Specifically those who live in denial yet sometimes unknowningly participating. Anyway your right! Elton and hubby are plotting using their wealth. Again, GOD AIN’T SLEEP!

  • anyways!!!

    Elton John needs to sit his ash down. He is to old to be having kids. The child is just going to be another spoiled drug addicted brat that is going to be in the tabloids. Ho Sit Down.

  • mixed bad chick

    Ugh. I’m going to be sick. This is gross! Sorry, but Thts my opinion. I do not believe in homosexuality. I swear I don’t need the angry responses from gay men or women. I luv all ppl gay or straight but I’m very aware tht its wrong and the world is messed up now. We will c what happens in the end. Oh and I’m not a Christian or holy roly poly, but I do believe we got here by other means than ourselves becuz we still don’t know how to create a universe on our own so all the atheists can kick rocks. If there is no god and we can just do what we want then why can’t man even create a fly from scratch, or a mosquito, tht shld be simple right. Since they claim humans control all things.

  • mixed bad chick

    @real talk
    I feel sorry for u. U seem unhappy and broken by the world. I bet u would do anything sum1 suggested. Everyone who doesn’t feel homosexuality is right is not a Christian. U really sound lost and open for anything.



      Don’t you come at me sideways you half-breed b!tch.

      I find it funny that I’m being called “lost” by a watered down mutt.

      Let’s put it this way, I’d rather be BLACK and lost than a mulatto mess. Your azz doesn’t even know what you are, on here talkin bout some “mixed bad chick” like that shiz is cute.

      Well I’ll tell you what, we can send all the gays off to an island somewhere as long as we send the half breed mulatto mutts off with them.

  • mixed bad chick

    Oh yeah, just so u know I’m married and find nothing great about a man finding a man as a mate. Tht is sic.

  • tani

    @ mixed bad chick stfuuuu! Lmaoo no one wants to hear your concept of mosquito birth!

    None of you have given me a valid reason as to why your sooo upset that a man is raising his child (yes, his child..surrogate mother aholessss)??!

    I never get involved in blog type messaging but y’all are retarded! You would think, as a black race, you would be more accepting of those on the totem pole. Especially since y’all are beneath the gays.

    • v

      Tani it’s useless, that’s why i rarely read the comments…this site is full of ignorant a** negroes…

  • brianna bermudez

    @ tani (aka TROLL) – Why are you getting so worked up? Nobody has to be accepting of anything if they don’t want to. It’s obvious you aren’t black, so don’t tell us what we should be more accepting of. You need to STFU. We get you don’t like blacks, but do you realize this is a site aimed towards blacks. For someone who has such a negative view on the black race, I wouldn’t think you’d be spending so much time on this website getting so heated over nothing. You look so pathetic right now which leads me to believe your just a no life loser. Your lowest of the low.

    PS: I know who both my parents are and I’m getting scholarships to some of the most prestigious colleges in the country and your here. Go do something productive with your life and society in general. 😛

  • Trent + Gay = Trentaye

    Tani, I’m not sure of your race… given you’re not SUPER IGNORANT I’m sure you’re not black. Know this: black people don’t collectively own or control anything but their mouths!! Black people are too busy worring about who’s GAY and who’s going to HELL to be concerned with getting out of poverty. I’m hoping more white people build more prisons to help wipe away the ugly BLACK GREASE that most black people are. I hate str8 black people bcuz they are such hypocrites. Please DONOT be worried about the dumbazz negroes on this site, America is taking care of them with DRUGS, GANGS & PRISON.

    -A gay black man.

    • v

      Preach brotha!

  • Dcgal

    Completely unnatural situation from beggining to end.

    • Whatev

      Thank you. And I always wonder if a child conceived this way (donors, money exchanged, test tubes, no love) is a real human so to speak, with a soul.

  • BossLady

    wow how sad that a black man hates his own race so much that u wish genocide and prison and even DEATH on us….u know i get tired of black folks who are so self righteous that u cant even try to enlighten the lost among us….stop down talking and EDUCATE someone….smh….and for the record, i dont support two men or two women having and raising a baby….i dont care what methods they used, its not scientifically possible for them to do it….but i refuse to judge because its not my place to in the end….we all have to be accountable for our own actions in this world…but gay black man, as much as you hate us, you are one of us so dont get too high on that pedestal sweetie….its obvious u were shunned because of ur lifestyle and now u hate all black people but dont forget ur mother is black….

  • tani

    Lmfaoo @ Briana ‘bermudez’ calling me a troll..smh..if only you knew darlinggggg! Scholarships to some of the most prestigious schools?? Lmaooo..wtf does that have to do with anything? It only proves your an ignorant with a degree?

    And if im such a loser blogger..why are u responding to me?!? What does that say about u hun?? You say your doing something productive and im here? Lol..where r u?? Right here along side me!

    I call patrolling the streets of NYC arresting fools like you productive..and I have a quota to meet tonight..so where will you be? Lmaooo!

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