See, Now They’re Just Fawking With Poor Blohan

- By Bossip Staff

Yesterday we heard Lindsay Lohan was crying a river about how one-time is out to get her, with their claims that she was drunk and high while she was fighting in rehab.

According to TMZ, LiHo said she felt persecuted by authorities trying to find a way to revoke her probation.

TMZ broke the story … the Palm Desert PD tried to strong-arm the L.A. County Probation Department into coming to Betty Ford and arresting Lindsay last month after her scuffle with a BF staffer.

We’re told Lindsay feels the PD is trying to torpedo her recovery, telling friends, “They shouldn’t be negatively trying to hurt me when I’m doing the right thing.”

And, we’re told, Lindsay is adamant that she never drank or did drugs at Betty Ford.

Lindsay is saying she’s “really confident” her probation will not be violated and she won’t be charged with a crime in Palm Desert.

But maybe this is Lindsay’s proof right here.

What justifies them just giving her a ticket like that? Like she parked in a no parking zone or something!.. Oh, wait…

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    oooooh poor thing….

  • Lucy

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    John Edwards was finally exposed as a cheat by the National Enquirer. His wife stuck by him despite his lies and denials until he accepted paternity of Hunter’s baby daughter. That, she could not abide.

  • Nana

    They want lindsay Lo’mein dead before they become satisfied!! And then u will hear hw wonderful she Was. Smh

    • TT BOY

      100% co~sign!

      That’s what hater’s do!

  • Entoon

    hollyweird will build u up to tear u down! vultures! this ppor chick got real problems and she can’t a move without there bein a “breaking story”! smh

  • bb

    men atlanta should bow its head in shame trying to pick up with other cities by ticketing folks downtown. Men this city was the best until they hyped up writing folks tickets now you can’t park anywhere without these toy cops writing you up!

  • Rosario

    When you’re famous and go against the higher ups (or at least when you’ve already sold your soul) they will do anything to tarnish your image and tear you down. Fake news reports, phony stories, etc. It’s only a matter of time before they kill you.

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