UPDATE: Gucci Mane Chooses The Loony Bin Over The Slammer

- By Bossip Staff

Even though we’ll be the first to agree that Gucci Mane isn’t working with a full deck of cards, this right here is pure bullsh*t!!

According to TMZ, Gucci Mane has opted to check into a mental clinic instead of facing another year in jail.

Rapper Gucci Mane believes he’s not mentally competent to fight prosecutors’ efforts to revoke his probation … this according to court documents obtained by TMZ.

The 30-year-old rapper — real name Radric Davis — appeared in a Georgia courtroom yesterday after filing a “Special Plea of Mental Incompetency” … in which he explained he was in no state to “intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.”

Gucci is accused of violating his probation by allegedly getting in an altercation during a November traffic stop.

According to the document, the judge ordered Gucci into custody — and immediately committed the rapper into a mental health treatment facility pending an evaluation of his mental condition.

We’re told Gucci is currently at the treatment facility.

What part of the game is THIS, Gucci??? We know you know the difference between crazy and just plain stupid. Get your life together!!

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    That pic is tooooo funny lol Gucci!

    • Kyra

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  • chaka1

    He needs it

    • http://KansasCityMoZo Zo/m/kcmo

      wise move gucc, go to da mental asylum get out bout 6 months tops.

  • dogggnuttz

    that is a funny pic… gucci!

  • Nana


  • B.A.M.

    Shoutouts to the last line of that ooo wee Gucci snorted b4 Dat fool got locked up!

  • TeLl iT liKe It Tis

    lmao @ at the angel dust comment…gota admit tho, pleadin insanity was a smart move

  • http://static2.hypem.net/thumbs/2/1089002.png YokoDMV

    i dont want to hear him on anymore of my mixtapes talkin about been “so hood” after this…stupid is as stupid does

    • tommykimon

      Exactly! if he is so hood he can stand a little time in jail. Pretending to be crazy is the oldest trick in the book to stay out of jail.

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  • MacMoon

    Good Move.Play Crazy.FREE Big Gucci!

  • SoKali

    I guess I can bring my free Cucci I mean Gucci shirt out of retirement.

  • keep it real

    talent gone to waste. i guess he couldn’t handle the fame.

  • GOLDiE

    when the rest of ’em gon’ follow suit?

  • treyc

    Yawn…..Stretch…..Yawn again!

  • vicious vixen

    @keep it real… Talent? So him hollering “GUCCI” & “BURR” is what’s considered talent these days? Really?

  • icdollaz


  • Brokeneyelash

    His face makes me want to vomit!!

  • gucci's coochie

    Free Gucci

  • Educated Goon

    Not a smart move cause they gonna drug him up in there.

  • http://ondeck365.com/2011/01/04/gucci-mane-says-hes-going-crazy/ Gucci Mane Says He’s Going crazy | On Deck 365

    […] the rest of this story right here. Rapper Gucci Mane believes he’s not mentally competent to fight prosecutors’ efforts to revoke […]

  • Gigglegal215

    Rappers going from thinking prison/jail gives you street cred to thinking playing crazy will get you outta the pokie. WTH!!!!!!!!! Is Ray J. next?

    • Gigglegal215

      Some tough guys are not as tough as they pretend to be. Wesley trying to get out/stay out of prison and Gucci Mane playing coo coo. I knew that thug mess wouldn’t last. One can’t do 3 yrs. and the other can’t do 17 mths. If they had life what would happen?


    Well, here’s to the death of another rapper’s career…so not cool Gucci…smh.

  • lakerluv

    He didn’t want to hang out with his boy wacka smh two idiots.

  • JaZzIe91

    T.I. should of thought of this. Well maybe he can do this the next time around…

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Always Keeping it Real

    Agree 100%!!

    Alot of these so called hard brothas are just as weak as the day is long. He probably didn’t have any of his “boys” up in the jail so he knew he wouldn’t survive – and he took the cowards way out!!

  • Read Between The Lines

    This dude is so ugly, God just wasn’t kind to him AT ALL. Why does he always look like he’s got eye shadow on? He always looks like a broke down tranny man. I’m just sayin’…

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