Jesus Take The Wheel: Florida Father Stabs His Six-Year-Old Son After Watching Fireworks On New Year’s Eve

- By Bossip Staff

This is sad:

A father has been accused of attempted murder after allegedly stabbing his six-year-old son more than 20 times. Police say Xavier Thomas knifed the boy, also called Xavier, after they had watched a New Year’s Eve fireworks display together near their home in Tampa, Florida. The boy was taken to St Joseph’s Hospital but his injuries are not said to be life-threatening. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said Thomas was being held without bail in Hillsborough County jail.

Today it emerged the alleged attacker had been suffering from psychiatric problems after watching two friends shot dead in separate incidents. His grandmother, Yvonne Mickles, said: ‘One of the boys died in his arms.’ She said of the attack on Xavier Jr: ‘That baby was an innocent bystander. I’ve talked to God and thanked God so much that he saved that baby, spared that baby’s life.’ Police say Thomas was not married to the boy’s mother and did not have custody of the child.

Good thing little Xavier wasn’t hurt…hopefully big Xavier is getting some help…pronto!!


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    • Susan

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      I kno u don’t believe that Yolanda…dont let the ignorance of others influence your thought process. If people know these people are crazy why not help them get help? And I sho as hell wouldn’t leave them around no kids.

  • big c

    Wow good thing little man survived the attack . But for the father there is no excuse for what he did seeing his friends die should have empowered him to raise his son right and protect him for the fools of this world. Now this young man will be scared for many years .

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Damn shame

  • TOY

    Im speechless. Sad. The whole situation is sad.


    Why do we wait till something of this magnitude happens before we ask for help, they knew this man was suffering from mental illness long before this happened.

  • yolanda

    i hate dark skin black men. they are naturally crazy and don’t respect life.

    • big c

      you are the dumbest woman on this planet . you are lower then dog shi- to make a comment like that .

    • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

      BigC…NOT trying to come down on ya..but real talk, civilly…why did you respond that way??? Do you not realize this is the stuff BM say about BW on MB’s and rappers interviews and songs and are broadcasting to the world now about people like ya grandma, mom and sisters, aunties..

      How Black women are ugly, and evil and too much attitudue…esp the non-mixed YT ones…

      reverse the gender of what she posted and insert “BW” and this is the EXACT 2010 Mantra of BM about his Black women that look like him…same genetic fiber..

      yet when some respond viscerally as you did..get labeled being “Bitter’…

      man some male blacks are fickle as hayle with tunnel vision and are hypocrites even

    • big c

      I can care less what rappers or other people say . Those are not my thoughts of black women period we all have minds use them and stop labeling people because of the action of a few.

  • 7lady

    I kno u don’t believe that Yolanda…dont let the ignorance of others influence your thought process. If people know these people are crazy why not help them get help? And I sho as hell wouldn’t leave them around no kids.

  • I'm sorry, what?

    @MISS ME WIT DAT BULLSH#T & Nizzle Vheee,

    WELL SAID guys, & I couldn’ve said it better myself, CO-SIGN 1000%!

  • NaturalBeauty

    Lord take the wheel, what is wrong with people??? If you knew this fool was suffering for mental issues then he should have never been left alone with a child. Twit me at NaturalbeautyEP

  • Mondi

    Poor boy, thank God the boy is still alive. But he should’nt have been left alone with his father since the father is having lose of his sanity.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    Glad the lil boy will physically survive and hope they get the kid some therapy…because he now lives with the reality memory that his Daddy stabbed him attempted to kill him… wow..and sad…that’s heavy burden to bear….

  • I'm sorry, WHAT????

    What about Andrea Yates (a Caucasian woman), whom drowned & killed her FIVE babies. Or Susan Smith (a Caucasian woman) who BRUTALLY murdered her 2 boys, by PURPOSELY leaving them strapped in their seat-belts & pushing her car into the river, leaving her babies 2 drown 2 their deaths, & if that wasn’t bad enough, she LIED 2 the Authorities (fake tears & all), by blaming it on a non-existent, DARK complexted black man….So what was her excuse? I’m not trynna make white folks look bad, I’m just simply holding up a ‘WAKE THE F*CK UP/REALITY CHECK’ mirror, reminding self-hating, brainwashed folks like urself, that race & complexion has absolutely NOTHING 2 do w/ a persons sanity status! CRAZY IS JUST CRAZY….like people who think that only dark-skinned  people r “bad” people, who don’t care about life, those people (u) are crazy & need SERIOUS therapy. Sweetie, u CLEARY suffer from a bad case of Uncle Ruckus Syndrome….You (right along w/ this^ man), needs help.

  • Chester

    If he didn’t want to see New Years, he should stabbed himself not his son. This just pitiful! 😦

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    Why is it that everytime on of these psychotic black mrn hurt their children the first thing everyone does is to blame everyone aorund him?? Is a day ever going to come when you ignorant b@stards lay the blame where the blame is due: WITH THE VIOLENT BLACK MAN?? Now if a mother of any race, namely black, had done this the blame would be laid where it is due – with the mother. So why do you ignorant b@stards always insist on blaming everyone aorund the black man for his sicknesses?? This is the sick b@stards problem now – to many willing to condone his sick behaviors and in the mean time all that suffers is the black woman and the black child… So what this piece of garbage witnessed a murder. People witness murders everyday!! PLENTY of people witness musders and don’t become a stabbing maniac threat to their children.. C’mon now people – we must do better!!

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      I have noticed this in my lifetime as well. An ex of mine was never raised to take responsibility for his actions. His Momma, or some female (girlfriends, friends, etc.) always swept up his daxn messes for him in life and of course he grew up not knowing how to be responsible. Not only was he fiscally irresponsible but s*xually and many other ways as well. I am by no means saying that all black men are this way or all us women are mess cleaners. But I will say to those women/men raising boys, teach them to be responsible (girls too but I know more responsible girls than guys, unfortunately) and be held accountable for their actions, because if you don’t it handicaps them when they grow up in the real world. Everyone, men and women, need to learn to be responsible for themselves and stop looking for people to clean your shyt or take care of you so you can continue to leech and be a user. Shyt is tacky as hell.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    This is a sad situation and I agree that someone else knew this man was unstable and should have spoke up before the child was left alone with him. This truly is a daxn shame.

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  • vikkiejay

    The ignorance is astounding…SMH. Humans all over the world are suffering from mental sickness and spiritual starvation…black, white, red, yellow and in between. Those of us who believe need to stay in the word and prayed up! If we know someone aint right in the head DON’T let your kids around them! PROTECT you children,,, very FEW people eatch my daughter because YOU NEVER KNOW! I am sick to my stomach because what happened to protecting children at all cost? How could anyone hurt a child? WE as a people and as a nation need to make changed yes,,, but this isn’t a light/dark black/white issue. It is Satan trying to take as many of us as he can before his time is up! If only we would let Jesus take the wheel in our hearts…

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    @ Mr. Big C

    Thanks and appreciate your honesty..and opinion…

    • big c

      You are welcome my first response was harsh as I look back . I was just pissed at what she wrote we have to stop blaming people for the action of a few. I love black woman and I have had my bad share those few women will not change my view for all black women . Same thing goes for men don’t allow one person to change your views instead learn from the mistake and move on.

  • Anti Jemima

    The dad looks like kanye West.

  • Hussein lied

    It’s 2011 all you blk church going, liberation theology believing blks with white names on here need to get new names. You preach all this king & queen BS YET you have a white name, a f’n white name!! What kind of king does that?? What kind??

    • Marquis de Sade

      Uhhh, when did B*ooker T become a white name?

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    soooo the fireworks gave him a flashback of the gunshots? thank God that child is ok!!

  • southern twist

    i see it to black men blame EVERYONE when its them i saw other threads about black women it was always her fault but when its a black man its everyone else how pathetic

  • wuteva

    Crazy comes in all colors…prayers going up for the baby

  • 7lady

    Thanku Big C. It is absolutely pathetic how people on here down both black men and black women. To use such broad statements on a whole group of people. There are fCked up black men and women. And there are good black men and women. Thanku Big C for understanding that. I love black men and aint no way in hell I’m bashing them as a whole. Now I might say Pookie on the corner aint sh*t but never my whole race of black men.

  • nwilson

    @ Marquis de Sade. You are in need of some serious counseling. So, if I were you, I would hurry up and take a seat in that lounging chair before the people around you woke up to you standing over them butchering them to death!

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