Random Ridiculousness: Man Attempts To Commit Suicide By Jumping Out Window, Lands In Big Pile Of Garbage Instead

- By Bossip Staff

This sounds like a case of “when trying to off yourself goes wrong”:

A despondent West Side man took a leap out of his ninth-floor window this afternoon — but was saved when he landed onto a huge pile of garbage that’s been collecting since New York’s devastating post-Christmas blizzard, officials said. Vangelis “Angelo” Icapatos, 26, apparently attempted his death leap at 12:04 p.m. from a building on W. 45th St. between 8th and 9th avenues, police said. Icapatos landed on his back and was taken to Bellevue Hospital.

A worker at the building said Icapatos is a resident at the building on the ninth floor. “I can’t believe the garbage broke his fall,” said an astounded neighbor, Ingrid Suprock, 26, who lives next door.
“I guess the trash saved the guy.”

For the first time in a torturous week, what has been going all wrong, finally went right. Collecting trash has been piling up around the city — as sanitation workers try to catch up with snow removal that has bogged down the city since the day after Christmas. But with Mother Nature helping to melt the 20 inches that got dumped in the devastating blizzard, the city has been turning its attention to the gathering garbage — untouched since the storm. “It’s been out here all week,” Suprock said of the trash out in front of the victim’s building, and others along the block.


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    HA LMAO!!! I’m sorry but that is frggin hilarious!!! {not the suicide attempt}

    • MsLabelsofLust

      this is to funny..i guess he now knows it wasn’t his day to die..lucky bastard..

    • DollBaby1o1

      But d@mn at least inject an air bubble into your vein …who really wants to become a broken boned and bloody


      I couldn’t even take an a$$ whipping back in the day. I cried as soon as I heard the belt buckle jiggle.

  • Dr Black

    God is truly amazing.

    • WOW


  • big c

    god works in many ways you just never know when he will step in and say I am not done with you yet I still need you .

  • nymphis

    How you fall that far and land on ciaras cd?

    • al

      LOL!…sooo wrong

    • Nicolette


      *moonwalks into grave*

    • Just Sayin

      Oh dam…

    • Lisibaby


  • Queens

    I KNEW IT WOULD BE A PUERTORICAN! ha! Dumber than dirt.

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  • Ms.T

    @nymphis DEAD! You aint right YOU AINT RIGHT!!!!! LMFAO

  • Niasia

    Life will tell you when it is through with you. I hope he can get help. I hope this tragedy can be used to save others.

  • IKnowRite

    ……….I do hope that his friends “didn’t TRASH his good name”…….lol

    But on a serious tip, isn’t this apart of their daily lives????? too much garbarge, too many people in the apartment, too many refrigerators, too many mattresses, too many cars with big wheels out front?

    why should this day be any different than any other? stop the excuses and the madness people and get a life!

    • DollBaby1o1


  • 7lady

    That fool aint kno God decides when he ready for you to come home. And that’s exactly why I don’t like Ny…no disrespect to the people who live there. But it stinks. I was just there this August and whatn no damn snow and garbage was piled up and stankin.

  • DollBaby1o1



    Well, since he’s going out he might as well do something useful along the way!

    Go and hustle me a Bentley or something mane since you got so much energy yet feel so useless.

  • Unico

    who commits suicide in winter?

  • bouyant

    wasn’t his time to go.

  • Jamez "Big Poppa" Chamberlain

    What a loser.

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