Twin Infants Critically Injured When A$$hole Cabbie Jumps A Curb

- By Bossip Staff

Prayers go out to the Mechuca family as they wait for the news from doctors about the condition of their infant children.

Twin 9-month-old boys were seriously injured yesterday in Brooklyn when a livery cab smashed into a parked minivan, jumped the curb and ran into their stroller, police said.

Patricia Mechuca, 21, was pushing her sons, Gustavo and Daniel, on Fourth Avenue near 44th Street in Sunset Park at around 1:15 p.m. when the livery cab lost control, her friend said.

“We were about to leave. I went upstairs and two minutes later, I heard the crash,” said the pal, Ismael Remigio.
Mechuca was visiting from Baltimore with her husband to celebrate the new year with his family.

She, her babies, the driver and three passengers were rushed to Lutheran Hospital. One of the twins was in critical condition with head trauma. The other six were in stable condition.

The cabby, Gregorio Patino, 57, was charged with driving without a license, reckless driving and imprudent speed.

THIS muhfuggas GOTS to go to jail for a lonnnnnng time! How the hell you driving a cab with no license??? SMH Definitely the way to start the new year.


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  • Just Sayin


    I pray that they get well soon.

  • Chris Brown #1 fan

    This is ridiculous man. Why are these owners allowing these cabs to drive without liscenses. And why don’t they have a policy to check the validity of their liscense on a quarterly basis at least. He needs to do hard time man, and the company needs to be sued. I pray that everyone whow as hurt recovers.

  • icdollaz

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  • sowhatyall

    a cab driver with no license to drive…smh

    prayers to all the innocent bystanders struck by the reckless driver

  • 7lady

    I pray that baby be alright. Don’t make no damn sense. His azz in some deep sh*t. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he was drinkn. How the hell you gone jump the curb?

  • Nizzle Vheee

    The owners of the livery cabs better get some of the blame! The roads are too slick in BK still for anyone to be driving like it’s the summertime! If this driver had a license then maybe he would know that crowded streets+fast driving+ice and snow on the ground is a recipe for death! Hope he gets the maximum as well as the owners who would employ someone willing to put so many lives in danger for a $12.75 fare.

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