What The Hell?? Baby Brother And Sister “Twiblings” Born Days Apart In Separate Wombs

- By Bossip Staff

Wow, folks are getting extremely creative these days with the baby-making process:

They are calling them the ‘twiblings’- a baby brother and sister born just days apart from DIFFERENT wombs.
It’s far from the traditional family, but 14-month-old Violet and Kieran are the much-loved children of Melanie Thernstrom and Michael Callahan. The toddlers were born from Michael’s sperm, an anonymous donor egg, and two surrogates who carried the babies.

Today Melanie, 42, says she can’t imagine having children any other way — because she and her 37-year-old partner wouldn’t have the “twiblings” they adore. The American couple’s search for a family began after Melanie’s sixth IVF treatment failed and adoption prospects were poor because of their ages. Like thousands of other couples struggling with fertility they finally settled on ‘third party’ reproduction.

They wanted twins and got in touch with Melissa Fowler, a 30-year-old mother-of-two, and mother-of -three Fie McWilliams, 34, who both live in Oregon. They agreed to carry a child each after an anonymous donor supplied the eggs. And now the couple, the surrogates and the donor Melanie describes as the ‘God-donor’ are all part of one big happy family. Melissa, who lives on the East coast, told New York’s Today programme: ‘I never been helped in such a profound way by strangers.

‘It felt like such an incredibly auspicious way for the children to start their lives. I’d always wanted to be a mum and I’d always knew that. It made me really angry when i was struggling with infertility.’ Michael said: ‘I always wanted to be a father but its been a complete astonishment to me how joyful its been to actually be a parent and to actually have the relationship with the children
‘I didn’t know that I would enjoy it as much as I do. Its amazing.’

The couple have made sure Melissa and Fie and the donor are part of their tots’ lives. Melissa said: ‘The children have a real relationship with the women involved. ‘We think of them as part of an extended family that we’ve chosen to be related to. When we explain to the children how they came to be we want to say that Auntie Fie and Auntie Melissa carried you in the tummy. We don’t want them to say: “Who’s that”?

‘We want to explain their ‘fairy god-donor came along with the magic seed and grew that seed for you.”I think that it’s much easier for them to give up the child when they don’t have a genetic connection to them and it doesn’t have a genetic connection to their children. it just is a simpler thing.’ Fie, who gave birth to Violet five days after Keiran said: ‘I had three relatively easy pregnancies with my own children and it was just a very special time in my life.

‘I thought i’d be able to help somebody else be a mother, somebody else be a father. Melissa, a nurse, said: ‘I think that the birth was a great experience for Melanie and Michael. ‘Michael did a great job at the head of the bed and Mel was right down sitting in a chair right next to my legs so when Kieran came out she went skin to skin with him and she cut the cord. It was just a peaceful great experience for them to have and for Kieran and for myself as well. ‘ Melanie told the New York Times: ‘Third-party reproduction hardly seems a romantic beginning, but it became romantic to us when it became our story.’



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  • Lucy

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  • pdkirkl

    Most people can’t relate to infertility because so many children are born “out of order.” For families that made the decision to wait, get married, and be financially stable before having children, and then the babies never come, it can be heartbreaking. My husband and I have been dealing with infertility for almost 2 years now, and even though the donor route wouldn’t be my choice, I can understand the innate desire to want to be parents.

    • monique

      i too have been married 3years with no results of getting pregnant. our next step is invitro, our last option would be surrogates although i wouldnt mind it. good luck for you and your husband.

    • TheRider

      My hubby and I have been been married for 4 years, trying for 4 years, with no success. It is so heartbreaking and frustrating that we cannot conceive a child. My doc OB/GYN told us that IVF is the most successful way to get pregnant, but it is not covered by insurance and it’s $10k a pop in CA. We are going to start fertility treatments next month; if that doesn’t work out, then we may adopt, but that’s a lengthy process. I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  • Miss Re!

    Uhhh… Twiblings?? Those are highpriced GHETTO TWINS! Someone should have told Michael there was an easier way, and he probably would have had more fun 🙂

    Either way, to each its own!

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER buuudddat!!!!

    This is surely the Whiteman’s world…For now…

    So this is what is boils down to for the reproduction of white babies huh?

    Now, if i am korrect…..wht folks are dying faster then they are reproducing….So that leaves them with very few avenues to procreate….Isn’t it funny that on 60 years ago INTERGRATION was frowned upon, especially by them….they hung from trees for it. But now they welkome alllllll avenues to reproduce. Black Women…..You have the most powerful womb in the world…..you think the whitemen that matter don’t know that? Why do you think they kreated KRACK KOCAINE? To poison your womb and kut reproduction. Now the whtman LOVES you……for what? what was the change? I am Married 2 a Black woman, and i have 2 black babies……as it should be! I’m not looking to mix wit a wht woman HOPING MY CHILD HAS SO-KALLED GOOD HAIR OR LIGHT EYES! I love my blakk self….do you?

    White people…..Your Founding fathers kould not read the Future, thus not knowing that the Population of Darker People of the Earth would be so VAST….so ask yourselves…….is this the end of your world as you know it?

    I think so!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    DEAD!!!! You a daxn fool!! LMAOOOO!

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Well, glad it worked out for them.

  • such and such

    Bt nymphis is keepin it real though

  • OneSmartChickee

    One day soon, the only way babies will come will be IVF. Don’t believe it? How many microwave their food versus, cook, steam or boil?

  • don't ask

    This baby making process is getting to be too much. With all of this genetic engineering and renting wombs and picking father’s from a catalog is scary. Mixing up babies in a petri dish is not the way it was intended to be. If you can’t conceive, look around at all of the children just waiting to be loved. Going this far just to reproduce yourself is vain and will have consequences. Someone, someday is going to go too far…like octomom. Take a close look at her eight. They all look different…like the doctor just implanted a bunch of miscellaneous fertilized eggs in her womb.

    • monique

      you dont understand how frustrating it is when you cant have your own kids and trying to adopt is also a difficult process so fall back on being rude about this situation. open your eyes to reality, it aint all glitter and gold for some and most who got the glitter aint got the gold

  • nymphis

    if you can’t have kids…then you shouldn’t have kids

  • realtalk

    You have said it so well that I can hardly think of anything else that needs to be said. Selfish and extremely senseless. What happens when the “egg donor” comes looking for her children and sues for custody or visitation. They ARE her children — even after all of this mess. How incredibly stupid.

  • BayBaby

    Ummmm okaayy thats weird

  • GA by way of CA

    i am over here crying, lmao.

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