Shaunie O’Neal Does Damage Control On Her Little “Basketball Wives” Beef…Goes In On Gloria Govan

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These broads…

Via VH1:

After seeing the negative reaction to the Shaunie O’Neal/Gloria Govan confrontation on this week’s episode of Basketball Wives, we reached out to Shaunie to find out her take on the arguing and whether there was anything that went down that the public didn’t see. It turns out there was: below, Shaunie explains why they got on the subject of Gloria’s canceled wedding in the first place (she maintains that she did not meet up with Gloria to tease her). She also accepts responsibility, calling the blow-up immature and part of “a bad day.” All this and her reaction to the public’s reaction is included in the interview below…

Tell me what you think about the incident with Gloria.

It was one of those things where Royce called, and said, “Let’s go and see Gloria and Suzie because this is the only time we’ll get to see them.” She had questions for Gloria, even though they ended up not being asked. I was in Orlando with my kids, and that was the only point of being in that city. Getting that call, it was like, “All right, I’m already here, so let’s go.” We kind of go everywhere together when we’re in each other’s cities. I think the whole thing just took its own direction. As soon as we got there, everything deteriorated so fast and went to a whole other place than probably anyone wanted to go. For me, I can say it was a bad day. As I was going into the restaurant, I was thinking, “Why am I even doing this? This is just pointless and out of my character.” I should have followed my gut, but in the midst of the adrenalin and being with my girls and supporting each other, I rolled with it. I guess people are blaming this on the Laura Govan/Shaquille allegations, and it’s so not that. That’s so last year. I think everybody’s over that, including Gloria, but I don’t want to speak for her. It doesn’t come up in my life at all ever. It was other stuff with Gloria and me: there was tension there. And I guess with us all walking into that restaurant, Gloria immediately went into defense mode, which then sparked a lot of nonsense going back and forth between us.

There was also a bunch of stuff said before the world saw what it saw. There were things said before that, which would probably help make sense of why we even got to the discussion on why she didn’t get married. I think Gloria felt like she was being ambushed and that her back was against the wall so she was going to throw out whatever she possibly could throw out. I get that, but the things she did say were things we could never show on TV due to them having nothing to do with myself, Jenn, Evelyn or Royce. She was totally attacking our exes, and saying what filth and dirty and pathetic men they are, which she thought would be insulting to us. I could give a damn. You can talk about Shaquille all day. It really doesn’t matter. Your opinion of him has nothing to do with me. We were kind of laughing at her, like, “OK, so what? We know who we’re dealing with. We already know what these guys have done.” We were kind of laughing at her, and she said, “Look who you picked!” That’s when we went into, “Well, sweetie, you didn’t get married, so there must be something wrong with your dude, too.”

I think the scene would have made a little more sense with that part in tact, but with me being an executive producer, I don’t want to bash the guys. I don’t ever want that to be the show. It was really important to me to protect the guys from that crap. I wish that people could hear the whole conversation, but at the same time, I’m happy they didn’t, because that’s not what Basketball Wives is about. It’s not about bashing the guys. And this wasn’t intentional, I’m sure, on Gloria’s part, but that’s just what she came up with in the midst of the arguing. She said that that’s how I got to be miserable. And the whole bitter part? I absolutely having nothing to be bitter about. My kids and I live the same exact lifestyle we always did during my marriage and as they can see on TV, nothing has changed. We’re going on the same exact vacations, driving the same cars. No one’s hurting. I’m able to maintain my lifestyle and step away and do Shaunie. I’m in a new relationship, I’m happy. If anything, I’m in a better place than ever before. There’s nothing to be bitter about. It was just a bad day. That’s what I chalk it up to. I participated in mess due to the exchange of words that never should have been said.

Do you regret the incident?

I regret not following my gut. My gut feeling was not to even go. It wasn’t that important to me if I ever saw Gloria again. It’s not something that even crossed my mind. What happened there and what was said was absolutely natural. It was a natural reaction and I think most women would have reacted the same exact way. And like I said, it was a bad day and it was immature of us, but had people seen the conversation, they’d know that we didn’t go in there for the sole purpose of teasing Gloria about her relationship.

I think it’s also important to remember that this beef didn’t come from nowhere – you’ve said things about Gloria, and Gloria has said plenty of negative things about you guys and the show. It says a lot that she’s back on the show. She said she’d never come back and she didn’t want anything to do with it. But she’s back and she asked to come back. Maybe that was what she wanted: those five minutes of bad-ass Gloria. I don’t know.

Any thoughts on following her out to the car?It had gotten so heated. She was cussing everyone out and whatever, and it was like, “You’re real bad-ass here when you have 30 people in the room that you know will not let anything happen.” I mean, I’m not going to fight. That’s not in my character. But at the same time, you want to be Billy Badass, and when it wasn’t working, when attacking the guys wasn’t affecting us, then it’s up and leave. No, let’s finish.

What has the fallout over this been like? Do you feel bashed on Twitter?

Yes and no. I’m a confident person, and I know what it is. People have questioned my mothering and called me bitter, but I know I’m a wonderful mother and a wonderful human being. I get pissed off and mad and sad and react to things just like the next person. I think there are a lot of judgmental people out there. Some of the comments I read piss me off because it’s like, “You don’t know me.” If you don’t get mad and say some things and react some ways in your life at some point or another that make you think back and say, “OK, I could have dealt with that better,” then you’re not human. But it’s done, it’s said, it’s a learning experience. I don’t think anybody really needs an explanation, but it is hurtful if you question my mothering skills or question me as a person. It’s frustrating to read and listen and ignore when you want to just say, “Are you stupid?” You can’t define me in seven minutes of an edited piece of film.

I also wish that people could take a step back and realize that this is exactly why they’re watching the show. On this blog, a lot of the comments have been angrily critical of you guys, but very few have stated, “I’m not watching this anymore.” That says a lot.

The bottom line is that’s the goal. We want a successful show, but that’s not to say that we’re going on there to argue to get our success. We shot for two or three months and had plenty of good times, but unfortunately, nobody wants to see those Little House on the Prairie moments.

That’s when people would say, “This is boring. I’m not watching it anymore.”

Exactly! Tami was Twittering earlier, “You hate us so much, but you’re still watching.” Hate it or love it, we still have the views and it’s one of those things where every week, someone’s going to judge and have an opinion. We just have to deal with it. But I’ve really got some thick skin, so it is what it is.

SMH….Shaunie know her a$s lying!!

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  • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


  • shut the fu*ck up

    hey glok good morn

    what you know good

  • Nana

    Shaunie lost points wit after that! U can see Gloria’s words really cut her deep! I can’t stand that bish Evelyn either.

  • YokoDMV

    shaunie need to stop

  • shut the fu*ck up

    i would have me two 20 year old someyhings on shaq $$$$$
    ohhhhhh one for morn and one for brunch
    life is good
    and you know it

  • JumpoFF


  • JumpoFF

    Bitter Broad. Go kick rock!!!


    @ Glok
    U & ME >>>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<<<

  • Lucy

    My friend Vanessa, a 25 yrs lady, has announced her wedding with a m’illionaire young man Ronald who is the CEO of a MNC. It’s amazing, she said she just posted her profile on a m’illionaire d’ating s’ite called ———-RichMatchmaker. ℃○M——– – and received his chat invitations a few days later. Then, everything went so well that I can’t believe it’s true! Every love story will unfold on it’s own..——-
    .Mike shouldve been in super max they tryin to pin this all on that doctor.hes the one I feel for.Mike was the king of popnpills before they met.

  • Glok..Woke up this morning screaming,...Fuk Da World !!!


  • don'tjudgetooquick

    totally agree with u. gloria needed to be called out on her whole act like her life was perfect


    Most of these women need to gorw up. Glorias the only one who actually acts her age! Shaunie is a really ugly person inside and out!

  • don'tjudgetooquick

    shaunie need ta keep doing what she’s doing and making money and living her life. if she chooses ta pay for her dude, let her, she got the dough. as long as she keeps God in her life she’s good. nobody life is perfect and we all make mistakes. i’m pretty sure none of yow life is so perfect none of yow have friends,situations,boyfriend,
    husbands,etc. like this. WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE

  • rene

    Its OK Shawnie, You are forgiven. You are human and have put up with ALOT.

  • 5150

    HO-oria got what she deserved! Team SHAUNIE!

    • JumpoFF

      Team Shaunie?
      How are you a groupie of a married groupie?

  • Adjour

    Shawnie is a loser and a liar.

  • phelove


    • Colleen

      Yes, I can’t wait for Evelyn to get her azz whooped. First she got tough with the other spanish girl, then with Suzie and now with Tami. I havent seen her fight one bish yes! She’s being so ridiculous about Suzie!

  • annoyed

    Gloria got what she deserved. She blasted Royce, with the “you’ll never be a wifey,etc” come on one. she’s just a baby mama, talking about I don’t have to prove anything to anyone by getting married. Get the F outa here. NEVER say my man is this and that and yours is trash. You don’t know what your man is doing.

  • http://bossip nelson

    I’m no shaunie or gloria fan, but who really gives a fck Shunie cursed Gloria out. She was long over due for it. Talking all that shish about her and matt. She should have to answer to that the way she clowned Royce, and I believe Gloria hooked her sister up with shaq. So it was fair for Shunie to let her have it one time. I don’t know why folks mad. Shunie owes her a smacking sometime during this season !

    • BishPlease

      The only ones due for a smack is you ur mama and all them angry bitter miserable hoodrats (besides GLORIA) on that ignorant a** show. Only low lifes and hataz talk and spit hate on ppl that has done nothing wrong to them. SO THANK GOD FOR KARMA….. & HELL LMAO!!!

    • http://bossip nelson

      Bish please is right !! Come on now if someone talks all that shish to you, then they shish fall apart it is what it is! Maybe she should have had a different attitude or showed more respect. Gloria gone on you just mad your man is a ho and I got pictures to prove it Bish. Bish your man hoing way where I stay ! lol with yo dumb a.s.s. !

    • Really?

      I know this is a very old post, but I am just reading it. I am not team Gloria or Shaunie either. I do not like Gloria, but I do think she won this one. I like Shaunie, but I do think she instigates a lot of the situations and I still believe she had previous knowledge of Evenlyn and Tammy’s ex-husband. I believe she told Tammy somewhere near the end of the taping but asked Tammy to keep her cool and play it the way she played it by Tammy acting like she really like Evenlyn to cause Evenlyn to feel guilty and bring every thing to a head

  • http://bossip nelson

    and like I said Matt fcked my friend a few weeks ago ! pictures anyone ? How can you sleep with a stripper and let her take pictures of you all at a telly !

    • dpm01


      however, get ‘cha money, boo!!!

      *for the highest bidder! LOL

  • BishPlease

    LMAO..any of the broads on here rootin for SHAUNIE are obviosuly just AS IGNORANT MISERABLE STUPID AND ENVIOUS AS SHAUNIE OLD A** IS..and oh yea JEALOUS AS F**K OF GLORIA. Kill urselves bi**hes.

    • http://bossip davene

      Gloria stfu- you should have held your tongue. You went off stepping on, talking down to everyone else, then found out your man is a frequent cheater, and bam you right where they at. It’s cool to be an adult in the situation but after Gloria’s behavior you may deserved to stoop to her level or at least snicker a little, and I only say that because of how much crap Gloria talked !

    • http://bossip jene

      Bishplease…ummmm what has Gloria done for you to have you on the internet going Hamm. Hell they are saying you are Gloria imma go with you are Matt angry a/s/s/…you playing yourself on here live hara/ssing for who & what ? * blank stare *

    • BishPlease

      Awww bish hush, I like Gloria and I hate hataz. So if i wanna go ham on gossipin hataz and defend Gloria I can do that…hate it or love it 😉 Who da fk cares…lol

  • Wendy

    Hey! Shaunie is the producer of the show, so she brought the drama finally we got a reaction out of her I know I would be seeing red even if your just the sister to the broad that supposedly slept with my man, especially if I have entertained these tricks in my home at one point of the relationship, anywho it bought in ratings as Tammy said and is true my only question is why did you even give Gloria a opportunity to shine on the show, I’d say kick rocks………. Anywho do you Shaunie every one else is…….


    Gloria needed to be called out, she will NEVER be the wifey. I would not have went there with her as far as the arguement. At least Shaunie was the wifey. Gloria and her sister will always be baby mamas, how sad!

    • BishPlease

      Hmmmmm annnd what is shaunie now..NOT ONLY IS SHE BACK TO BEING SIMPLY A BABY MAMA BUT A DIVORCED DROPPED KICKED TO CURB BABYMAMA THAT ONLY GOT WHAT SHE HAD COMING. lol..So I Guess shell never be a wifey again either…for the 3rd time in her miserble life. Awwwwww 😦

  • Uhh yeah ok

    How old is this woman again ??

  • Higher than Jordan

    I hate to see grown woman acting like schoolgirls…But look up Jenns pictures online damnn…The real instigator is the feak dancing one..

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