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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I have been seeing this man. I’ll call him “D.” We started dating in October 2008, stopped dating in January 2009, started dating again in May 2009, and in October we decided that we’d be monogamous with one another. We do not live together, but he does all the right things from giving me flowers to opening the door.

In the beginning, he made his way over to me 3 or 4 days a week and would spend the night. Lately, we have seen each other only on Saturdays. He is almost 3 years younger than me. He has his own business, a nice car, is well educated and makes me laugh until my face hurts. I introduced him to my son, my family, everything is going great, but, he has yet to introduce me to his family or any of his friends. I feel as if he is my man, but I am not his lady.

He has exes calling him checking on him every now and then. This makes me uncomfortable so I asked him to change his number and he told me could not. I’m not even going to BEGIN with the many things he is uncomfortable with and I have given up. He said his clients have that number and yada yada, so the number stays. His cell is NEVER on or even with him when he comes to see me.

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