Cry Me A River: Amber Portwood Says MTV Ruined Her Life

- By Bossip Staff

Let’s see if we get this straight: you make more money than 75% of college graduates two to five years after graduation. Paparazzi are following you around because, now, even you getting fake lashes is “news worthy.”

But you got beef??

“I just can’t even imagine not seeing my little baby if I go back to jail,” the Teen Mom star and mother to 2-year old Leah told Life & Style in her first post-jail interview right outside the brick walls. “It scares me so bad.”

But it’s a very real possibility for Amber. She’s been charged with two counts of domestic battery, one count of neglect of a dependent and one misdemeanor charge of domestic battery for beating her ex and Leah’s father, Gary Shirley, during an episode of MTV’s hit reality show. If convicted, she could be ordered to serve three years in prison and pay a $10,000 fine–which has her second-guessing her decision to sign on to the show in the first place.

In fact, she admits that having her dirty laundry air on TV has for all intents and purposes ruined her life. “I wouldn’t have been in jail because nobody would have known about it,” she told Life & Style. And her family seems to agree. “Before that scene of her hitting Gary aired, she didn’t have problems,” her brother Shawn Portwood tells Life & Style. “I can’t say completely that it’s the show’s fault because obviously my sister did it. But Amber and Gary asked them not to air the fight because they knew this legal stuff would happen. Now my sister gets death threats, and my niece’s life is in turmoil.”

So… none of this has anything to do with the fact that your crazy and violent and loose in the booty? B*tch, boo bye!


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  • sanriobaby =^.^=


    Sorry but no amount of editing can fake the craziness that is Amber’s life. She and she alone is responsible for her actions and reactions to her own situations. She should be greatful that the show has given her an opportunity to learn and grow from her experiences and provide her with money that she otherwise would have never seen.

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  • tiffany55118

    this is what happens when you allow a company to profit from you pain. The almighty dollar wins again.

  • G.M.

    the word of the day for amber should be: ACCOUNTABILITY

    • BENZO


  • EducatedBlackWoman

    Based solely on her trying to get MTV to not air the fight, she needs to be put away. You hit the father of your child IN FRONT of your child! You werent worried about your daughter and how that could ruin her life then! Now that you are facing jail time you wanna start crying about your child. Chile please.
    She knows she did wrong but doesnt want to be held accountable. Typical young person. Always want to blame someone else for their foolishness. You wanna act like you’re grown? Then take responsibility for your actions like a grown woman!

  • Unico

    hm so basically if MTV had not captured her abusive nature on film, she wouldn’t be in jail? pfft Glad she was filmed in a domestic dispute, her abuse of Gary would have continued and likely have been ignored by her family. Since male abuse isn’t take seriously.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    She is 1 ugly looking grinch

    Leah is adorable

  • Ellimac25


    Stop the Madness. Morgan Freeman doesn’t produce this. Morgan L Freeman does. Second, any girls who think this show is a reason to get pregnant are obviously stupid and would have gotten knocked up for some ridiculous reason eventually.

    • SCattorney


  • MizASterling

    “I wouldn’t be in jail because nobody would have known about it…”…?

    Heiffa are you serious…?

    Throw this b i t c h under the jail.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Under differant circumstances I might have agreed with her. In this case her life was ruined long before MTV came along and no doubt it would have continued in a downward spiral whether MTV was there or not. This might work out better for her as she should be shamed into getting her sh*t together.

  • flytxbiytch

    I need this bytch to sit down looking like a British bull dog in the face. She wasn’t complaining when she was cashing those checks.

  • Shanice

    “If it never aired nobody would of known” How about if you had never hit your baby fathers in the first place this wouldn’t be an issue. Don’t blame MTV for your actions. She agreed to be on the show. Of course MTV is gonna air any little bit of drama for ratings. @BKChick Morgan Freeman the actor doesn’t produce the show. They just have the same name.

  • SCattorney

    Instead of boycotting
    “images” that the “media” portrays of us… How about fixing the “images” We alaways wanna boycott…how bout go read a book and get educated and clean up our neighborhoods. ugh

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