Dirty Dog Diaries: Naomi Campbell’s “Fiance” Spent Christmas With His Wife And Kids

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend aka fiance is following in Diddy’s footsteps…According to the NY Post, Naomi Campbell’s Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, spent Christmas with his wife, Ekaterina, his daughter, Katia, and his mother-in-law before he jetted off for New Year’s with the supermodel.

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  • Sydney

    I’m sure he was with her on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. And when did they get engaged?? I guess he finally gonna do the right thing and settle down with her.

    • Judy Beaudoin

      “Doing the right thing . . .”
      Would be to honor his marriage vows and parental responsibilities and NOT give in to his selfish LUST.

      Your Mama and Grandma would be sad at your lack of moral fiber. A ‘good person’ does not run off with a beautiful HO and forget he promised to honor his wife until death do us part.

      Go back to church and show your pastor what you said – he/she will straighten you out.

  • Keep it Real

    I thought black men only do black women like this. I’m sure this is the black man fault, some how.

    • HeyYaaaa


      you ABM need therapy

    • Thaddious

      Keep It Real’s just being sarcastic. Can’t you see that?

      And why’s this a story? He spent Christmas with his baby and the mother – That’s what’s best for the kid.

  • nyob

    A fiance and a wife! Must be nice for him. I wonder when the wedding will be because the wife has already made it clear that it ain’t happening cause she is not divorcing him.

    • jayluv

      thats right wifey…you hang on to the bag of moola when he’s dead….you can hang in there.

  • HeyYaaaa

    get it gurl the worst white man is still 100% better than the best black man

    • Thaddious

      Oh, now I see – Disregard what I said about sarcasm, you’re clearly too ignorant to grasp irony.

    • NappyRN

      LMBO @BoomBoomRoom. You made me fall out of my chair. Crazy!

  • HeyYaaaa

    Naomi need to be writing a book instead of Karrin Stephans cause Naomi stay with wealthy white men get it gurl

    • Boomboomroom

      STFU hoe!! So your life’s ambition is to be a jump-off to some White. Typical, stripper hoe mentality. You are a MESS!! Now go collect your dollar bills and get off the stage.

    • RHONYC



    JUST like back in slavary he has has white family then he has the bedwench he sleeps with at night!

    • http://www.showmestate.com 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS (A SPADE IS A SPADE)

      lol! Superboy Im going to beat your azz…. with a spelling book! rotfl. I love you.

  • Boomboomroom

    This bish has ghettogagged for just about every White boy in Hollyweird and beyond. I can just imagine the locker room jokes them White dudes be telling eachother about her nappy duggout.

    • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


  • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


  • Talk2me

    Why are there so many Negative comments when a black woman is swirling but when a black man does it, people act like he hit the f*ckin lottery or something?!?!

    • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


    • Keep it Real

      Fyck who you want to fyck. It’s not the Swirl. Swirl is cool. But, look at the situation. One of the supposedly most beautiful black women in the world with a great body who is independently wealthy is a publicly acknowledged jump off. Don’t you think it’s at best, ironic?

    • http://www.showmestate.com 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS (A SPADE IS A SPADE)

      @KEEP IT REAL: One of the supposedly most beautiful black women in the world with a great body who is independently wealthy is a publicly self acknowledged jump off. Don’t you think it’s at best, ironic?

      Im CERTAINLY not condoning her actions, but you must keep in mind, it was white men that MADE her rich and successful. Furthermore, they’re ALL doing exactly what she’s doing. She’s just the dumb azz to do it publicly. (shrugs)

  • Rob (Certified Hater)

    Thats how white males do it financially you silly negros. The difference is that the money stays in the white/Jew community and you n1gers stay in your place. Naomi isnt seeing a red cent outside of a few nickles that homie throws her way. At the end of the day his wife will be getting all if not half of this mans cash, thats balling the white mans way. My brothas gotta learn, if you have becky inclinations, cheat on your wives, dont wife up beckys. Life is about putting money in the right groups hands so that they can be successful and repress the rest. Only dumb n1gers willingly give their money to the opposite team.

    • Thaddious

      But if you suggest that black men cheat on their wives with Becky’s, how does that help our community?

      (I won’t call my people by a name that’s an analogue to death – Negro is derived from Necros – shortening Negro doesn’t change that truth)

      But you speak true, black people need to focus on keeping money in their communities instead of spending it on white people. I travel twice as far to spend money in black-owned businesses.

    • white male

      wow when you put it like that Rob maybe i shouldn’t spend money at black business’

  • Keep it Real

    Fyck who you want to fyck. It’s not the Swirl. Swirl is cool. But, look at the situation. One of the supposedly most beautiful black women in the world with a great body who is independently wealthy is a publicly self acknowledged jump off. Don’t you think it’s at best, ironic?

    • BarGolf

      And you imagine what black women would be writing if this was a black man running up behind a white woman like this just because she has money ….. to funny naomi.

  • LadyB

    I have to agree with Rob on this one. Most rich white men, who have kids pretty much will not marry a black women, unless the kids are by her. Black women if you date outside of your race, just choose wisely, unless your happy being the other women.

  • Kimberly


  • lexi

    Really?! I read somewhere she was doing just Joseph (who has a thing for black and Spanish women), not Ralph. Oh well.

  • cmncmdh

    So I guees the couple of dollars he gives her is worth her soul. No matter if his wife is happy with it or not. Thats why shes bald, God dont like ugly. How is someone your “man” when he’s married and probably still banging his wife? Some women feel they are so worthless it reflects in their actions. Smdh

  • ChelloMello

    Unfortunately, most of the comments are right on…..Vlad will never marry Naomi. And yes, she does look very foolish running around on jets and yachts with him, while he has no intention of divorcing his 1st wife. Naomi maybe a really boss supermodel, but no woman who has an ounce of self-respect (regardless of race) would subject themselves to such treatment. However, Naomi knows what’s up, I just wonder if for her at the end of the day, are all the jet trips, yachts, penthouses, jewels, and all that razzmatazz is worth being played on the world’s stage………

  • Boomboomroom

    Yup I wonder about women like her and Kim Porter. It’s like these womens mommas never taught them anything!! They are SAD!!

    • Sydney

      When Oprah interviewed Naomi a few months ago her mother was in the audience sitting right next to Vlad. Oprah even asked Naomi whats her secret to snagging all these rich men. Naomi’s parents are Jamaican anything rich or white is the best to them.

    • BritishGirl

      @Sydney- my mum’s Jamaican and she’s never come out with that kind of crap. Keep your stupid comments to yourself. Naomi doesn’t represent all Jamaican women.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    Niomi is a grown a$$ woman with her F u money shes entitle to sleep with whomever she chooses.
    @Boomboomroom your full of hate toward Niomi why? Don’t u know interracial relationship will never die? Grow up people.

  • lexi

    Oh yeah. I forgot she also messed around with Robert DeNiro and (brace yourselves) Sean Penn. She must REALLY be addicted to white d*ck.

    • Boomboomroom

      I guess Ghettogagging is addictive!! What a shame!! I wonder if any of those White dudes she messes with makes her put on a episode of Ghettogagger and play out the scenes? Hmmm? I would love to be a “fly on the wall” in that bedroom.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    @Sydney..my patients are jamaican, I never heard them say “if its white and rich its better” What’s with the labeling?

  • Candy Barr

    Who cares if he didn’t spend Christmas with him?!?! Maybe she wanted to spend it with her family. If she gets tired of him, I surely wouldn’t mind giving him a try.

  • SweetChardonay

    Excuse me Miss Sydney but you need to stfu. That ridiculous comment you made generalizing all Jamaicans is the most ignorant piece of crap I’ve heard in my 23 years on God’s green earth. I’ve seen decomposing corpses less offensive than you. So please my dear, the next time a thought makes the long and painful journey across your mind let it sit there a minute before you advertise your ignorance, it is not a commodity in demand

    • Sydney

      Lol. I know for a fact Jamaicans prefer white or light skinned ppl so plz you need to STFU.

    • http://www.showmestate.com 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS (A SPADE IS A SPADE)

      @Sydney: No disrespect, love, but you couldnt possibly know that because you dont know ALL Jamaicans. smh. “Generalizations are the pits.” Just like all black people are criminals, right?

  • Here's Johnny

    Not posting my comment huh? Maybe it will be here later.

  • peter illyich

    Sydney= fool

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)


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